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    Quote from Jancrash»

    you could theoretically have 4 + (2+2+2+2)
    + 16 points from one perfect magma chain. That's 28 points in a matter
    of seconds.

    I'm well aware of that and I did the math while making the post. The idea was for it to be possible to spawn the boss fairly quickly if you were trying to, but not super fast by accident unless you're going on a magma cube rampage and simply don't know about the boss yet. The harbinger cubes are supposed to act as a warning, so that you aren't too surprised when the boss spawns on you, and hopefully make it clear enough for the player how to avoid spawning it if they are afraid.

    This spawning sounds problematic. Even ignoring the
    issue I mentioned above, 50 points times 20 seconds per point is 1000
    total seconds to naturally enter this mode. That's 16.6 minutes. So just
    about every day and a half, with or without player intervention while
    also including the ten minutes of boss mode.

    I said it ticks down every ten seconds, not up. That means you can kill magma cubes pretty often and never see the harbingers. The whole process of spawning it on purpose could be as little as ten minutes, but you could live in basalt deltas for dozens of hours and never accidentally spawn the boss.

    It would be easy to accidentally spawn the boss, that's sort of the point. I'd want a player who doesn't know about the boss to discover it eventually. I also made sure it'd be easy enough NOT to spawn the boss, at least once you know about it.

    I could have added a timer during which you can't respawn the boss, to make sure that its drop doesn't get farmed too much. Or maybe we just let players do what they want and not consider it to be a problem.

    If they don't despawn until ten minutes pass, then
    they'll clog the mob cap.

    That's exactly what would happen. In the latter half of that timer, nearly every magma cube you come across is a harbinger. But just the same, if you wait out your ten minute timer plus another three or so (or just move 8 chunks away after the timer runs out) then most or all of them will be gone. It wouldn't cause any lag problems as the total number of magma cubes present would always be the same.

    Now there could be lag (especially client-side lag) DURING the boss fight, particularly if someone purposely had all 64 small boss cubes together at once.

    Aside from the potential lag caused by randomly
    setting fires, the boss itself sounds fine. Then again, I'm basing that
    last statement off of how magma blocks used to randomly evaporate water
    next to them which caused lag issues, but it was really only a problem
    due to how obtainable it was.

    Yeah that became a problem in 1.13 because people would encounter hundreds of magma naturally spawned, and they would never run out of water to remove. These fire-producers would potentially create lag, but only if someone orchestrated an array of dispensers to place many of them on the ground at the same time. It would be no accident.

    Responses in bold. The boss itself sounds fine, and the unique drop sounds useful in redstone randomizers thanks to Observers. The biggest problem is how you've set up spawning the boss. Rather than repeat my analysis of its spawning, I'll explain how I'd change its spawning so you can compare yours to that.

    Rather than having a time-based and kill-based Harbinger spawning system, Harbinger Cubes will have a small chance of spawning (maybe a 5% chance of cubes turning into one) outside of spawning events. Regular magma cubes can also be renamed to Harbinger Cubes using nametags at any time. Harbinger Cubes will look like regular Magma Cubes but with an orange border/trim around them, allowing unwanted ones to be recognized and avoided. They will never spawn as small cubes, only medium or large. They will split like normal cubes (and can only reach small size this way), but their points outside will be reduced to .5/1/2 as opposed to 1/2/4. Upon reaching 10 points, a Raid-like bar will spawn at the top reading "Magma Fever".

    During a Magma Fever, Harbinger Cubes will have a 33% chance of spawning instead of magma cubes, and their point values will be doubled. The Magma Fever bar will automatically start with a tenth of it filled (meaning it maxes at 100). Killing Harbinger Cubes will increase the value of the bar by the number of points based on size, and killing anything aside from a magma cube or Harbinger Cube (either by luring one in from another biome or simply killing natural ghasts and striders) will reduce the bar by one point. The bar will also lower by one point down to a minimum of nine for each minute that passes. This way, it is possible for players to avoid spawning the Boss Cube whilst also allowing them to also kill magma cubes and Harbinger Cubes in self-defense.

    Magma Fever will end automatically once the score drops below 10 points, and the bar will disappear when it is over. When the Magma Fever bar fills completely, the Boss Cube is spawned.

    I also like your method. So much so, in fact, that I'd like to feature it in the OP, with your permission. My favorite thing about it is that it gives players a way to continue killing magma cubes within the basalt deltas, at any speed they want, without spawning the boss--so long as they are also killing some other things as well. Perhaps we could tweak it a bit: say killing a ghast reduces the count by ten. Also, the counter should end only if it gets to zero. That way it starts at ten, it's not hard to get rid of it if you don't want it, but there's a buffer in case you do want it but you kill something else before your next magma cube.

    Another idea I had: when the counter reaches 50, the boss pre-spawns, and you can see it as an immobile entity the size of a medium magma cube, and as the number ticks up, it gets larger and emits particles faster. Maybe players could also hit the pre-spawned boss to tick the bar down by how many points of damage they dealt. I don't know if that would be confusing, but it'd give the players a lot of control over it.

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    When you kill a magma cube while you are within Basalt Deltas biome, an invisible counter ticks up. The counter ticks 1 point per small magma, 2 per medium, and 4 per large cube killed. It also ticks down 1 point per 400 ticks (20 seconds) regardless of where you are. If the counter reaches 50 points, you'll go into boss cube spawn mode for 12000 ticks (ten minutes): all new magma cube spawns around you will instead be Harbinger Cubes--they look and act the same as regular magma cubes except they have the name Harbinger Cube. Every time you kill a magma cube named Harbinger Cube, it'll tick your boss cube spawn counter up 1/2/4 points whether or not you're in boss cube spawn mode. This counter does not tick back down over time. The smaller cubes spawned from killing a Harbinger Cube are also named Harbinger Cube. Once your boss cube spawn counter reaches 50 points, an ominous sound is played and the boss magma cube will spawn about two chunks from your location.

    If your boss cube spawn mode runs out before you kill enough harbinger cubes, you can wait indefinitely to try again. Alternatively, you can use name tags to rename magma cubes into Harbinger Cube. If you don't want to spawn the boss, you can avoid killing the cubes and/or flee the area. The named cubes spawned through this event will be unable to despawn until they have been active for ten minutes; any cubes renamed by players do not despawn at all. So if you leave the area and despawn the chunks, you can return later to kill the Harbinger Cubes.

    The boss magma cube is twice the size of the large magma cube and jumps twice as high, however if chasing a player at a significantly higher altitude than itself, it can charge up a jump in order to jump as high as needed to reach the player's ledge, up to eight times as high as a large magma cube can jump. It has 96 health and 16 armor, and deals 8 damage per hit. When you kill it, it will spawn four large magma cubes that carry the same name as itself and have the same jump ability as the boss. When killed, these spawn four mediums with the name and jump ability, and when killed these spawn four smalls with the name and jump ability. When the smalls are killed, they do not spawn any more magma cubes. All three smaller sizes of boss cube have a 25% chance of dropping magma cream, even the smallest ones; however the boss cube always drops a Boss Magma, which is a block that looks similar to a magma cube and which will periodically light fires near itself (randomly placed up to three blocks taxicab distance from itself).

    Attributes of Boss Cubes:
    BOSS: 96 health, 16 armor, 8 damage | 100% drop Boss Magma

    LARGE: 24 health, 8 armor, 6 damage | 25% drop Magma Cream

    MEDIUM: 6 health, 4 armor, 4 damage | 25% drop Magma Cream

    SMALL: 1.5 health, 2 armor, 3 damage | 25% drop Magma Cream

    Boss cubes are not the same entity type as normal magma cubes. They do not despawn, they share no NBT data with each other, and you cannot re-name a magma cube to make it into a boss cube.

    Average amount of magma cream per boss fully killed: 21

    Average with Looting III (0/0/0/1/1/1/1 magma cream per kill): 48

    Attributes of normal magma cubes for comparison:

    LARGE: 16 health, 12 armor, 6 damage | 25% drop Magma Cream

    MEDIUM: 4 health, 6 armor, 4 damage | 25% drop Magma Cream

    SMALL: 1 health, 3 armor, 3 damage | no drops
    Average amount of magma cream per large fully killed: 0.75 - 1.25 depending how many mediums spawn
    Average with Looting III (0/0/0/1/2/3/4 magma cream per kill): 3.75 - 6.25 depending how many mediums spawn

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    posted a message on Conductive copper blocks.

    This would make Redstone far easier for someone like me to understand. Then maybe finally I could get into doing more than the simplest of devices. I also wouldn't mind seeing more colors than red and green in your typical redstone machinery.

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    My suggestion is, at the baseline, very simple: do not allow wooden pickaxes to yield anything when they mine stone. They can still mine cobblestone to get cobblestone.

    There are still many ways to get yourself some cobblestone, but the easiest and most abundant way would be removed. This would force players to make a small effort and use some ingenuity to get themselves up to stone tier. It would still be pretty easy to get to stone tier, but it would no longer be instant. Wood tools would finally have a purpose for existing (outside of nether-only survival).

    Ways to get out of wood tier:

    • Find lava and water flowing together in a cave
    • Find a NPC village--they usually have cobblestone roofs
    • Find any source of lava at an elevation higher than the nearby lake/ocean and build a path for the lava to flow down to the water
    • Have a creeper explode inside of a cave
    • Find a dungeon, which has cobblestone in its structure
    • Find a desert temple, which has TNT; use the TNT on stone to make cobblestone
    • Make TNT and use it on stone
    • Find a jungle temple, which has cobblestone in its structure
    • Purchase a pickaxe from a villager toolsmith
    • Go to the nether for gold to make a gold pickaxe
    • Smelt armor/shovels from enemies until you have 27 nuggets of the same type
    • Find iron/gold ingots or diamonds in loot chests

    There's probably more ways that I haven't thought of.

    Additional changes that might go well with this change:
    Make tools craftable from mossy cobblestone. This would allow players to use the mossy cobblestone boulders in Giant Spruce Taiga biome for tools.

    More blocks that perhaps should also require stone pickaxe for yield: andesite/diorite/granite, bricks/stone bricks/nether bricks, end stone/end stone bricks, purpur, prismarine. Blocks that would still give yield when mined with wooden pickaxe: sandstone/red sandstone, terracotta, ice/packed ice/blue ice, basalt, netherrack, bone blocks, coal ore. Why? Because it would give more sense of progression than simply having stone pickaxe be faster.

    I think it would be good to have wood tier gain relevance, and to have stone tier feel like at least some sort of accomplishment.

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    posted a message on Dragon Ore/End Ore

    I never support [Just Another Equipment Tier]. Not only is it MANDATORY for it to have a basis for existing (beyond "IT'D BE COOL"), but it MUST AVOID stepping on the toes of existing content.

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    Quote from headgames001»

    New mobs could be an alternative then. Such as a new pillager that acts more as a tank with it's shield.


    I want a variant of skeletons which is equipped with a wooden sword and a shield. It'd be especially cool if it was really good at using the shield to block incoming attacks (without giving it capabilities going beyond the player [I'm looking at you, 1.9 skeleton]). INB4 claims that the melee skeleton is EXACTLY the same as a zombie re-skin (been there SO many times now).

    I also like the idea of Pillager Vindicators (all Vindicators, really) carrying shields along with their axes. They aren't as powerful as a lot of people think, but axes are a pretty good weapon. Also, you can defeat shields with an axe. Maybe most of the Pillagers wouldn't use shields, but all of the Woodland Mansion Vindicators would use them. It could actually make them easier to beat because if you're attacking with your axe they'd just keep blocking rather than hitting you back.

    I like these shield ideas but I'd be even more interested in having more shield defensive options, like enchantments perhaps. I wish there was a high skill ceiling to using shields best.

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    posted a message on The Small Suggestions Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    When players create a world in 1.16+, they should be able to choose standard or nether-survival loot chests in Nether Fortresses and Piglin Bastions. The nether-survival versions would have reduced loot (especially iron, diamonds, and netherite equipment) balanced with the assumption that you do not have access to the overworld. The default setting, standard, would give you valuable loot in Nether Fortresses and Piglin Bastions to entice you to travel to them from the overworld.

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    posted a message on Always allow mixed wood types in recipes

    I love having so many wooden things that can be made in such a wide variety of appearances, and I want even more of them. There's no limit here, everything made of wood should have variants.

    But it's annoying sometimes when I have mixed planks I can't get rid of by crafting a thing that I want. I often just wind up making sticks when I already have too many, or sticking one lonely plank in a chest somewhere. It'd be nice if I could always mix wood types in every recipe.

    The simplest way to implement this is to have mixes always produce an oak item. That wouldn't be a particularly big deal as oak wood is so abundant. Alternatively whichever wood type is used most could determine the resulting item's type, or perhaps it determines it by position in the crafting grid. Or there could be special mixed-wood variants. In some cases it may even be prudent to enable wood mixes to apply various appearance combinations to the item based on the specific combination of woods. I'd accept any of these, as long as I can mix wood to make the things.

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    posted a message on A Slightly Different World in the Distance

    I have an idea to help keep the game from getting stale potentially without costing much in terms of development resources. The idea is to have an alternate overworld on the map, laid out in a "checkerboard" pattern in which the tiles are (for example) 16,384 blocks across and the origin (0, 0 coordinates) is centered in an overworld-1 tile. The edge between overworld-1 and overworld-2 would not be sharp, rather it would change along biome edges. A biome on the edge would be counted as being in whichever side it was closer to.

    The alternate biomes of overworld-2 would be very similar to the biomes we're familiar with in overworld-1, but with subtle changes:

    Trees - OW2 has an alternate set of tree types:

    Oak -> Elm

    Birch -> Poplar

    Spruce -> Pine

    Jungle -> Mangrove

    Dark Oak -> Willow

    Acacia -> Baobab

    Each alternate tree would use the same wood and leaves as the primary, however it would be shaped differently. It could also drop saplings for its own special tree type. The way this could be done is that the leaves naturally on the tree look like their OW1 type but are different internally, yet still yield the same leaf blocks of their OW1 counterpart.

    Subtle biome variations - Some biomes could generate slightly differently:

    Tall Birch -> Tall Poplar - generates trees more frequently since they are a narrower tree.

    Jungle -> Mangrove Swamp - tends toward a lower altitude towards the center of the biome, with flatter terrain and more water coverage like a swamp, but thick with the mangrove trees and underbrush like the Jungle. Half of the jungle temples are witch huts instead.

    Desert -> Sandstone Desert - generates sandstone at the surface and sand occurs in patches. Has saguaro cacti (with arms) or perhaps little decorative cacti of which you can place up to 4 on a block.

    Giant Spruce Taiga -> Giant Pine Taiga - no mossy cobblestone boulders but a complete podzol coverage over the entire floor.

    Badlands -> Wasteland - stone mountain cliffs with mixed gravel and coarse dirt on the flat parts of the biome. The stone cliffs are layered with different kinds of stone: stone, andesite, granite, diorite, sandstone, red sandstone with terracotta on some layers. Fossils can generate poking partway out of the ground.

    Dark Forest -> Weeping Forest - The biome is thick with willow trees which due to their shape create a canopy while allowing sunlight to enter the undergrowth frequently. Instead of huge mushrooms, the forest floor is littered with small mushrooms.

    Structures - Some structures could have variations:

    Woodland Mansion -> Mountain Mansion - occurs on the flat parts of mountains biome and uses spruce wood instead of dark oak. The huge structure towers over the landscape.

    Stronghold - silverfish spawner placed in a separate room from the end portal frame.

    Abandoned Mineshaft -> Flooded Mineshaft - filled with water and has the occasional sea pickle cluster.

    Flooded Caves - the world could have all caves flooded from, say, y=30 and lower. The lava at y=11 could have a layer of magma over the top.

    Dungeon - dungeons could have multiple rooms and a few hallways, perhaps more than one loot chest. The extra halls and rooms would make the structure easier to find but would make it take more time to get through, giving more time for enemies to spawn in.

    Land Shipwrecks - rarely shipwrecks occur in desert or wasteland terrain, indicating the land was once submerged underwater.

    Once the code has been put in to change the world in this way, variations can be gradually added later. You could play for many weeks and never see this alternate world, but if you travel far then you are likely to see it.

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    posted a message on Laughable performance for unknown reason.
    Quote from Strat00s»

    Just watch this, and you'll see my problem.

    (look at GPU usage).

    I see no problem. It looks exactly as I would expect for a high-end machine. My own runs similarly, though not quite as well as yours. You don't seem to be having any trouble running Minecraft on optimum settings.

    The only time my GPU is being used is when I look at the ground.

    Actually, it appeared to be getting used a lot more when you look at the horizon, which makes sense because the game saves on GPU cycles by unrendering terrain that is outside of your view. It doesn't do it perfectly; you can often see terrain disappear when it's still inside your view.

    Also, RAM is not the issue, because I even went to the extreme and allocated 12Gb of it and still the same result. Low freaking FPS and utilization only when looking at the ground or at the sky.

    Also is interesting, that when I go underground (like 20 blocks above bedrock, my CPU stress is at a minimum (one core is not even used) and GPU on 30ish%

    RAM won't help you. Another person already explained that you maybe should use less RAM, but the main reason it won't help you is because you're looking at a GPU issue, not a CPU issue. If you had more VRAM, then you could keep more textures and polygons loaded into memory, but just as with RAM, it wouldn't make your GPU go faster and might even bog your system down when it over-uses the memory.

    Going down into caves causes less memory usage and processing because it unrenders the terrain up above. It's actually one of the suggestions for people having difficulty running Minecraft: go into the caves to increase your framerate.

    How come, that PC which can run any game above 100FPS stable, can't (almost) run Minecraft?

    So if someone can explain why is this happening, you are a GOD.

    This is quite easy to explain. The main problem here is that you seem to be under the impression that Minecraft isn't a high-end game. You play a polygon-adventure game in which all of the environments have been carefully tailored to make your graphics card look cool, and with that 1080Ti you can just barely run things on max settings without a framerate drop.

    Well Minecraft is an entirely different kind of game. It runs on a different rendering technology, and graphics cards aren't even optimized for this sort of game. It's rendering blocks, not polygons. Also, when you turn up the render distance slightly, the number of displayed blocks goes up by the square of the difference, unlike in your polygon-adventure games where a doubling of the detail level causes less than a doubling of the performance needs. Also, Minecraft is poorly optimized for the high-end. With low settings it'll run fine on a 10 year old laptop with default hardware and no 3D acceleration. But with high settings it can and will test the highest machine you can get your hands on. Blocks in the distance render exactly the same as when they are near, whereas most games reduce the texture and polygon resolution of distant objects.

    Again, your results look fine and are probably what anyone else would experience running similar specs with similar in-game settings. You'll be fine at 16 chunk render distance, really. You won't even notice how near the edge is to you unless you're in a tall scout tower or flying.

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