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freebuild server, if i can catch you online, i will op you if you seem like you wont set the server on fire insert:trollface.png i use craft bukkit with mob disguise, permissions, worldedit, essentials (modified),
iConomy, Jobs, and Citizens, this is as far as i can remember at the moment   :Notch:  P.S. This server is currently disorganized, ex: i havent created any npcs in the mall, jobs are kind of useless at the moment, and i cant promise 24/7 services, sometimes my server automatically updates and shuts down, my power might go out, all while im on vacation (worst case scenario) if im on vacation i DO NOT have any access to remote desktop connection, thus, i cant do a thing about it
EDIT: MY SERVER HAS BEEN GRIEVED TO IT'S DEATH, unless you want to help me, there is a private white-list

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