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    IGN: Revolvingocelot
    Age: 22
    Experience: I've had minecraft since Beta 1.7. RP experience-wise, I have owned, managed and admined so many RP servers to count.

    How would you define yourself as a player?
    I'm a builder and a farmer. I'm really good at resource gathering. I don't mind trading and talking to others to get tools and resources for myself. I like sticking to friends but man, it's not that hard for me to make new buds really.

    What is your title? (Lone wolf, team sport, leader, the clutch, etc)

    Leader? Atleast my group of buds think I am. I like to think I'm more of a den Mother. I keep things tidy and in order for those people I care about. I'm also not afraid to defend my friends and things.

    Do you favor killing more than cooperating?

    I try to avoid conflict. I don't do well with confrontation. If there's any means to cooperating with someone before having to resort to battle, I'll take it.

    How competitive are you?

    I'm competitive when it comes to resource gathering I guess? I don't like to carry a big stick and wave it around. I don't see the need to brag about certain things.

    What do you look forward to the most about Gaia?

    Mostly a server to build with my friends and get comfy in. It's been a while since I've built on a server or felt right at home in one. The roleplaying bit is just a plus to that. Though of course, making a pirate town would be pretty damn sweet.

    You agree that this server is not easy and that you will not under any circumstance break a rule if such a situation occurs:

    I agree

    You agree that you have read and acknowledged all of the rules provided:
    I have.

    Also on an added note:
    Is it cool if let's say, we stream on twitch and stream whilst on the server or something? I'm thinking I might stream if I do some sort of mega build or just show what server I play on with my friends.
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    Posted for Draxen_.


    IGN: Draxen_

    Age: 20

    How did you find this server?: revolvingocelot and tuk-tuk


    Name: Draxen

    Race: Human

    Age: 20

    Personality: Draxen is a mellow character, bored easily and dislikes hardwork. Caring to an extent yet the promise of reward always stimulates him if he feels it is worth the risk and loyal to his friends. While being generally quite lazy and lacking determination in most pursuits, he enjoys adventuring and learning the history of various races and societies and willing to defend them against tyrants.

    Overall, Draxen is an overly neutral character. He doesn't feel compelled to join any side or conflict and would rather stay out of it unless he was pushed into it. Most of his decisions are based on trust in the other person and is more compelled to do a task if his friends are going into it as well.

    Draxen has a bit of a slim frame but most of it is made up of muscle. He is 6'1", with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He has a rather fair face, not overly masculine, and what people would call a 'pretty boy'. He sports light armour under a black hooded cloak along with bracers that fit firmly on each arm. As a fighter, Draxen isn't much of a tank, he is very quick and agile when cornered into a bit of a fight. Strapped on Draxen's back is a claymore that reaches a length of 5'.

    The claymore is a weapon handed down to him by his forefathers, forged to be light on his back as he traveled. The sword sports interesting interlacing and intricate designs, and though beautiful, it can cut a man in half if used properly.

    Draxen has little to no ambitions for himself. He is rather lazy. Though, having a lack of motivation this adds some motivation to what he wants to do in the future. He grows tired of doing nothing unlike his forefathers and family before him. In a sense, Draxen's ambition is to find some ambition that would ultimately motivate him to do something for himself. Being from a family of adventurers and story tellers, he thought he could travel and try to find the easy way to live life.
    Through his travels, all he found was plenty of hard work and plenty of danger. He's hoping there's much more to that in life.

    When he can convince others to do things for him, not doing work, relaxing, having a nice chat in a pub. He likes meeting others and talking to them about their cultures.

    Hard work, arrogant people, judgemental people, people who abuse their power and whatnot.

    Roleplay Example:
    "Wake up you lazy bum!"
    Draxen stumbled over himself and found himself staring up at a fat barman. The portly man didn't look pleased as his hired hand was not doing his job.
    "You said you'd do yer damn job and get my stolen coin from those bandits a couple of days ago!"
    "Yeah... About that. How about another day and I'l-"
    "I don't think so, I think I got me sum replacements who can do a better job than you."
    The barman stepped aside and a couple of big warrior men towered over the awe struck Draxen who was on the floor. The men grunted as one picked up Draxen by the ankle and dangling him in the air like a rag doll. He then proceeded to take him over to the front door, kicking it open as the light started flooding into the dark tavern.

    "Look guys, we can be reasonable here." pleaded Draxen, trying to keep his claymore from being picked at by one of the other warriors.
    "You had your chance, and it's about time I get my refund." One of the hired hands plucked Draxen's coin bag off the side of his hip and then tossed it over to the short and fat barman. The barman gingerly took the bag and then emptied the contents, finding less that he had paid the adventurer. "Eh.. I guess this'll be all I get for hiring a lazy adventurer.." The fat man muttered.

    "Boys. Take take em out."
    The hired hands grinned and then threw Draxen out from the tavern, slamming the front door behind them.
    Draxen got up and dusted himself off, looking back figuring he couldn't be bothered to go after three coins and turned away hoping to find hire elsewhere.
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    posted a message on [1.7.4][Hardcore Roleplay][Custom Terrain]Hareveth: A Forsaken Tale
    It feels like years since I've posted in Minecraft forums. :P
    Feel free to add me on skype if you wish: ascothero

    Also, sorry if my character’s background sounds concrete with this on-the-fly lore I wrote. It can easily be dismissed because she migrated from this place anyway. I just needed something to work off of.


    IGN: Revolvingocelot

    Age: 21

    How did you find this server? I was checking out forums for a new roleplay server to join and found this server.


    Name: Sa'andras

    Race: Human

    Age: 20

    Personality: Sa'andras is curious but also very strong willed. She keeps her heart on her sleeve so to speak, calling things out as they are or sometimes being wary of others. In other words, she is very opinionated and stubborn. It's not hard to see who is she is because she is very vocal about her intuition or feelings. Whenever she isn’t, it’s usually when she places a facade on people she doesn’t trust. Other the other note, she is not dull. Being a hunter has given her the foresight into reading the behaviours of others but not as great as an experienced hunter. She is still very young, and can be clumsy about her readings.

    She comes from a very small village with old traditional customs. Many of them involve not questioning many of the people in the society. In this case, Sa’andras would be able to hide who she really is a spend answering questions to herself. She is very independent, so she would be able to figure things out on her own and tries to break out of many of the old traditions. Considering her age as well, she hopes to learn about all the things outside of her village.

    Appearance: She’s what the people of her village call a child of the forest, steaks of painted mud and bits of long, matted hair from the dirt and debris one catches while playing in the woods. She is short, 5’2”, eyes of gold, with dark brown long hair that stretches down her back. She is slim and light on her feet, able to climb many trees without fear and run far and fast. Because of her appearance, she is swift and able to get out of the way or hide from many perils the forests may bring upon her.

    Her clothes consist of an old leather vest, handed down to her by her father who is a hunter. She wears light fibre woven clothes that are strong to withstand all the activities she does in the forests. The colour scheme of her outfit is of simple earth tones to match the hue of the forest. She doesn’t take to wearing skirts or Sarong-like fibre skirts like many of the women of her village, but takes on short pants like the hunters do and often Sa’andras tries to take on the ways of her free thinking father.

    Ambitions: Sa’andras aspires to travel outside of her forest haven and meet the many people outside of her world. She hopes to interact with other people possibly outside of her small village and understand what’s out there. She is very open to learning new customs and very understanding about what dangers or adventures may be out there. Under her rebellious attitude, she is very kind and loving.

    Much of her ambition to travel was brought upon by her father, a free thinker, as her village calls it. He taught her to hide her inner opinions and try to learn what is out there, to gain knowledge from the safe haven of their village.

    Likes: Meeting new people and speaking to others. Despite being independent, she really enjoys the companies of others she finds interesting. She also enjoys forests and wooded areas. The things she most enjoys are fresh food and the smell of the forest after the rain.

    Many of her likes involve her curious personality and how she is able to gain knowledge and answers to things she wants to understand. The more material likes she has are of Earthly essences such as things that grow organically around her.

    Dislikes: She hates it when she doesn’t have the answer to something, or if the answer to something isn’t straight to the point. She likes being direct and to the point. She also doesn’t like being questioned when she doesn’t have the answer to something yet. Since she is also stubborn, she doesn’t enjoy getting into arguments unless she is able to win at them.

    The other types of dislikes Sa’andras would have are of people she cannot understand or cannot read. She has a lot of patience but when it comes to people who test her patience or often belittle her, it bothers her quite a bit.

    Roleplay Example:
    “It’s the daughter of the freethinker…”
    “Oh look, if it isn’t the spawn of the free thinker.”
    “..It’s the hunter’s daughter.”

    Many voices whispered around Sa’andras, eying her as she passed by the bustling marketplace. She hung her head low under her cloak, trying to keep her eyes away from the others, trying not to draw attention. She was tired of being known as a free thinker, only because her father bore the title before her. She was always taught never to stare, never to seem to seem like you can speak out or know more than the others around you lest they punish you.

    It had been the tenth moon her father had been missing from the hunting party. She had not heard or seen from him since. Not a return party, not a courier, and not even a small note in their meeting place in the woods. She had been waiting, hoping, that her father would return... But there was no trace of him.

    She clenched her fists and went to the sage of their village, an old man greying in age. He sported a long beard draped down on the sandstone before him, out from the carpet in the middle of the marketplace he was sitting on. He was dressed in an oversized cloak that was covering over his body and face, only his long nose and beard seemed to be showing. Nothing to indicate that he was asleep or watching the people around him attentively. Saandras stood before him, among the pots and little money jars filled with the town’s currency in front of him. She then sat down before him, kneeling.

    “Have you word of my father, sage?” She asked looking at eye level with the aged man. The sage could only breathe slowly as if in deep sleep or meditation. Though the marketplace was loud and full of energy, Sa’andras, being near the mystic man could hear his even breaths despite there being many people walking past them. He had a certain energy about him, which almost felt like he could stop time at will.

    The sage seemed to smirk under his long grey beard. A small gruff sound like a grunt was emitted from his still lips. “Yes…” He said in a breath as if he could not move his lips. “Free thinking child. Yes..”

    Sa’adras leaned close to the man, feeling her heart racing in her chest wildly. “Yes…?”

    “Yes,” The sage said finally, seeming to awaken as he straightened up his posture in a rather slow manner. ”Your father… He’s out there, child. He very well is. The hunter. But he is not well, and you will not be as well within a moon.”
    “I’m afraid your father has had a conflict with the elder. he is not to return alive and within a moon you must flee here, child. This village is not for you.”

    Sa’andras only gritted her teeth from the news, shaking with anger. She could not go against the Sage. He was the only mystic of their village who was the only one who could answer all. She could have gone to him from the start but she could not. Only because she was afraid and anxious of what he could tell her. She could feel hot tears well up in her eyes, blurring her vision as she was staring at the sage in disbelief. From behind her, two voices rose up in a shout.

    “Free thinker!” They called, as Sa’andra stood up, turning quickly at the voices. Two guards, tall in leather were coming towards her. “Free thinker, come with us.”

    “No!” Sa’andras cried and ran, running from the old sage and the marketplace. She pushed past the many people who were gossiping and looking at the scene. She made her way past the village huts and small districts and finally away from the rest of the people in the area. The guards who had called her were in pursuit and was keeping an even pace as she darted past the gates and back into the safe haven of the trees around the village.

    That was probably the last moon Sa’andras saw of her village.

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    Quote from TheWildPyro

    Really? Dual had the vault aswell? My bad then! I did not know most of that. Also, Rev, sorry for all the harsh feelings we've had before. I was, as the name said, a "Spoiled Brat".

    Also, Bacon, we all know you're very mad about the server, but don't take it out on hacking the server. Put it into somewhere good, like poetry or killings yourself!

    It's okay, Devil, I forgive you.
    I'm glad to see you've matured a whole lot since I originally met you.
    Anyways I hope you good luck in what you do.
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    Quote from TheWildPyro

    I realized my mistake, please skip over this.

    Pap, basically, Rev let anyone who wants TheVaultRP to get it. She was through with TVP

    Also, Bacon, please, do us a favor and GTFO

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the ownership of the vault history entails as follows:
    Swiss -> Commandopip -> Me -> Pap -> Dualmittens -> These guys.

    I dunno where you got your facts from, (considering you DID join in my launch as spoiledbrat) but I do have some connections to the first owner who did state he does trust me with the name if I ever so choose to relaunch it. ^^

    But I digress. I'm glad to see TealMau5 take up the name and keep the community alive. I'm glad to see things will be up and running and the community will have a place to roleplay and have fun in.
    As a finished note, I trust that the VRP will do good in these guys hands.

    Good luck and regards,

    P.S. Bacon I find it ironic for you to hate me and totally say all this crap about me when you're using an image I illustrated as your avatar.
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    Quote from Skullcatron


    Everyone has to wait patinetly, due because of the Current Owners being AFK, Also..
    Revolving, i think i know you somewhere...Oh yeah, You owned that Steampunk server, That said Closed. e.e

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    posted a message on [[Kingdom Of Ergos]] [1.2.5] [Role-Playing] {Whitelist}
    I saw this server and thought I'd join, (hoping that you would take me).
    The lore looks interesting and I would be interested in helping if you guys wanted. (: I'm a bit of a lore writer myself.

    Whitelist application:

    Minecraft username: revolvingocelot
    In Character-Name: Elias Reno Sa'andras
    IC Race: Mau
    Character lore-(Needs to be atleast 3 sentences long, but should be longer):
    "Come and see the half cat women!" The flyer reads as gawkers and people pass by the exhibit. You see a tall slender, but short figure saunter it's way to the front of the stage, many regular patrons, elves, humans, fallen ones, and such watch as she walks on all fours the rest of the way. Though Mau are somewhat common, the spectacle was held in a place with not too many of them. The female cat figure stands up; her natural outfit swaying in the light breeze as she is hoisted by her caretakers to a tightrope, and then whipped to do her work. She instinctively hisses, disturbed by the hurt they are causing and then arches her back whole on fours, growling. The caretakers do their best to keep her going but she jumps off, running away from the fellows trying to get her to do tricks.
    Elias, "Elie" Sa'andras has been a part of a long lineage of Mau who have been enslaved for various parts of entertainment. Her mother, and many generations before her was sold to and from slavery to various different owners and generations of people. The culture of her people has long gone from her, the only thing she can salvage that is remotely of their lineage is her features and the talismen and oral knowledge her mother has passed down to her. From this, she has learned to be in tune with her senses and tries to rely on them to someday escape. For Elie, the Mau culture is a buried treasure that she can only hope to revive. If there's anything Elie would like to do, is go out in the world to find another Mau like herself to learn more about her people.

    Now Elias has been nothing more than a spectacle to walk on tightropes, juggle, and climb high places to down down on her feet. She for the longest time has lived with her mother at the big top, teaching her to be used to the spotlights and rituals they make her do there. Her mother recently passed away though, there comes a time in show business when a person is too old for the big lights. Her mother one day was taken off stage and then euthanized for reasons unknown. All of the people she have been close to are the caretakers who let her feel the sting of their whips or the crowd who watch her, mesmerized as if she were casting a spell on them with her fluid movements on the trapeze.

    Now that Elie has recently escaped, she tries to avoid attention as she goes from various other people. She isn't the type to sit and talk to others and tries if anything, to look at her surroundings first and then observe people as they are. She is various cautious and incredibly shy around others. If anything, she would try to keep in places with nature to blend in with her fur. Elie tries to avoid contact; lest someone recognizes her and then does something to hurt her.

    IC age: 19ish
    How many time have you been banned and why(We check).: Once or twice. But it's only cause I was doing my admin duties and then the owner and the other staff said I was doing too much work and needed a break. Owner then banned me from going on server to admin and such.
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    posted a message on Retrofuture A Steampunk Roleplay Server, [closed]
    Updated the OP, hopefully this thread will close down soon.
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    Quote from soul_reaperz

    I have noticed the server is awfully quiet :l
    Anyone know whats going on apart from whiny players?

    - Soul

    I know I'm busy with a few projects. Mornings are usually quiet cause everyone's at school or something.
    There's also exams and finals taking into account this week, so most likely people are hitting the books.
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    Quote from Whitellama


    (Typing this as I just woke up)
    WG and... Honestly we don't need guardian, we already have Hawkeye which rolls things back and then can actually check for grief.
    But the reason we use factions is because it's a lot easier to put in/maintain. Unlike worldguard you can add more regions to the already allotted piece of land, have a custom spawn point, (Instead of walking a million blocks back to base) and basically keep track of the members of the group. Had this be a perfect world where we could mix plugins together, or maybe we can look into the config of factions, it'd be cool to take off the invincibility off players while they are in their base.

    The reason I don't like WG is because I've seen it try to work with factions in three launches of managing a roleplay server. It's a lot more complaining than it is for the sake of roleplay. Maybe someday we could try without it, but there's just as much ways to bypass into a base, as well as it being difficult to manage. What I mean by that is, unlike factions where you can easily add in a person in or out of the regions... WG, you have to manually type them in. The permissions for this is kind of tricky because then we'd have to go through the process of grouping owners, etc. We've had a lot of problems with this in the past so I'd like to avoid it.

    I dunno, the fair solution would be for me to see if there's any way I can rid of the invincibility in faction lands. Then we could really get somewhere. But I really don't wanna add any indev plugins or plugins already similar to what we already have.
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    Quote from Legendarious

    I would write more, but I don't think I care anymore upon realizing that some of the staff here are so arrogant to believe that they are some how justified in their beliefs of intellectual superiority when they put restrictions on the player base that supports them to the effect that they can't write to the best of their abilities. It's a roleplay server, not a Factions PVP with three or so people actually doing any scene writing.

    Let's break this down:
    Not all players are like you.
    Not all players have common sense to restrict themselves to be serious roleplayers. Some players, when roleplaying, account more PVP elements than roleplay elements which sometimes makes things unfair. When you appeal to our emotions by saying, "Let some trust in the writers" come in hand back there... Well, in the 9 or so launches I've been running servers, we have tried that and some players just can't handle only roleplaying into their abilities. Some people, abuse, bypass do whatever and then say it's Roleplay just to get what they want. See what I'm getting here? Some players aren't mature and use Roleplay as nothing more of an excuse to rob, mug, raid just so then they can collect a bunch of diamonds. When trying to bust said players they always go, "Well, I roleplayed it, so it should be fine". But constantly? Sometimes there's something a person can't do if, robbers make up any RP reason to go mugging someone, or get off the top of their head to go kill someone for X. You can easily use roleplay as an excuse to do anything and make up some ******** reason to do so. It doesn't make it so fun for another player cause you're constantly being harassed by someone.

    Yes, we do trust players and their writing but there's that fine line where we have to stop them from doing something lest it conflicts with another person just trying to do what they are doing. And for factions, well the lore is pretty much centralized on what factions are going around and doing what they do. Had this been a general roleplay server, yes, maybe the individual could potentially have much more power than most of the groups out there, but what I'm saying is, a faction, is much more important in our lore. Considering, well, our lore doesn't account races or groups or small time communities. Had this be a general world like Lord of the Craft where there's diverse people out there and groups and let's say 300 people on at a time. AND unfortunately we only have one guy on dev and we could only do so much.

    Why even compare us to lord of the craft? We're a small time server, and honestly, our theme is a lot more different than them. We only started up like, what? 2 weeks ago.

    And yeah, I know how forum based roleplay is, I have 9 years of experience in it. You can't type seven paragraphs on minecraft per reply, lest you want creepers attacking you while you rush through to finish the world building elements. There are limits that you have to do on servers and I dunno if you've noticed, but, honestly, this is roleplaying in a game; Where you can change your "world building Elements". You're going to get roleplayers who roleplay using the game based elements and just general roleplayers who also account other things, but honestly, it's going to be damn hard to make it as realistic as I think you want it to be.

    I dunno if you've noticed, but Dave and Whitellama aren't staff.
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    posted a message on Retrofuture A Steampunk Roleplay Server, [closed]
    Here's my two cents on the matter.
    (Unfortunately last night was hazy on my thoughts due to something that came up but here goes.)

    Dex is right, and most of the stuff I'll state here will just be reiterated from what the others say.
    The reason I have the faction plugin is to keep more forms of powergaming from arising. Isn't it a bit powegaming if you can climb up a large wall about 30 or more feet off the ground with dirt? And I'm sure anyone can BS any form of trying to bypass going up said wall with, I dunno, an enderpearl, and claim it as them scaling the wall through RP. It could make sense for you, but where does the character get the said tools to get even up there? Have a harness, I dunno, rock climbing gear.. But that's besides the point.

    The point of a faction plugin gives being in the faction somewhat a benefit, and a place where, they can lock up their stuff etc. When a guy is able to steal everything from a whole faction when they are gone, it's a bit powergaming, I know they're a thief but let's say said faction has literally, no one on. Then it's easy picking for any group/subfaction/person to take their stuff over when, there's no one who can get on or is on. If a subfaction/group is stealing from the faction for materials then yes, there could be a problem. Especially when the faction comes back and see, "Oh hey, they group is here to just spawn kill most of us or just terrorize us to no end". And I dunno about you, but being able to be spawned in your own city/faction seems nice too. Helps keep the group together, cause it makes sense, right? That they belong in the city together? The other fact is, we have factions to try to prevent subfactions from arising. I mean, we can have subfactions but honestly, we'd love to have them when we have more players.

    You're right in the fact that it really makes some things impossible or not make sense. We've had problems like you stated, where factions are doing nothing but avoiding conflict by staying in their bases. Where, they have chests out in the open not be lootable, and doesn't make any RP sense. While this may be the case, we use the plugin as a bit of a benefit to a group being more powerful over another. As for the RP thing you're arguing about TCA and AIR, it's really hard to get any RP of the AIR if there's only a select few, not many, and trying to set up in the faction. Maybe Dex should have handled it better yes, but AIR is kind of in that rebuilding stage.. But anyway, building up a faction base is kind of a big nono, for points the others have stated, (I'm kind of out of it to type them up again, just woke up).

    IF in an ideal world, we took the plugin away, I think there would be more chaos. People would be able to claim places and usually mess up the base to their whim. They could easily grief a whole base and then take everything out, even with or without RP reasons. Factions define where territory is and give them a direct HQ where they can be stationed at and do what they usually do. I just think the factions plugin is more organized and ensures a base that cannot be griefed, a bit of an advantage, yes, and helps players "defend" against other factions. Sure the lone, small guy can come and try to mug or rob from the faction, but really, this isn't like Fallout or any of the elder scrolls games to where, a person can just go in and steal everything and kill everyone as they wished, (I dunno, the player in that game can practically do anything, you make it sound like you can do anything as feasible as that). I guess what I'm getting at is, the factions have that plugin, even if it does restrict some RP, to have a bit of an advantage and be able to do what they can in their own bases. Sure, I don't like the f chat which is like OOC group chat, or the f home that can easily make people teleport out of roleplay or combat. We just hope faction members don't abuse that. I think if we take the plugin away, there would also be a lot more of PVP and unable to you know, defend an area legitly without some guy trying to camp the base or do something to ruin said faction. (And darn, I had another good point to add but I'm honestly too tired to think of it right now.)

    But I do see your point, Dex could have handled this better. But I guess at the point he was trying to uphold the rules. You built into a base, he just was thinking of getting you out. I know you were going to RP it, but honestly, AIR is just trying to rebuild and using dirt to get in a base doesn't really make much sense. He probably just saw it as, Hey you bypassed your way into my base, through an unclaimed area and I'm just trying to enforce the rules by getting you out. If we take it to your Roleplay means, a person can't use dirt to literally scale up a wall. It would take days and a lot of dirt just to get up said wall. A dirt pile doesn't really make any sense, a person would need wheelburrows of dirt just to scale a let's say, 30 ft wall, not to mention the guy would need a big help from his friends to do so.

    Tl;dr but it sounds like you're telling us to get rid of something that entails, "powergaming" to potentially allow something else that can happen which is just as equally "powergaming"? I'm not entirely sure where we're going here with our arguments.
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    posted a message on Retrofuture A Steampunk Roleplay Server, [closed]
    Our lore is 100 years or 3 Zamiel and pirate royalty generations later so your character would be dead.
    Might need to remake your app.

    I'm going to start reviewing apps so please hold. . .
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    posted a message on Retrofuture A Steampunk Roleplay Server, [closed]
    We're thinking of bringing back movecraft.
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    posted a message on Retrofuture A Steampunk Roleplay Server, [closed]
    Quote from mallachie

    Repost you say? If you insist...

    IGN: mallachie

    By left eye I meant right eye

    Quote from Taco_bob123

    Server Application
    IGN: taco_bob

    Could use some server lore.
    Quote from jasonwolf

    Ok I'd like to sign up, but I have two problems. I'm on a mobile. I can't access my pictures nor the simple Su I've started on my computer.

    So I'll be doing this from memory and what naught. Nintendo 3ds y u no copy paste?!

    Ign: Jericho_Neric

    Me: Your app is good. I loved the writing in it.
    Accepted. :3
    invdr: You need to clarify which one of the names you will be using. You have a lot of them and you will only need to use one.
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