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    posted a message on Drainage Grates [Poll Added]
    I'm a little dissapointed with trap doors because they can't double as drainage grates.
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    posted a message on Eighth Blocks/Microcubes - VER. 0.4.2 MOD
    Bump. Liked the explanation videos, but a cosmetic video showing only structures (minus the explanation of 1/8th blocks) would be cool. I'm sure some good ones are already on youtube.
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    posted a message on Calendars!!
    Cool, but it would have to be at least theoretically useful. Theoretically useful purposes include: knowing seasons (I can hope), knowing how long till next zombie seige event (would apply eventually?), etc.

    That said, I would prefer a calender with more on it - I care more about month/day of the weak than total number of days/years since the world was started.
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    posted a message on Sticky Redstone
    We have ways of making redstone go up and down but those solutions are... ugly. Not quite as ugly as booster cart mechanisms (no offense intended, but they are bulky. I support sticky redstone because it has more aesthetic potential for circuitry going up and down pillars.

    While we're at it, sticky redstone should glow slightly brighter.
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    posted a message on "Medusa" Mob
    My Original Ideas

    1) Travelling mob that fights dungeons. No matter what it is, it is easy to beat if you know where to find it in a (normal) dungeon.

    2) Does not damage the player while on screen if light level is below 1 or 2.


    Medusa does not have a tail or a weapon. Clash of the Titans is NOT mythologically accurate! I wouldn't go on about this if the myth wasn't so much cooler than the misconception.

    Medusa is the name of _A_ gorgon, she is not _THE_ gorgon. She had two sisters, Euryale and Stheno. Euryale means "far-roaming". She let out a _very_ loud scream when medusa died. Sthenos means "Forceful". She was around when Medusa became a Gorgon... and has anger issues with men as result of witnessing that little stunt of Poseidon's. Both are immortal, have snakes for hair, turn men to stone, have WINGS, CLAWS, BOAR TUSKS, and both have LEGS.

    As the daughters of a sea monster they are strongly associated with water and the ocean, even though they probably don't swim.

    My Current Ideas

    Easter Egg: A headless Gorgon boss. Apparently, Perseus didn't take the head off of the immortal one...

    Euryale: Screams periodically, so you have time to hide, but travels, making her hard to chase down and hard to avoid out in the open. Would possibly keep face covered with wings until she is attacked.

    Stheno: This one uses claws a lot, so turning your back isn't a good idea.

    Reliable Sources [/sarcasm]

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    posted a message on Slimeballs being slippery, not sticky
    Quote from BCrafty121 »
    Almost all of the suggestions that I've read for slime balls seem to revolve around the core idea that the slime is sticky. But I haven't seen any that involve the idea of being slippery.

    The idea is simple; you place the slime ball down on a horizontal surface the same way you would with redstone dust. The properties of the top surface of that block are then changed. Any mob, payer, or item that is dropped onto the slimy surface will begin to accelerate. It is impossible to slow yourself down or stop while on the slimy surfaces unless you run into a wall or slide onto a surface that is not coated in the slime. Running into a wall at accelerated speeds causes damage.

    You forgot bouncy. Slimes bounce, they don't "stick" or "slide"
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    posted a message on Mirrors in minecraft!
    Quote from StarSchulz »
    mirrors would be cool, but the obvios question: can minecraft reverse render now? oh ****. lagspike armageddon incoming

    There is a camera and monitor mod where each screen has quite a few pixels. Doesn't work very well, but provided a few basic limitations it wouldn't be too buggy or laggy - especially if mirrors only reflected LIGHT and LASERS, not actual images.
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    posted a message on Extended 2x2 Grid Crafting: Now Playable!
    Quote from deathguardian97 »
    Look. Here are my points:

    1: How is a newbie who hasn't had any prior instructions on playing the game going to figure out how to harvest and use saplings and make them into planks and sticks, and from there continue? I mean, getting wood seems a perfectly normal thing to do, but getting saplings for wood? How do they figure that out

    The same way a first time newbie figures out he can make a sword in vanilla minecraft: youtube or the wiki. It appears Notch plans to implement a real tutorial through the acheivements though. Even then it's a moot point: the appeal of minecraft is building after having accumulated resources, not from playing for the first time like Halo 1 or Myst (which was the best the first time.)

    2: I can punch rocks all I like, but I'll just get useless powder. But if I punch a tree down, I can still use the wood. Why not in minecraft?

    Good point actually - a small tree can be pushed by an ordinary person. Doing so would only give you logs, not usable planks though... Suggest a 9x9 crafting recipe for logs I guess? Sounds unescessary.

    3: These small tools are useless, as if you don't have enough wood for a crafting grid, you probably don't have enough for small tools. The mining pick being usable as a hoe is useless, as it is a mining pick meanin git will be used underground, where there is not really any dirt to till.

    Ok, first: small tools get the job done if you don't want to bother with a bench, which is most of the time. Second, using picks as hoes is useful in my opinion because hoes are an essentially useless item that isn't needed in the game anyway.

    4: The crafting grid is meant to be essential to your survival. Making survival and comfortable living possible without it is out of the question. No.

    A difference of opinion. I like the idea of venturing out without using workbenches, living off the land... and still keeping the game halfway playable while I'm at it.

    5: The 2x2 isn't useless, I use it a lot to make torches, tables, and sticks

    Get my point?

    You have some decent points, my objections notwithstanding. Personally, I would only support a handful of the 2x2 crafting grid suggestions. I'm not so big on the sheilds, bomb, and special arrow ideas at the moment but that could change.
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    posted a message on Gold Doors & Keys
    Hmm, good idea but you would need to make gold doors nigh invincible... this problem is discussed elsewhere and surely is under Mojang's and Notch's consideration.
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    posted a message on Holding on to blocks
    Be sure to specifify in the OP that "crumble" means "you lose your grip" not "I just mined cobble with my bare hands"
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    posted a message on How to Search the Forums Using Google
    LOL. "Use the search" LOLOL "Read this first" is alreadly stickied, how about reading it first?

    Guess we all make mistakes... you guys to. Remember that when correcting others (though you are usually as polite as the internet allows)
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    posted a message on The Void
    Quote from DarkerFalz »
    Quote from Sooperguy50 »
    The Void... The Underside of the World of Minecraft, should you fall in you die. But what if it were something different? Something like the World above but upon entrance into the void... gravity changes the other way around and your in a whole other world. A parallel universe with things such as purple grass, different plants, new blocks and Other Beings... a place with humans just like you except less smart (npc's) and other creatures beyond the likes you have seen...BEWARE THE DAYLIGHT, always stay in the dark.
    Leave a post below for some ideas on new mobs or other things! May the diamonds be with you. :Diamond:

    Hint- the void was a bug, you aren't supposed to reach it.
    That's why you die when you get in there, there's no way out.

    I know, I'm just saying to get rid of the layer of bedrock and add another world the exact opposite of the regular minecraft world. I understand if it's a bug, but if it's a bug nothing can be done to get rid of, do something WITH it.

    They fixed it so no holes appeared in bedrock.
    There! It's non-accessible![/quote]

    You can still get there depending on how the lava generates actually.

    My thoughts? The void should be a place where gravity is reversed (meaning you walk on your head for an otherworldly camera angle). It is a 100% safe way to travel between other holes in the bedrock. That way nothing can fall in. That would make the void slightly cooler in my opion.
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    posted a message on Sedimentary Rock
    How add some new basic blocks? They would be just as common as dirt, sand, and cobble but would behave slightly differently - allow small amounts of water to flow through, for example.
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    posted a message on Inventing the [square] Wheel
    Quote from Win Man »
    A WHEEL? Are you forgetting the FIRST rule of Minecraft?: No circles

    but I like the wheelbarrow

    I apologize for the coincidental obsenity of the following but my response to your "First rule of minecraft" requires it.

    *Cough* SnowBALLS *Vomit* SlimeBALLS *Upchuck* GhastBALLS *Censored* Creeper#@%% *CENSORED*

    You would have to have no BALLS and use no BALLS (which are currently useless btw) to defy the minecraftiness of Spheres. If you have ever played SMP you have surely been hit by snowBALLS at least once!

    And let us note that RECORDS ARE CIRCLES!!!!!

    ...now, on to business. Wheels are useful for not just wheelbarrows and looms, but also:

    rotating blocks (for rotating trusty pistons, dispensors, bridges, etc)
    pushable carts (propelled long distances by pistons and the like w/o tracks)
    fans (shoot air that pushes mobs)
    turbines (produce power if water [or lava if iron turbine] flows through)
    fans part 2. (increase/decrease water flow while powered)
    fans part 3 (moves water/lava blocks to other side of fan)
    pulleys (pull/let out rope when powered)
    accelerator blocks (increase forward momentum of mobs and blocks, not just carts like current boosters)
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    posted a message on sheilds? but on your back.
    Quote from StarSchulz »
    Quote from themohawkninja »
    I hate how when I was wondering what game this was in... my answer was CoD.

    It's a good idea... but I hate that it's from CoD.

    ive never played CoD, this idea came to me a little bit ago.

    [troll] I guess this is proof that CoD isn't very original, if so many people can think up the same thing. [/troll]
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