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    posted a message on If you had the power remove one mob from MC, what would it be?

    Silverfish because they're so freaking annoying.

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    posted a message on Crashing Error.

    Everyone try going into your control setting and make sure that nothing is red. If nothing is then go into your video settings and make sure VSync and VBO's are both on. If something is red in your controls, change that control.

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    posted a message on PermissionsEX won't let me us commands unless i'm oped

    What you can do is run the command: /pex user <player> add * That should give them all the permissions and they don't have to be opped. You should also Learn how to use the permissions and how to create groups with a simple google search.

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    posted a message on Help me i cant play minecraft

    Try going to minecraft.net in your browser. Is it blocked? If it is you can't play minecraft with that wifi network or you need an administrator to log in or unblock Minecraft. Also make sure that you are on a wifi network.

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    posted a message on Why are Minecraft Updates so long?

    Try try making a game from scratch were you double click an exe and the game starts up smoothly. Things like that are hard, that's why they have the whole dev team. I bet the people working on developing/coding it will run into a lot of bugs today, spend an hour on it, and finally fix it. Maybe they'd spend more than an hour and never fix it. With all the features minecraft has, they have to make sure one feature won't break another. I bet half the time mods have a lot of bugs with them but they're really hard to find.

    The duel wield probably took a lot of time. They didn't just put 2 lines of code in to make it so you can hold an extra item, they allowed you to use each item in a clever way.

    And how did you say 3D models don't change the building experience? Every builder will love that feature, you can make new entity shapes and even things that look like new entities.

    So basically I disagree with everything you said about whatever being slow or not changing anything.

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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages

    retrodaredevil missused the /kill command.


    retrodaredevil searched the void... The void wasn't careful searching retrodaredevil back.

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