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    MAKE A SANTA MOD! :ohmy.gif:

    Me and a few others are already in production of an Xmas mod. it is going to be huge. check out Kytopia mods
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    This is to apply for a team called Unafix. To apply fill out this forum. We would be working on mobs and kinda of misc mods. We need around 5 or more people to get officially started. modding will just be the beginning. please have some experience in coding.

    Do you know java?:
    Do you know html?:
    Other projects:
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    I know a little in java but none in html but i am a very quick learner.

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    posted a message on 1-2 People for some Lets play or maybe even a full series

    I apologize to all of you but i will be unable to do the auditions. i am going to be working on mods with a new company called Unifax. if anyone of you has experience with java or anything plz pm me
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    Quote from Ryumai


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    posted a message on Awesome mountain seed 1.9pre3

    this is the seed. head out a little ways and u find never ending cool mountain biome. u have to follow the mountains awhile to find some of these places
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    need any help
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    posted a message on Looking for LOST team
    Timezone: Pacific time
    Character:Desmond or Jacob
    Y want you: I can build, i like to have fun but always gets serious when i need to be. i loved the show and know so much about it that i would be as dedicated as i can be to this.
    I have the ability to make a server if we need, i have a mic, but nothing to record with.
    Anything else: Im someone that works hard and will help to make this as big a success at we can get it and I love minecraft. Pick me :wink.gif:
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    Quote from Kmilley

    Kmilley's Reviews



    Hello! Welcome to my map reviews. My goal for this topic is to create organized, trustworthy reviews. My reviews are thorough, highlighting negative and positive aspects of each map. I will also rate it out of 10, based on the criteria found below. After spending months creating my map, and playing many others, I believe I can give experienced, objective reviews for both the average player, and the prestigious map maker. Thanks for checking out my reviews! I hope you enjoy.

    How I Rate Maps

    Section 1- Review

    In this section I write about what is positive and negative about the map. I will give suggestion and point out bugs I find. I will talk about how well executed the map is, and how much effort I believe was put in. I will usually end it by saying if it is worth looking at, playing, or to be ignored.

    Section 2- Rating

    I will rate all maps out of 10. Why did that map get a 5? Read below to see the guidelines. Please note: These are just guidelines, and there are always exceptions.

    0-1 - The map was unplayable. It was so confusing that I could not figure out how to play or what to do.
    1-2 - The map was bad. Little effort was put into it. The map looked very unprofessional overall.
    2-3 - The map was fairly bad. Some effort was shown, but it looked very choppy in all.
    3-4 - The map was not good. I found many errors, but it made sense. Not good, but not terrible.
    4-5 - The map was very "meh". I found some parts to be interesting, It was not a waist of time, but not exactly time well spent.
    5 - An average map.
    5-6 - A decent map. I found it interesting. Overall, I liked it.
    6-7 - A good map. It was interesting and effort is clearly shown.
    7-8 - A very good map. The map kept me entertained throughout, and I found it very fun and interesting.
    8-9 - A great map. I looked back after playing this map and thought "wow, now that's a map."
    9-10 - An excellent map. This map blew my mind. Stood out from the rest. This map was unique and very fun.
    10 - The best map I have ever played by far. This map was perfect in every way. This map is game changing.

    Please note: I will not praise maps, nor will I bash maps for no reason. If your map is good, I will tell you. If it is bad, I will tell you.

    After I Review...

    If after I review you do not understand why you got the score you got, or you just feel you deserved better, feel free to tell me. Just leave a reply in the comments, and I will further explain why I gave you the score you got. In a rare experience it is possible I misunderstood something in your map and I gave you score you didn't deserve. This is rare though, so don't count on it.


    What I will Review

    I will review a few genres of minecraft maps including...

    • Adventure
    • Puzzle
    • Parkour
    • WIP


    To submit a map just post the following application with all the appropriate information. I will not review maps that do not use this format.

    Map Name:
    Forum Link:
    Requirements(mods,texture packs,ect.):
    Additional Info(optional):

    Make sure you have screenshots on your thread. No pics, no clicks.

    To Be Reviewed

    2.LoZ: A Block to the Past
    3.Lux Perpetua


    The Diamond Chase was a bit all over the place. The story wasn't very clear and I was sometimes wondering what I should be doing, or where I should be going. The start was kind of fun. The puzzles were not very original, with an exception of the tests that that quiz you, which were easy, but enjoyable. When I got to the town I was surprised to see so many side quests. Every building you entered had a quest for you to complete. Almost all of these quests had nothing to do with the story. They all seemed a bit out of place. Especially when you come across a diamond house in a town that is supposed to be deprived of food and resources.

    The scoring system could be better. Gold ingots are found in large quantities in chests after you complete side quests. Before you start the map, there is no sign or note that tells you to look out for gold ingots, collect them, or that it will be your score at the end. A sign or note would have been helpful, because I did not know I needed to collect them until the end.

    Overall, this map had many flaws, but I can still see that you put a lot of effort into it. Fix up the story, the scoring system and change the ending, and this map will be a lot better! I recommend checking this map out.


    - In the part where he want you to burn the cottage down, he tells you to find iron and smelt it into a flint and steal, yet when you destroy the wooden plank, you find a brand new flint and steel. I found this confusing.

    -try to hide the redstone found at the house with the lava

    -too much food! I had about 25 pork at the end. The town is supposed to be deprived for food, so make it hard to find.

    Wow. That was something. Eronev mansion is definitely one of the best maps I have played. So many unique things I have never seen before made this experience an exciting one. But before I start, let me just confess that because of me, all the villagers are dead. Yes, my ending wasn't the best.

    Lets start with the unique things. Pumpkin npcs. Ok, I have actually seen these before in maps, but how they were implemented was done very well. The creator even made fun of the fact that they were pumpkins quite a lot, which I found very entertaining. The dynamic text boxes were amazing. I didn't even know that was possible. Definitely helps it stand out from other maps. And unique buildings. The buildings in this map were all different in size, shape and material. Even your house looks like it should, cozy and homely. Multiple endings helped make this map that much more unique.

    What blew me away with this map, is the amount of redstone circuitry it would have taken to make this. I can't imagine how much work it would have taken to even make the mine cart station(which was amazing by the way). This map was pieced together extremely well, as I did not find any typos or large bugs, which is saying something for the amount of things that could have gone wrong with the redstone.

    Every map has its flaws though, and now I will explain why it did not get a perfect 10. Unfortunately, I got extremely confused at some points during the map, and at one point, almost quit. The story got pretty confusing after leaving the mansion through the painting hallway. I think the creator should give better directions on what you need to do during this part in the map. Other than that, the story could have been better. My tips for that are below.

    Overall, this is a fantastic map, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes adventure maps.


    -I think you could have emphasized on the evilness of the old man and possibly, the innocence of the citizens. Bring more depth to your characters, even giving them names, would help out the story a ton. It would drive the player to want to save the villagers, and make them even more sad when they don't, or happy if they do.

    -the only bug I found is at the bottom of the sand pyramid, one of the pistons did not work correctly. It can be found at the entrance of the of the room with the flowers.

    Agree/Disagree With My Opinion? Leave Some Feedback!!

    hey i saw tht u justed started today and already have 3 maps being reviewed. based on ur ratings i think very similiar to tht and wanted to let you know tht if u ever get to many maps and want somelse to help im able to
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    posted a message on [Puz] [1.8+] CUBE MAZE -Hard- 700+ Downloads!
    great maze. took me 35 mins. im very good at mazes so that is a really good time. interesting lvls.

    if u ever need help making a map im down
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    posted a message on [ PUZ ] The Keys Of Minecraft V1.0
    no i still spawn outside
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    posted a message on 1.9 Pre-Release is Out for Testing!
    i hate the jumpping thing
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    posted a message on Nether Updates!
    those are nether fences on the block bridges
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    posted a message on Needing Builders and Crew for Custom Map
    Age: 15
    Username: reray124
    Custom map: not really much experience but im a good builder.
    Host: i can host
    Played time: i have been playing since a month after multyplayer was released
    Apply: i would like to build. im also quite good at redstone.
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