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    posted a message on [New World !]Best Vanilla Server ever!|Survival| NO PVP| NO Griefing|
    IGN(in game name): redsmallfry

    Age: 14

    Planet: Earth

    Have you ever been banned?: No

    What are you looking for in a Minecraft SMP server?:

    When I first started playing

    minecraft I played on a really friendly community based server and it was really cool but it went down. Ever since

    I have been looking for a server as nice as that one.

    What are you hoping to avoid?:

    Im hoping to avoid that guy. That guy that is always being mean to everyone and doesnt get punished.

    Why do you want to join this server?:

    I want to join this server because of how friendly it is and I want to be able to build big things that look really cool that i have never tried before

    Tell us something about yourself (the more you tell us,chances of been accepted increase):

    I like to try and be friendly to everyone and I try to watch myself from others perspective. I have been admin on 1.2.5 server that shut and Im staff on factions.terminal-mc.com, or if you dont want to go there for proof click this link: http://gyazo.com/73291c951992d98955b81d787db9f54d : which is a screenshot from when i logged on. I believe in a good community makes a good server.

    Do you know whats Team speak (if not just ask, will help you get ,it is free)?

    Yes i know what teamspeak is as well as ventrillo and skype

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    posted a message on [Surv] SkyCraft
    Mehh... looks kinda like skyblock and i bet you were inspired by it. But i do think skyblock was a little crummy and this idea looks fresh.
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    posted a message on LGB1030'S PEACEFUL MAP V2
    Erm pictures?
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    posted a message on City of York V.2 (City Map) 1.3.1
    o.o did you make this legit? Either way nice job
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    posted a message on [challenge] [parkour] [with score board] Park-Ore
    IGN: redsmallfry
    Coal: 55
    Iron: 51
    Gold: 7
    Diamond: 20
    Redstone: 194
    Lapis: 17
    Total points: 1408
    Get Owned.
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    posted a message on [Surv] Raft a Boo - The new unique way to survive! [1350+ downloads!]
    I love this map, and im glad its original unlike all of the skyblock rip-offs
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    posted a message on [Surv] Sky Tomb Survival
    I love your idea. I dont usually just make videos of maps such as i wouldnt record skyblock but this looks much more interesting than something like skyblock. if i can find a headset i WILL make a series. :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Sumisukyo's RedStone Ideas
    I like your pac-man game. next maybe a checkers game, or tic-tac-toe.
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