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    I will start the server tonight most-likely. Just waiting for more to RSVP haha. If you know anyone, let them know the IP so that they can play too :D

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    Heyo! I have decided to start a Minecraft Realm called RebelCON. RebelCON will be a Minecraft Realm server that hosts players from all over the world playing untouched Minecraft survival together and conquering the game together. Each year, the world will be reset and will continue on to be the 2021 RebelCON. It is completely free to join and play, and honestly, I am looking to build a strong community of dedicated Minecrafters. Now let's get some things out of the way: this is not a commitment. Life happens, if you're in school, school comes first, emergencies are always priority and etc. It is completely free to play, no ranks or benefits are offered.

    Rules of Play:

    - PVP is enabled and allowed with consent - only thing not allowed is killing of teammates outside of any designated PVP area.
    - This is a communal-based server, meaning everyone shares. Only things not shareable are those of which you put in an enderchest or clearly mark your chest private.
    - Honor code: we have an honor code in place where stealing is not allowed and we are all kind to each other.
    - You have the freedom to do what you want, build what you want, etc.
    - Hack clients are not permitted.
    - Griefing is not permitted on community property.
    - You're welcome to invite anyone on the server, just let me know!

    How this Works:

    Once I have a consensus of who wants to genuinely play, I will add you to the realm via. username. List is down below with any comments you may have.

    I will commence the 2020 RebelCON Survival Realm Adventure LATER THIS WEEK (04/06/2020).

    Thank you everyone for your interest! I have got a server together and we are able to start! If you are interested, I will be leaving the Discord link in the chat. If you don't have Discord, I will still update here, although I prefer Discord. The server IP is going to be a straight up IP, just like old times, no domain, no thing, just Minecraft :).

    **PLEASE NOTE: This is PC Minecraft, I have it in the wrong forum I think haha.


    Feel free to add it, the server will commence later this week.

    Can't wait!!

    DISCORD: https://discord.gg/RujGu6j

    I am so excited for this adventure and hope to see some of you on the realm!

    **NOTICE: I have not joined the realm myself yet, so I will be starting at the same time as everyone else.**

    P.S. I understand everyone has their own opinions and you're more than welcome to express any or all of them, but this little idea I have is for the fun of playing Minecraft.

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    Hey guys! Just a little update: Things got out of hand with this Coronavirus and everything was put to a stop. I will soon be starting this up again, but due to the 10 player limit on realms, I think I may start a normal server for Minecraft Java (PC Version). I also have many other projects in the works and am excited to share them! I will be posting links to these very soon! I hope you all are still eager to hop on and play! See you soon!

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