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    posted a message on The Biome/Environmental Update (modders, please check out)
    Quote from fghjconner »
    I really like the idea of more diverse biomes, and these biomes would be epic, but most of the new blocks and mobs seem uneccesary to me. If this used more of the existing content, rather than trying to reinvent minecraft for each new biome, I would fully support.

    Same here. The possibilities for biomes with EXISTING BLOCKS are endless...

    I want "desert biomes" with sandstone MOUNTAINS and CANYONS. More likely to have more gold and diamond ore.

    Bogs with thousands of reeds and lots of shallow water.

    Snowy plains with ICY mountains and ICE covered caves.

    Large Oceans complete with valleys, canyons, and occasionally visible diamond ore.

    Forest biomes where trees can grow sideways and at an upward angle out of cliffs, where flowers spawn and despawn at random.

    Dense jungles with almost no light, where mushrooms despawn and spawn at random. Trees would usually have folliageless layers, making a canopy that could be walked on.

    Dry grasslands where pumpkins occasionally grow.

    Volcanoes where redstone ore, diamond ore and perhaps minable sulfer could be found in relative abundance.

    "Great Tree" made of thousands of wooden blocks and several canopy like layers to be walked on.
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    posted a message on [Long][OPEN] Masculine Mobs! [Bull][Ram][Hog][Rooster]
    I would add that mob behavior should be changed slightly as follows:

    Bulls/cows have a 2-3 second cooldown on jumping, so they can't charge up cliffs as well.
    Ram/sheep are mountain mobs that can jump as much as they want.
    Roosters need a slightly higher jump height.

    Also, add "mating season" on hard difficulty where passive males become more aggressive towards everything.
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    posted a message on New Idea: Darkbringer
    Quote from Rubenick »
    Overpowered.. but still a good idea :biggrin.gif: I like it :biggrin.gif:

    I don't like most of the specifics, but if implemented Notch would fix those anyway so I won't nitpick. Nasties that burn out torches and enshroud themselves in darkness would fit into minecraft very well.
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    posted a message on Food Expiration
    Mostly a bad idea. Food should expire, but the player should be able to see how expired something is by looking at it's durability bar. Expiring food would be pretty pointless until hunger update though.
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    posted a message on Realistic Obsidian
    Quote from CaptianAmazing »
    I think this would be good, but there would have to be some super hard material as a replacement :iapprove:

    Agreed. If obsidian were changed to sharp glass we would need a new name for our nigh invincible material... hmmm... diamond/carbon/gold/iron alloys anyone? As long as alloys require 100 smelt to make, they would still require lava to make like the current obsidian does. What do you guys think?
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    posted a message on A soccer ball!!!!
    Quote from Peter Den »
    Why not doing a soccer ball?!?! We made a soccer stadium in our smp server and we'd like to use it!!!!! :Sheep:

    This can be modded in. No need for Mojang support, unless weighted balls that are affected by yet-to-be-included-slopes (or a follow nearest depression within 4 squares rule) object is needed. So no, not for now.
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    posted a message on Larger Weapon variety.
    No. Just makes more complicated 6x6 recipes to things we already have PLENTY of potential 3x3 recipes for. If you just want weapons that take more resources to make, craft stuff with iron blocks instean of iron ingots.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Beta 1.5
    Quote from Timbor »
    Quote from soulslayer88 »

    The nether is a bit different. I think the problem is that everyone has to go there and notch cant do that or something. But the nether does work on multiplayer you just have to have a plugin.


    notch cant do it but the plugin can? how is that an excuse?

    On-topic, I hope we get snowballs from removing snow with water again. snowfarms were the best thing ever.

    also, i hope the rain does not fill up small holes with water. just as he said, that would be damn annoying. I think a possibility would be to make it a 'special' water, that disappears after half an ingameday or something.

    updating in general, i am happy they are working faster now.

    I'd be glad to see "rain" and non-spring "water" blocks from rain. From there it is a smaller step to non infinite pools, waterfalls that descend vertically as "rain" instead of pure "water" if the flow isn't strong enough, etc.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Beta 1.5
    Quote from Traviskolber »
    I have a feeling all the people complaining about lack of updates and features will suddenly shut up when 1.5 comes out.

    You underestimate whiners. I can hear them already: "The weather is lagging the game, doesn't add that much anyway and makes it hard to see! Change it back already!"

    Never minding, of course, that minecraft ALWAYS lags a little bit regardless of graphics. I say just ignore the whiners and enjoy the upcoming eye candy.
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    posted a message on Search bar, view posts, and account deactivation
    What about just my question for account deactivation? Will my account be erased after 2-3 years of disuse?
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    posted a message on Mobs inspired by Nethack and ADOM
    Quote from Kira »
    Okay. The top part seems more like an advertisement to a completely different game.

    As not-fun as it would be to be instantly killed over and over again by a Cockatrice or a Xorn, be sure to remember that the monster suggestions need HP, behavior, item drop and spawn location guidelines.

    This was intended to be a list of monsters that could serve as inspiration for MineCraft mobs, not full fledged mob ideas. And yes, I would encourage people to check out roguelikes but that is beside the point.

    Another game that is even simpler than minecraft is Amorphous+. Top down, one button (fourcounting abilities, but they are completely unescessary), 18 completely unique monsters. Every single one moves differently and many die differently. Example:

    Biter: wide turns, jumps quickly, dies in one hit but two biters can combine to form a horror.
    Fuzzy: narrow turns, takes a second before jumping, dies in three hits.

    Basically the same thing, but fighting each feels quite different.
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    posted a message on Dispenser should dispense actual blocks.
    Quote from PyroNox »
    Quote from redpine »
    Is it anything less than brilliant?

    Way to sound like a 12 year old with an ego...

    Anyway, on the fence. Leaning toward no.

    Maybe a separate block.

    Seperate block was also suggested, specifically, a "dispensor" dispensing stuff, and a "trap block" shooting/using stuff.
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    posted a message on Best Armor?
    For beginners, iron is best since it is fairly common, leather is a (fun) hassle to come buy, and diamond is terribly rare. Advanced players have passive mob farms making leather *incredibly* common and would tend toward leather for everyday use.

    Odd how better players would be more likely to use the less advanced armor, isn't it?
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    posted a message on Lazy wheat farm with currents.
    Quote from Errorsatz »
    Sorry if I'm just being a moron but wouldn't the water flow not just in 1 straight line but in a sort of splat formation?
    I'm presuming the water is in channels, one block lower than the wheat.

    Nice design, I may convert my reed farm to working this way. I just use a standard farm for wheat, since I have no need for more than a couple stacks, but faster reed farming for bookshelves would be handy.

    Since you never want to take out the bottom reed block when reed farming, wouldn't the best design (from the side) look like this?

    :stone: :stone: :stone:
    [] :||||: []
    [] :||||: []
    :Water: :||||: :Water:
    :stone: :soil: :stone:

    Since reeds would block water just like sign blocks, the :Portabella: in my top down diagram could be replaced with reeds as well, netting 32 plants per segment instead of 28.
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    posted a message on The hidden AP landmine
    It would work better if the dispensor to reset the trap every 15 minutes was placed at a distance from the actual trap, so only one dispensor gets blown each time, and have the "reset trap dispensor" hooked up to multiple landmine dispensors. If you understand what I'm saying...
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