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    New vanilla style survival server, If u like mining and building stuff with friends join my server

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    New small dutch server looking for some people to play around with in a vanilla style survival server.

    Join here ->

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    IGN: MCPlayBack

    Age: 20 Years old

    My timezone: CEST (Central European time)

    Discord: =)#5447

    How much time can i dedicate?: I can dedicate a few hours a day to the server, this will most likely be in the afternoon and at night.

    Why i would like to be a moderator?: I want to help people with their problems, I'd know a lot about the game and how everything works and functions properly.

    How i would benefit the server?: I would benefit the server because im a nice guy that keeps the mood relaxed, I dont like people that get toxic because someone is asking some questions and will just tell them to ask me or someone else, Think i said a part of this in the ''Why i would like to be a moderator part''.

    Do you have any other skills?:

    I used to be a builder on a couple of smaller servers but thats years ago and dont have any screens of it, the servers shut down because people werent logging on anymore and just moved server, at the moment im building a decent base but mostly underground so i dont have a lot to work with at the moment , but it shows the minimum of effort i put into something i build (or create)

    I dont really have staff experiences, I do as a builder.

    Any other information?:

    Not really, I just hope this gives you enough information about me. (MCPlayBack)

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