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    posted a message on Any Nether Portal Experts out there?
    Take X, Z coordinates in the real world of first portal.

    Go through portal on peaceful with a diamond pickaxe.

    Destroy the portal you came in through.

    Travel to X/8, Z/8, and build your new portal in the nether there.
    (That is, coordinates in real world divided by 8)

    Repeat for each portal you make and there will be 0 portal rerouting difficulties caused by portals generated in the nether being placed imprecisely by the game.
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    posted a message on New tree type
    Would belong in the wettest, hottest jungle biomes. Purpose would be to have a few trees that are

    1) way bigger

    2) have two "levels" of leaves for easier treehouses/air travel
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    posted a message on Is a Diamond Pickaxe worth it?

    Borrowed from post by NZpheonix, link above:

    Diamond Pickaxe = 14.4 diamond/hour, 240 iron/hour
    Iron Pickaxe = 28.8 diamond/hour, 72 iron/hour
    Stone Pickaxe = 19.2 diamond/hour, 120 iron/hour

    In summary, hunting diamond with iron picks gets twice as much diamond than if you used a diamond pick.
    Hunting iron with a diamond pick gets twice as much arion as with a stone pick.

    Depending on patience and how many resources you need, mining with pure stone isn't that bad of a choice.
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    posted a message on Upside Down Redstone Torches
    Good idea. Couldn't be used for lighting, but would make redstone rooms a little less messy - I think. I'm still holding out on redstone on walls and such as well.
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    posted a message on Suggestion for Tiny Slimes
    Quote from deathguardian97 »
    Hasn't this already been suggested? I recall seeing banners for it.

    I've never seen this suggestion before. I love it! Be nice if Mojang added this but hey, a this would be worth installing a mod for as well. It would make slimes more popular than dogs most likely (at least they never bite back even if they are a little pushier).
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    posted a message on For the love of...SAFE SPAWNING! (Revised and updated.)
    Quote from DoubleDongle »
    What's the seed of that map where you get swept into lava?

    We want that seed.

    Btw, the best suggestion so far is a "safe zone" where mobs can't enter immediately around the spawn point.
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    posted a message on [IDEA] Darkstone
    Dissapearing blocks have been suggested, but not blocks that dissapear only in sunlight. A decent idea I suppose, but inflexible - what if I want a room that appears/dissapears in response to redstone, lightstone exposure, or something else similar?

    Starchart is cool but useless unless we get seasons/star signs affecting mobs/weather/etc.
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    posted a message on Gemstones, Stained Glass, and Transmitters
    @ gemstones: don't get rid of the current diamond.

    @ stained glass: only if one gem = a full STACK of glass stained

    @ transmitters: cool, but another solution would be mirrors/laser/solar panel - which would solve some lighting and engineering difficulties.
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    posted a message on The C-Booster: instant max momentum, teleporter, force field
    Or we could just use powered rails?... Just a thought

    Boosters don't allow teleportation that is faster than boat clicking, which is faster than tracks. Also, if boat clicking gets fixed, this may remain as the fastest method of transportation rivalling even minecarts.

    Boosters don't allow force fields, much less hidden ones at bedrock ]:wink.gif:

    Quote from randosity42 »
    yea using powered tracks makes it even more powerful. I mad a booster, and added 50+ carst into it...the whole chunk is effed up, when I place minecarts in that chunks they dissapear, until I place a couple more and they all reapear and slide along the ground into the distance, its really bizare

    That said I may use mostly boost tracks on any world I care about...
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    posted a message on What to add to this library?
    Quote from hiloser12221 »
    i dont quite like it. too much cobble ruins buildings IMO

    Needs more cobble, I think. Place is way to poorly lit to have that many colorful blocks. How about putting cobble/wood/sandstone stairs as the "ceiling" to hide lightstone?
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    posted a message on Poll: Should Minecraft have a plot?
    I remember back before Halo 2 came out. Based on surprisingly little information, surprisingly large threads and well-spelled megaposts about the plot came out. Everything and anything was taken note of - for example, hunters bellies look a little like worms and glow even after they die (implying each hunter is a hive organism, and is still "alive" after death).

    That is the kind of "background" I'd like to see in minecraft. Where little, everyday things become meaningful if you care to take notice. Here are the little details that we have so far in minecraft:

    Netherack and soulsand have creeper faces
    Ghasts and creepers having the same drop of sulfer
    Pigs struck by lightning become pigmen
    The Nether is accessed by lighting cooled lava on fire
    Both netherack and cobblestone have a north pointing "L"
    The player is the first human (as world is completely untouched and apocalypse free)
    Mobs come out at night
    Mobs try to kill player

    And that... is it. 8 interesting details from which to draw speculations about the nature of minecraft. I am against an official "plot" but a more colorful "background" and more interesting yet uninformative "clues" would be appreciated - after the addition of a more stable SMP, optional non modded greifing protection, :Diamond: pistons :Diamond: , etc.
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    posted a message on [Challenge] Nether Survival! Poll Added!
    Like any survival challenge, once you have a base and wheat/pig farm surviving and mining is easy.

    What would be hard is if you had to the hunger mod and mushrooms and cooked pork from pigmen were the only food sources. That would mean you would have to A) travel on the surface where ghasts are or :cool.gif: find ways to kill pigmen with just a sword and/or lava bucket safely.

    My nitpicking aside, your playstile is harder than the casual minecrafter uses.
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    posted a message on Lost in Nether, what do?
    Take your surface coords, divide X and Z by 8, and travel to that spot. You should find yourself at your portal - worked for me at any rate. I built 4 fully functional sets of portals without a problem by assuming dividing my surface coords by 8 would give me the right nether coords.
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    posted a message on Spider Webs.
    Spiders were intented to make webs after all. Still, I would prefer the "hanging thread" spider trap instead of the "web" spider trap. Hanging threads are threads hanging from floor to ceiling. If you get caught in one a spider yoinks you off the ground and tries to bite you. I see it a lot in nature videos.
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    posted a message on Simple Addition: Small Trees
    Quote from DeathJoker00 »
    I like this... But having a Sapling this become redundant. A small tree IS a Sapling...

    OH! These could become bushes. GOD how I want bushes...

    Saplings are ugly, they should look like the small trees in the OP pictures.
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