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    posted a message on 💎 Herbal Craft {Towny} {Quests} {MMORPG} 💎 Need ALL Staff Positions!


    Minecraft Username: reversebullfighter

    Would you consider yourself an experienced moderator? Why? No, but it seems like a fun experience, and i'd be willing to learn so much about how to do this properly.

    How active would you be on the HerbalCraft Staff Team? Probably will be there often, not much going on with my life lol

    Do you have a microphone? Yep

    Describe the traits that characterize your type of moderation in 5 Keywords: Hardworking, Fun, Engaging, Generous, Understanding

    (For Example: Patient, Adaptable, Easy-Going, Strict, Easily-Overwhelmed)

    Side Note:

    Remember that We expect you to act accordingly, with players in the community and to not abuse your authority.
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