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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    can you make another light for 1.3.1 it would really help me im on a laptop and i have a horrible cpu.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    thank you you've made my mc alot less laggy :D
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    posted a message on Terracraft | Role Play | PVP | Cities | Survival | TeamSpeak
    [b]Name(Minecraft name)[/b]:BodyCount27
    [b]Do you accept the Rules?[/b]: (y/n) y
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    posted a message on [1.5]Fishtaco's mods (FPS++, Lava Decay, Fog Key and more)
    well i tried fps++ but i got more lag when i looked in an area that id get 68 fps it was around high 20-30 i think this mod was made to help people with bad graphics which isnt my problem i have a crapy cpu everything else is good
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    posted a message on Minecraft Speed/Optimization Guide V 2.4_1 Updated on Mar 14, 2013
    i set my priority to above normal because i have a wireless mouse and it takes away from it if i set it to high
    Quote from 0xDEADMEAT

    EDIT: Updated the driver, FPS skyrocketed to 100 and no more block lag!!

    Today I opened Minecraft and went into my SSP world, and while building something, only in certain areas, it placed double and sometimes triple the blocks than I right-clicked for. Any block update causes a FPS drop to 3 FPS from 60 FPS. Removing or placing water/blocks in water causes the drop. Any major change in lighting, FPS drop. Running Minecraft 1.3 Pre 1, also had the same problem on 1.2.5. I can run MW2 at a solid 60FPS at Medium settings with no lag spikes at all. Same with TF2 and even Skyrim.

    Running on a Gateway NV57H22u laptop.
    I have an Intel i3 2nd Gen @ 2.20Ghz, 4GB RAM, Intel Graphics HD 3000 using Java 7 Update 5, latest version LWGJL, but possibly an older graphics driver.

    Didn't have this problem until today and I have NO clue as to why.

    hmm well back before i got minecraft i played the old version and i lagged to like 1-0 fps then i set java to high priority and ran smooth
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    posted a message on 2 different seeds?
    well after the greatest warrior thing i kinda got freaked out alittle and deleted that and done one with (random seed) and the world was completely different
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    posted a message on 2 different seeds?
    ok this kinda creeped me out at first but the first seed i randomly typed was (herobrine) didnt find anything special so i deleted the map and try'd another random seed which was (the greatest warrior) i can't remember if i put the word (ever) at the end but yeah and i spawned in a different place but when i walked just a bit i came to the same exact (down to even the animals) place as the herobrine seed cool glitch i guess. :D

    i was in the 1.3 pre-release i think
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    posted a message on Community Creations - The Banner Contest
    TheLivingTree's is my favorite cuz it seems original
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    posted a message on The Elite Assassins[Recruiting][PvP][Server]Branches]

    in-game name:BodyCount27


    How long have you been playing for? Almost a year.

    Job you want: Assassin

    Why do you want this job? It is what I'm good at doing.

    Why do you want to join Elite Assassins? I'm looking for a clan that will work together well and isn't disorganized.
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    posted a message on My story.
    well a while ago i had to move and didnt have internet for weeks when i logged onto my favorite server my base was taken over by one of my members and my best friend left the clan and iv never seen em since his name was hicks77

    p.s if you want a signature click mine below l
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    posted a message on [Game] This is the situation. What do you do?
    Fus ro dah ?
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que

    Role-PlayExp.:Many different servers
    WhyUs:fun idea for a server
    TimeYouCanDedicate:1-3 hours
    BriefDescription of Yourself:I'm not very agressive in my playing style unless provoked and am very honest (sometimes to much)
    ExplainRole-PlayInYourOwnWords:Taking on the roll of an imaginary character
    WhatIsPowergamingandMetagaming?Explainin your own words:Powergaming: Using a power or skill not posted in the app. Metagaming: using something you've learned in ooc like a name or info ic


    Name:Jack Hayrain




    Appearance:Very plain looking wears leather chestplate and pants with iron wrist guards looks kinda medieval.

    Fears:Drowning and spiders.

    Personality:Mostly a silent man likes to hang back and listen to size up people before contacting but very agressive.


    Skills:[/left]Climbing and sword-play.

    [b]CanYourCharacterWield A Sword/Axe?:[/b]Sword


    [b]CanYourCharacterMine?:[/b] Barley

    [b]WhatOtherThingsCanYourCharacterDo?:[/b]Use any weapon to its fullest potential.

    Backstory(1-2[b]LONG[/b] paragraphs):Jack was born on the island of solsthiem during the downfall of the deadra, He was the son to a brave nord warrior and his mother was a hunter they both taught the boy their triads, In the mornings his mother would take him hunting and traping and in the evening his father would teach him swordsmanship, The boy grew weary of this day in and day out he done the same things nothing was new nothing was exiting him, He loved listening to his fathers stories of war and adventure but every time he asked his parents if he could be an adventurer like his father they said no knowing the boy was to weak to survive, But he never believed he couldn't do it, So late one night when the boy was 14 years old he ran away he heard that they were building a new city to the east of the island so he headed east, but what he didn't know was that it was on the very east end of the island he didn't pack enough food for the trip so he just started hunting, He was glad to have those skills now but a good hunter means he can get food but he didn't think he would have to fight to keep it the predators of the jungle were fierce he fought bandits and animals alike he honed his sword and bow skills, But after a while everything in the jungle starts to look the same and he ended up in a small town in the middle of the island and thought that he better rest for a while after a week of living in the town he ran out of gold and needed a job it was an easy choice he thought a mercenarie would be the perfect job for him but at this time the boy was only 16 but 2 years fighting for his life in the jungle gave him an edge, He had his first job 2 days later helping a researcher explore a cave, He thought there wouldn't be more then a few wolves in the cave but he thought wrong, When the undead started poring out of the cave they both soon realised they were no match as they turned to run one of the undead grabbed the scientist by the back of his coat and pulled him into the group, The boy turned to look back and saw it was to late and kept running until he got back to the town the boy was shocked that he couldn't protect the scientist and trained endlessly ever since to ensure it never happens again and after 7 years of living in that town and being know as the best mercenarie in the town he sets off for a new adventure.

    [b]Open Response Questions - Answer them as detailed or briefly as you need. No powergaming,no metagaming, no rule breaking in these scenarios. They were made to test your character's personality and how you would ultimately role-play him/her.[/b]

    [b]As you travel the coast starving, you spot a ship around two miles away.It could be full of pirates or slavers.Maybe something worse.In all this time, they are close to the shore,close enough to spot you.Whatdo you do?[/b]Run into the nearest treeline and silently follow the ship (if possible) until it docked then sneak aboard.

    [b]While looking at wares inDolorpagus, you spot two men distracting a merchant whileanother man steals a large bag of wheat and runs away.Whatdo you do?[/b]Chase after the man get the wheat and return it to the merchant while asking for a gold reward.

    [b]While traversing the outskirts of a small village, you hear some faint screams.Feelingcurious, you peer over a small hill and see two bandits robbing an Elfin a dense forest.Behind the Elfis a large shack.[/b]Climb into the nearest tree ready my bow and wait for a clear shot after I kill the bandits I loot their gold and search the shack for anything of value.

    Fus Ro Dah
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    posted a message on Doing Free Server Forum Signatures!
    can i get one of my avatar?
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