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    posted a message on Votifier not working ;( Help Please

    TUrn on debug in the votifier config and see if you get the debug message when you vote. If you do, then the listener isn't configured the right way, otherwise, make sure you server IP in the config is right, and make sure other people can connect from places other than your wifi network.

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    posted a message on Guitar Hero in Minecraft!

    Hello everyone. I think I've made something that no other server has so I hope you enjoy it. You can join with the ip play.yoshiplex.com or gh.yoshiplex.com (takes you right to Guitar Hero)

    Here is a video of me playing Hotel California:

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    posted a message on Need songs for a guitar hero minigame on my server
    Quote from ZOOMTURD»

    How does a player play this mini-game?

    They hold the right color and click to strum. It feels a lot like regular guitar hero accept you don't have to hold down the number slot when you play a note, you just have to hold the right color. I might try to upload a video of me playing it.

    EDIT: video :

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    posted a message on Need songs for a guitar hero minigame on my server

    I recently created a Guitar Hero minigame just for my server and it's pretty awesome. The only song I have for it is Bohemian Rhapsody and I'm looking for more songs for it. I can put any song with a .nbs format into the game. I'm looking for someone to create songs for it or already created songs. I would like most of the songs on it to be from guitar hero. If anyone would like to help with this (You will get credit for each song you put together) here is what I require and some info on how it all actually works.

    You can use NoteBlock Studios (found here: http://www.stuffbydavid.com/mcnbs) to create songs.

    While creating songs you can only have one note at a time and no notes to close to each other unless you name the layer "noplay" (Player's won't be able to play these notes they will hear them no matter what)

    I will accept any playable songs right now unless they're way too many notes in a row.

    Also, while creating these songs, you can use any ticks per second that you like (Preferably 20 or 10)

    I will also accept songs imported from midis as long as they where edited to be playable and not too hard.

    Here's an image of what it looks like so far.

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    posted a message on Is minecraft worth buying?

    Just buy it. You think you're getting one game when you buy it, but you get a whole lot more on different maps, servers and mods. There are first person shooter games and Mario maker and Mario kart inside minecraft (on different servers and mods)

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    posted a message on Admin

    Use google and spigotmc.org you'll have to install the spigot software.

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    posted a message on Please Help Set Up Votifier On My server!

    In the votifier config, make sure you change the port. Change it to something between 8000 and 9000 and it should work. I also recommend turning on the debug then checking if it works here: https://www.minestatus.net/votifier/test

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    posted a message on /PLAYSOUND ISNT WORKING?? 1.9?? CONFUSED???

    Since 1.9 the playSound command changed to /playSound <sound> <sound-cat> <player> and a bunch of other stuff. To fix your problem, add master before @p so it's like this:playSound <sound> master @p ... Do /playSound to see the usage of it now.

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    posted a message on YoshiPlex - Mario Kart | Slither.io | FlyWars | Custom plugins | Super Mario 64 Hub | tons of minigames

    YoshiPlex is a brand new Minecraft server that has been under development for a while, and is now ready to be released.

    To join, the ip is play.yoshiplex.com

    Our website is located at yoshiplex.com and our forums are yoshiplex.com/forum Please use the website to report bugs or anything else.

    How is our server unique?

    Our server has Mario Kart with sounds, items and a drift, plus slither.io, and another game called flywars that are all custom. We also have non-custom minigames along with games that are available as plugins and are public. We also have a super mario 64 hub.

    Here is our server trailer:

    And our banner:

    If you would like to help out our server and make it more popular, put this code in your signature:

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    posted a message on [Sloved]Can't find health boost (Coding)

    Next time, use the spigot forum. You need to use them PotionEffectType enum. There is no Potion enumerator. I think it would be PotionEffectType.HEAL also, here https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/potion/PotionEffectType.html

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    posted a message on Is there a way to find what servers someone plays? User I am trying to find is Tiffany2004

    If you really want this follow these steps:

    Learn java

    use mcprotocollib to ping 300,00 servers

    filter through the game profiles on each server till you find her username.


    Also, depending on how long it takes to ping each server that could take awhile...

    so so this is pretty much impossible.

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    posted a message on Update 1.10 not work

    You must either update your server jar to 1.10 or play on minecraft 1.9.4. There should be plenty of videos showing you how to do this.

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    posted a message on Can I move a technic server to a spigot server just by dragging and dropping?

    This is possible to do this, but back up the files first.

    1. Start up the spigot server and let it generate all the files (you probably did this)

    2. Stop the spigot server.

    3. Delete the folder called world on the spigot server.

    4. Drap and drop the folder called world on you tekkit server to your spigot server.

    5. Start the spigot server.

    Please note I've never owned a tekkit or technic server so that method may not work. If it doesn't work, send me the files of you technic server and I'll try to transfer and make it a spigot server. I understand if you don't want that but I think the method would work anyway.

    NOTE: that method only transfers the world called world and not the mods. You can probably find plugin's to replace the mods installed, though.

    also, the reason there are two world folders is because that's how spigot works. It automatically generates the nether when you enter it.

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    posted a message on Some problems with minecraft including crashes

    This may not fix your problem, but turn VBOs on and try it with VSync on and off. When I have vsync off my game seems less laggy.

    These may not fix your problem though.

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    posted a message on Minecraft API?

    *cough* Spigot *cough*

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