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    Quote from Win Man »
    A WHEEL? Are you forgetting the FIRST rule of Minecraft?: No circles

    but I like the wheelbarrow

    I apologize for the coincidental obsenity of the following but my response to your "First rule of minecraft" requires it.

    *Cough* SnowBALLS *Vomit* SlimeBALLS *Upchuck* GhastBALLS *Censored* Creeper#@%% *CENSORED*

    You would have to have no BALLS and use no BALLS (which are currently useless btw) to defy the minecraftiness of Spheres. If you have ever played SMP you have surely been hit by snowBALLS at least once!

    And let us note that RECORDS ARE CIRCLES!!!!!

    ...now, on to business. Wheels are useful for not just wheelbarrows and looms, but also:

    rotating blocks (for rotating trusty pistons, dispensors, bridges, etc)
    pushable carts (propelled long distances by pistons and the like w/o tracks)
    fans (shoot air that pushes mobs)
    turbines (produce power if water [or lava if iron turbine] flows through)
    fans part 2. (increase/decrease water flow while powered)
    fans part 3 (moves water/lava blocks to other side of fan)
    pulleys (pull/let out rope when powered)
    accelerator blocks (increase forward momentum of mobs and blocks, not just carts like current boosters)
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    Easy Solution! Use a texture pack to make redstone look like copper. Done.

    Not trying to be unfriendly, but your suggestion would force us to rename the Redstone Compedium, Redstone Repeater, Redstone Repeater, Redstone Logic Gates, and replace "Redstone" with "Copper" throught the minecraft wiki, and confuse all the new players who look at the old LP and cannon tutorial videos on youtube.

    Imagine the Trolls and Trolols that would result!
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    posted a message on [DESIGN CHALLENGE] unbreakable vault (now in testing!!!)
    How to make an unbreakable combination:

    1: Remove visible levers, buttons, and redstone after using vault. Knowing on which blocks to place a lever could be part of the code.

    2: items despawn after five minutes, so a wrong combination entered would drop an item onto a wooden pressure pad, preventing further hacking attempts for an entire 5 minutes. A very patient codebreaker would be needed... if your valuables are valuable enough, a mechanism that spits out a cart 5 minutes after entering the right combination would be brutal as well - especially if the cart has an ungreifable mechanism that returns it within a few minutes of becoming reachable.

    3: use redstone delay blocks as part of code. These babies have 4 settings, not two, so if redstone wires have to mix in synch to launch a storage minecart we have a much more complex code. If delayer blocks are removed when vault is not being used, the a greifer would not know if he must place a switch, button, :RFlower: delayer :RFlower:, or even a redstone torch in a given spot.

    4: use hidden pressure plates as part of code. Throw items onto the pressure plates, which are hidden from view by a short wall. Happy guessing greifer!

    5: the final step of complexity in a combination: to open the door, a complex rapid pulsar with unique irregularities in its rythm must be built outside the vault and connected to an appropriate wire, and turned on, to activate the vault.

    PS: don't forget decoy carts filled with trivial valuables to persuade greifers they have cracked the vault. Signs like "I PWND your #$*%$# vault" to indicate a vault has already been greifed and is empty would also be effective, especially if accompanied by phallic sculptures, greifed houses, and crude murals.

    I believe individuals with more experience and time than myself have already built such devices. Let me know if you come up with yet another way to make a combination harder to crack.
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