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    In-game name: remi112
    Why do you want to join? I like teamwork, and minecraft.
    Are you currently in a clan or have been in one? I applied for another but they have not responded yet.
    Have you read the rules? No, I will read them now.
    What country are you from? United States
    Do you have any military experience? (Cadets count) No, I just play video games with the theme of military.
    How old are you? I am 14 years old, I will be 15 on January 17th.
    What should we know about you? How did you hear about us? What is your skype? (Need one, easy to create) remi_dimeston is my skype.
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    posted a message on Starting up a 1.8 vanilla server
    If i get 3 replies i will be encouraged enough to start it up. please dont be trolls if it is up or anything.
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