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    ok lets see here.

    -Be able to shift click alchemy items it is a slow process.
    -Dispensers being able to point down
    -A better way to get gast tears (I have had hundreds of them fall into lava)
    -Fix the slime clipping glitch
    -Make fishing take less then an hour to get a single fish (up the rate)
    -Make vines and ladders be able to catch fire (and look natural)
    -Dyeing beds (mostly for aesthetic appeal)
    -Make right clicking signs lets you edit them
    -Make endermen not spawn on the entrance to THE END
    -Make minecarts and boats stackable in 16's

    these are all small idea's that i feel like wold just spam the forum in a topic post
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    Now I was planning on quoting all the people who were complaining but there were simple too many. Honestly you people must be new here if your upset about that there are more bugs/the modding API is being moved back/The efficiency of Mojang.

    I still remember when fire would wipe out a forest in mere seconds and lava was a death sentence and the horrible falling through the world glitch with minecarts. I remember when had to physically write down a list of every server IP that I went to actively. I remember when the world was one bioem and getting a snow world was an impossible challenge. I even remember when the Nether had 10 Gasts waiting for you, ready to spam you with explosions. Now all of those are fixed and you have companions like dogs and cats and you can "beat" the game.

    You people are so inconsiderate especially that when Notch stopped working on Minecraft he left someone capable and caring in his place when he could have simple stopped production completely and ran away laughing with all his riches he has gained. This company is so great it not only listens to it's fans for ideas and things to fix, it gives you early access to these updates.

    So basically to those complaining suck it up! You ether are new or forget how far this game has come along since its beginning.
    For those who are happy I simply have to say boats become BOATS! :steve_shocked:
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    So since Darth has alot on his plate with codeing and getting the code from Dr. Zark why not make this topic a bit interesting.
    I want to issue a challenge: make character skins for most of the HUMAN main characters in the Alien, Predator, and AvP series.

    This challenge is more for the people who don't know enough to make the art designs of the monsters but still want to contribute. Now the only rule is you make it yourself (it's a challenge). You don't have to do ever character I just wanted to give you guys some people to choose from.

    If Vader adds humans this would take a giant load off his shoulders
    If he doesn't he could at least add the skins to the front page of this post so people can use them.

    So what say you?
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