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    posted a message on [1.4.2]Multishot Mod[v2.2]
    A video I made with the help of a few friends on a server recently! :smile.gif: Thanks for the mod!!! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.4.2]Multishot Mod[v2.2]
    Dear Reschs,
    I would like to give you my dearest thanks for making this mod! Before I used to try to time-lapse in minecraft using a screen capture program like Dxtory and Fraps but found them time consuming all around. This mod has allowed me to time-lapse in minecraft better and more efficiently so thank you for you great work!
    However there is one thing I would like to know if it is possible:
    I would like a relocatable/selectable folder where the multishot screenshots will be stored. The reasoning behind this idea is that I use my laptop to capture my timelapses however, I use my desktop to edit and then compress them into to watchable videos thus I would like to make a folder which I could assign to my network drive then just get the pictures from there instead of having to copy them from my laptop to my desktop.
    Anyway, Amazing mod you have here! I especially like the fact that it's compatible with most mods like Optimine and Optifog! Anyhow, thanks for your amazing mod!
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    posted a message on [Archive #3]Beta Survival Picture Thread
    I believe this photo explains the whole meaning of minecraft :smile.gif:

    hope you like this as much as i do lol
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    posted a message on [1.6] JurassiCraft
    Great Mod! I really enjoy all of the work you must have put into this.

    I just have a few ideas that would improve this mod in my opinion.

    1. Improve the textures of the dinosaurs (From what I have seen they seem to be just a fill color)

    2. Maybe some dinosaur sounds? Like perhaps a roar that will draw upon all of those childhood memories of when I used to stay up late watching the Jurassic Park Movies. (I could never not be scared of the T-Rex Roar)

    3. A Possible Texture Pack. Maybe a texture pack that affects the blocks inside the Jurassic, like perhaps a more Floral looking grass on the ground (Perhaps brighter grass)?

    4. I would also like to see some sort of a "Water Dinosaur", maybe perhaps a mosasaurs?

    Well those are my ideas for improving this mod, otherwise great mod!
    Looking forward to future updates on it.
    - Redtail

    ps. I am currently using the Mo' Creatures Mod and when I am walking around the Jurassic I see shapes of people with the skins of the creatures from Mo' Creatures. I was wondering if this is just a bug or something is wrong with my minecraft.
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    posted a message on Can't connect to minecraft.net in launcher
    Same problem here.
    I Pinged Minecraft.net and the ping timed out, so not really sure what the issue is, anyhow i assume, that as we speak the dev's are working on a fix for this issue.
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    posted a message on Primordial Desert - V2 - Major Beta Update!
    Generating a map now. Looks excellent from the pictures! Going to be running this SMP with some of my friends for fun lol :biggrin.gif: thanks for the upload
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    posted a message on Arrow Dispensing Machine Gun (Self Contained)
    Dude this is amazing, but sadly i'm a redstone challenged person...Ive spent the last hour trying to recreate this but i have yet to get it correct. Could you please do a video tutorial or a step by step picture tutorial on how to do this, the animated gif was really confusing to me. Please help :biggrin.gif:
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