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    posted a message on Situation Specific Craftable redstone
    Quote from one2many »

    How can you have redstone be "overpowered". And at what point in time did I complain about mining redstone? I'm not sure how you addressed my suggestion at all...

    I think he read the title without reading the OP, and assumed you were asking for being able to craft redstone out of mushrooms or something (which are far more rare and valuable btw).

    I support. Make a note that recipes requiring 5 redstone would make 5 of that shape and so forth, so that mass is conserved.
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    posted a message on Escalation - The Missing Element in Minecraft
    Alright, time for some constructive ideas! Here goes:

    "Rings" don't make sense. "Biomes" and "Rare Biomes" do. Travel to find different and more difficult biomes, not to go an arbitrary distance from spawn. A garuntee that every world will have every biome within a certain number of chunks, and a finite looping map, would be nice as they would allow exploration without @#*)$#)*( big save files.

    "Safe Zone" around spawn is a good idea, though it is already in place :smile.gif:. I would rather the no-spawn zone around the spawn point to be larger on easier difficulties though.
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    posted a message on Reusable Water Control Machine & Multi-Use Lava
    The images give me a message saying "update your bandwith", but all the other images I've seen on other threads work fine.
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    posted a message on Notch: Wolves are a BAD idea
    Quote from FlowerChild »
    Quote from MadCow21 »
    Quite so. It's good that you are able to recognize the lack of logic inherent in this argument, as it is the very same used in the OP.

    Basing an argument on your subjective estimation of the quality of non-existant features is not at all logical.

    What I do have is a lot of dev experience and a good eye for the cost involved in implementing a feature. You are right in that I have no way of proving that here, but from my own perspective it adds a weight to my argument that is very difficult to counter in these forums. I don't say that proves what I am saying in any way, I'm just saying that it would make it difficult to someone to convince me otherwise given that there's the weight of experience acting against any counter-argument within my own mind.

    Again, I decided to make this argument, directed towards Mojang in the hope of appealing to their own reason and experience. If you don't see the justification behind my argument, that's totally cool. It in no way invalidates it or acts as a reason why I should not have made the argument to begin with.

    I will agree that at its core, it is a subjective argument, based on my personal opinion...so then, the only measure that one generally has of evaluating such an argument is the presenter's knowledge and experience with the topic involved relative to your own. For most on these forums, they have no way of evaluating the merits of my arguments on that basis.

    I personally believe that wolves were a high-cost feature developed at a time when there were many low-cost features that the game sorely needed. You are obviously of a different opinion, and that's fine.

    Mojang has an IRC that they actually read on a relatively regular basis. Appeal there, instead of taking up forum space here. By about the 20th page we get the idea of what people think, further maintainence of this thread isn't very nescessary.
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    posted a message on MineCraft update TOO much?
    Quote from blastissimo218 »

    Think about it, MC used to get daily updates. Daily changed into weekly as Alpha approached Beta, and now we're lucky if we get two updates in one month.

    What he said. Besides, we have a choice now to NOT update the game, so fast updates wouldn't cause as many problems as usual if you're careful about clicking "yes"
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    posted a message on Phoenix Mining - Quad Mining
    Quote from NZPhoenix »

    Conceptual Image(Easy on the eyes)

    100 block branches:

    Length of main red branch - 96 blocks. One quadrant would be 6800 blocks mined, and after mining 6800 blocks, you would only have to walk 96 meters to get back to your main room. This is a HUGE time saver over traditional branch mining.

    27200 blocks mined
    108800 blocks exposed

    3* hours of mining time with iron picks, using 109 iron picks.

    2.25* hours of mining time with diamond picks, using 18 diamond picks.

    With the figures in the wiki, you would find 87 diamond and 544 iron in this mine. You would use either 54 diamond or 327 iron actually digging out the mine, leaving you with a total gain of either:

    33 diamond and 544 iron
    87 diamond and 217 iron

    In summary,

    Iron Picks vs Diamond Picks vs Stone Picks!
    16.5 iron to diamond ratio 2.5 iron to diamond 6.2 iron to diamond
    38.5 diamond, 96 iron, per hour 11 diamond, 181 iron, per hour 19 diamond, 121 iron per hour

    Considering it takes 35 resources to make a complete set of armor and one of every tool including the sword,

    2.5 iron sets to diamond sets 17 iron sets to diamond sets 7 iron to diamond sets
    1.1 diamond sets, 2.7 iron sets, per hour .3 diamond sets, 5.1 iron sets, per hour .5 diamond, 3.5 iron sets per h

    I dunno... using stone picks almost looks like it would produce attractive results if you aren't picky about which resources you need. Think about it, if you are low on iron you are better off mining with stone picks than diamond picks while looking for diamond, even though diamond picks mine faster.

    (Note: my math is heavily and arbitrarily rounded, not referenced, and not written out properly making it unverifiable unless someone else starts off from scratch to correct my results.)
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    posted a message on Stackable Food INSIDE FURNACE ONLY
    Quote from Gilguy360 »
    ... Terrible idea. It'd be insanely over powered, it'd be less like food and more like a medkit.

    *High fives El*

    Just nerf food later with satiation that keeps a player from eating too much at once. Personally, I'd like to have a good stack of food stored in a furnace.
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    posted a message on [IDEA] Peacefull and stuffs
    Quote from RexBox2 »

    When I say "sure", I actually mean it.

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    posted a message on Cheese - Extra Use of Milk!
    Quote from peu »
    seriously, these food threads need to stop until someone has an idea for making different foods more important that's not some stupid stat boost.
    "I just ate some chocolate and now I can run at 150% my normal speed!"

    If hunger ever got implemented food could have two stats: amount it fills, and amount of hearts it heals. Deal is, if you are full you can't eat, so the best kind of food wouldn't fill you much but would heal a lot, meaning staying half hungry would be a survival advantage.
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    posted a message on "Better Books" Suggestion (Making Books Awsome) V2.0 (Completely Revamped)

    This is one of the bigger loose ends in minecraft.

    The only drawback of implementing books is it would give greifers a new and easy medium to insult with.

    One comment though: by the time we craft books, we already use the wiki for everything so... how about each kind of book has an actual use? Like giving a notebook to a noteblock so it plays a specific series of notes when powered, or using a cookbook as fuel in a furnace to cook lots and lots of pork chops - or even as a replacement for one of the two kinds of mushrooms when making mushroom soup?
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    posted a message on [SMP] Multiplayer Versus Mode (Humans v. Monsters) [Poll]
    Quote from Kira »
    The main problem with this is that the human players can still place blocks, which might lead to "impenetrable fortresses" where you make an Obsidian cube and hide inside, able to kill any mob that tries to enter through the killhole (since Skeleton Arrows are spawned on the 3rd block above them, and they would not be able to enter through 2x1 ways, and spiders cannot get through 1x2 openings. You can also just set up a lava moat in front of the entrance to prevent mobs from coming in, since Mobs cannot use buckets or water to remove it.

    Even a simple hole like this completely remove the element of surprise needed for most mobs to be able to do anything.

    Perhaps if there was a way to not only give advantage to the players and the mobs, this would work out well. This variant though just means humans would never lose.

    Too much of this is theoretical. We have no clue whatsoever which team would have the advantage - for all we know, skeletons with a smart bowman would be overpowered. For all we know, a little dirt lends itself to a nigh invincible tunneler. Which team has the advantage is purely a guess. This mod would have to be tried before we could decide who to nerf/limit/give an ability.
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    posted a message on Minecraft SMP base defense tips.
    Quote from Doomedprophet »
    Go to the bottom of the ocean and dig down 4-5 blocks. Then dig laterally 4-5 blocks. Place a door.

    :Orange: :Orange: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Orange:
    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Blue: :Blue: :Orange: :Orange:
    :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Blue: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:
    :Orange: :Orange: [] [] [] [] :wood: [] :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    :Orange: :Orange: [] :Notch: [] [] :wood: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue: :Blue:
    :Orange: :Orange: :|: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange: :Orange:

    :|: = Ladder
    :wood: = Door
    :Notch: = You chillin'

    Important note: Don't put a torch anywhere near that door. Put your first torch at the bottom of the ladder, otherwise the light might glow in the bottom of the ocean.

    I've had a hidden base at the bottom of an ocean for nearly 3 months on a server now by using this technique.

    I believe it. Bedrock bases can get uncovered while people mine, but it is pretty rare for people to accidentally or even intentionally go near ocean depths. Nothing useful at that depth, and water is a pain to deal with.
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    posted a message on DMG review!!
    Either a troll or a scam. If anyone were giving a 15-20 dollar game for free, the admins would let us know and make it a big event.
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    posted a message on How would gears and pistons work?
    Quote from TheCatGozMoo »
    Gears sound like there are some possibilities to use them. Thus, it would be cool to have. Even if they just looked cool.

    Pistons? I know NOTHING of them. But if there was a sort of engine system, that would be cool.

    Please tell me your a troll and not ignorant... look up the "Minecraft Pinball" video at the top of the forums. Pistons and redstone are cooler and easier to use than gears ever could be.
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    posted a message on [DESIGN CHALLENGE] unbreakable vault (now in testing!!!)
    Quote from Zeroslack »
    Alright, im new to minecraft but i had a few ideas i thought might work.

    The first one, would be kind of like a saw contraption of sorts. You MUST hurt yourself in order to get to the main vault. The hurt would come via drowning.

    Perhaps a possible side view.

    :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: [] [] :opblock: :opblock: :opblock:
    [] [] :opblock: [] [] :opblock: [] :opblock:
    :opblock: [] :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: [] :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: [] :opblock:
    :opblock: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :opblock:

    The picture may be a bit sloppy but here is my reasoning. Of course the entire thing will be encased in bedrock, but then right through the entrance make it clear they have to swim to get to the treasure. This tunnel will be completely submerged in water, and it is extremely likely you will drown if you do not know what to do. The trick of the vault is, to have a little air pocket somewhere secret, still encased in bedrock, but only somebody who knows the vault will know where it is, because i assume it will be extremely dark in that tunnel. If you could somehow calculate it out so that only if you knew where the air pocket was, you would get there with about 2 hearts left. Eat some food back to full health. Then calculate it so that you would arrive at the treasure with 1-2 heart left.

    You are indeed new to minecraft! If a griefer filled his entire inventory with food, that is a total of 36 spaces, assume each food item heals 5 health, assume a heart is lost each second underwater, we have:

    (36 food x 5 seconds per food) + 10 hearts + 10 air bubbles = 200 seconds = 3 minutes and 20 seconds a greifer has to wonder around your underwater maze, removing water with buckets, playing obsidian with lava, and so forth.

    I also had another idea, and somebody please tell me if this would even work. I have never actually visited the nether, but i was wondering if it would be possible to make a sand pitfall somehow cleverly set up,(all of course within a huge bedrock shaft, similar to the one above.) so that it would take you down a 1x1 block shaft, straight down into a nether portal, and when you teleported to the nether, you would fall into a huge hole/trap instantly into lava. Im not sure how legitimate this is, but it sounds like it could work.

    Solutions involving the nether are not yet acceptable as the nether does not yet work in SMP. Even then, lava traps can be griefed easily enough.
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