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    Quote from Jancrash»

    "All irrelevant, and NONE of your logic holds up." (in response to my paragraph about how diamond's power makes iron expendable, which certainly relates to the topic seeing as you claimed iron was too powerful, yet diamond is uncommon at the most and much more powerful)

    The existence of a more powerful tier does not invalidate a claim that a previous tier is overpowered. Also, I didn't suggest nerfing iron tier, I suggested making it more difficult to obtain.

    Literally accusing me of slander:

    You literally slandered me, multiple times.

    Maybe you should lower your standards for replies substantially, and settle for mindless babble instead of genuine criticism.


    My overly-long post you accused me of lying in took about three hours of brainstorming and research. And you shut it down, telling me I'm wrong without ever properly explaining why. There were just massive walls of text with vague responses and attacks on my integrity.

    I'm sorry I belittled your time to such an extent, but I don't understand why it's so difficult just to make a simple comment about a simple post. I explained it clearly, and also showed all of the areas in your post which were supposed to have an explanation but were either lacking one or the explanation given didn't hold up. All you're doing now is claiming that I did exactly what you have done, and claim you have done exactly what I did.

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    My suggestion is, at the baseline, very simple: do not allow wooden pickaxes to yield anything when they mine stone. They can still mine cobblestone to get cobblestone.

    There are still many ways to get yourself some cobblestone, but the easiest and most abundant way would be removed. This would force players to make a small effort and use some ingenuity to get themselves up to stone tier. It would still be pretty easy to get to stone tier, but it would no longer be instant. Wood tools would finally have a purpose for existing (outside of nether-only survival).

    Ways to get out of wood tier:

    • Find lava and water flowing together in a cave
    • Find a NPC village--they usually have cobblestone roofs
    • Find any source of lava at an elevation higher than the nearby lake/ocean and build a path for the lava to flow down to the water
    • Have a creeper explode inside of a cave
    • Find a dungeon, which has cobblestone in its structure
    • Find a desert temple, which has TNT; use the TNT on stone to make cobblestone
    • Make TNT and use it on stone
    • Find a jungle temple, which has cobblestone in its structure
    • Purchase a pickaxe from a villager toolsmith
    • Go to the nether for gold to make a gold pickaxe
    • Smelt armor/shovels from enemies until you have 27 nuggets of the same type
    • Find iron/gold ingots or diamonds in loot chests

    There's probably more ways that I haven't thought of.

    Additional changes that might go well with this change:
    Make tools craftable from mossy cobblestone. This would allow players to use the mossy cobblestone boulders in Giant Spruce Taiga biome for tools.

    More blocks that perhaps should also require stone pickaxe for yield: andesite/diorite/granite, bricks/stone bricks/nether bricks, end stone/end stone bricks, purpur, prismarine. Blocks that would still give yield when mined with wooden pickaxe: sandstone/red sandstone, terracotta, ice/packed ice/blue ice, basalt, netherrack, bone blocks, coal ore. Why? Because it would give more sense of progression than simply having stone pickaxe be faster.

    I think it would be good to have wood tier gain relevance, and to have stone tier feel like at least some sort of accomplishment.

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    In any case, making iron rarer won't make much of a difference when it is easy to get full diamond armor before you even get iron (besides a pickaxe),

    Yeah I know that. I'd love to also make diamonds harder to get. But even if diamonds remain the same, moving iron tier back would still have a pretty big impact on many players' games, especially newer players, because they often will find plenty of iron long before they find out how to search for diamonds. I had played the game for months before I found out where diamonds come from. It was fine. What made me sad was when I found out that diamonds are actually really abundant, they're just placed deep enough underground that I never thought to look there. Branch mining isn't fun. I think diamonds should spawn perhaps once per ~10 chunks, but they should occur in cave systems and exposed to air, or at least occur at significantly higher elevations.

    I played a 1.8 game in which I had reduced diamond vein size by 1, and then I increased the max height to 32. It caused diamonds to be much less common in branch mining, but significantly more common to find while caving, in particular they showed up in caves that also reached the surface.

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    Quote from headgames001»

    It's pretty clear that you're not willing to take negative criticism. You've shut yourself out of hearing other's objections, and this is evident even in your wording.

    Far to the contrary, negative criticism is exactly what I want, and you guys aren't giving it to me. I want you to give clear reasons for me to fix or reject my suggestion, but what you guys have been doing is equivalent to spinning a wheel to figure out what response you'll give. I'm not going to accept a comment merely because it's negative; it needs to actually contribute to this post or else it has no reason to be here. Even a simple "I don't like this idea", while largely unproductive, is still better than the responses I've gotten thus far because at least it doesn't pretend to offer a criticism while not actually doing so.

    If I make X argument and you say X argument is wrong because Y argument relating to X argument, then that is at minimum using correct syntax of an argument against my post, even if you put almost no thought at all into it.

    But if I make X argument and you say Y argument is wrong because of A reasoning related to B, then you're not making a criticism of my post, you're just shouting angry misguided words at the page and filling up forum space with useless comments.

    The one and only time I actually received any actual criticism here (from TheMasterCaver), I welcomed it and discussed it. But with the rest of you guys it's like up is down, left is right, short is long. The things you're saying regarding my post don't actually regard my post.

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Not according to actual tests I just did in 1.6.4 (Normal difficulty):

    Note that according to the code creepers start their countdown, and stop moving, when they are within 3 blocks of a player (squared distance of 9), and at this distance damage taken is about half the maximum (the damage taken stat increased by 22 when I let one walk up to me while standing still and when I let one explode while both of use were in a 1x1 hole, the latter of which also killed me from fall damage after being blown into the air):

    This is a table of the distance-damage values for a creeper explosion (taken from my own mod, which modifies their damage); the left column is vanilla, where 80% represents full diamond armor - even then you can lose nearly half your health in a worst-case scenario:

    Damage for vanilla and modded / after max armor damage reduction / ratio after armor
    D     V (80%)     M (66.7%)   Ratio
    0    49 (9.8)    36 (12.0)     1.22
    1    37 (7.4)    31 (10.3)     1.39
    2    27 (5.4)    26 ( 8.7)     1.61
    3    19 (3.8)    21 ( 7.0)     1.84
    4    11 (2.2)    16 ( 5.3)     2.41
    5     5 (1.0)    11 ( 3.7)     3.67
    6     1 (0.2)     6 ( 2.0)    10.00

    You might say that you can just walk away from them but surely you get surprised by them every one in a while,

    Interesting. I'm probably wrong about the exact distance but I know that once you get the hang of moving away from creepers, it's generally pretty easy. Learning to prevent them from damaging your property is MUCH more difficult than simply preventing them from damaging yourself. I'm not saying it isn't difficult for new players, but it's not even a skill I practice and I'm still good at it.

    Quote from headgames001»

    "I never support [Just Another Equipment Tier]. Not only is it MANDATORY for it to have a basis for existing (beyond "IT'D BE COOL"), but it MUST AVOID stepping on the toes of existing content."

    You said this on the End Ore/Dragon Ore thread.

    And I am proud to say that I have upheld that promise phenomenally in this suggestion. But if you feel otherwise, please explain so in the comments. I wish only to improve my suggestion so that it can be as good as possible!

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    Quote from undefined »

    Quote from Jancrash»

    "You can make tools and armor with copper"

    That's blatantly misrepresenting my post. I didn't say "it doesn't involve adding another tier", I said "it's not about adding another tier". And it's not. You quoted the only part of my post where I even mentioned adding another tier, and failed to mention that:
    a.) it was said in passing, and
    b.) immediately afterward, I said: "But more importantly..." and proceeded to iterate the actual purpose of the post which has nothing to do with adding another tier

    Tier: a level or grade within the hierarchy of an organization or system.

    You posting the definition here is a deliberate insinuation that I am misrepresenting my own words, which is blatantly false and is in fact a misrepresentation on your part. That's very dishonest of you, it's a waste of time for other people to read your non-contributory post, it distracts from the actual topic, and it slanders me without basis or provocation.

    Your suggestion is, by definition, adding a new tier. A tier, in terms of Minecraft, is a set of tools and/or armor that is added. You're suggesting spacing between tiers by adding a new one.

    No, it's not. The copper tools and armor? I could take them or leave them; they're not relevant to the topic as I made abundantly clear not only in the original post but in several replies since then. You pretending it isn't so doesn't make it not so.

    The only way it wouldn't be a tier is if it was completely skippable like gold (and even then, I'd still call gold a tier.)

    Again, insinuating I said something I didn't say. Nowhere in the post did I say that the copper tier wasn't skippable. I didn't mention it because it's not relevant to the topic. If it were up to me, I'd make copper tier skippable, but once again, not relevant to the post.

    = = = = = = = = = =

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    It's not that huge of a difference against the majority of hits. Creepers (the ONLY big hit most players encounter on a regular basis) are easily mitigated by not being at the center of the blast. Having your center be as little as 1 tile away from the center of the creeper (your models could be almost touching) is enough to reduce the blast damage by nearly half. You can take zero damage despite having the ground beneath your feet blown out of the way. For skeletons, zombies, spiders, piglins, pillagers, enderman, ghast fireballs, slimes, magma cubes, phantoms, even vexes, the majority of even iron armor's damage reduction holds even on hard difficulty. So I'd still say it's very powerful--and it's no less useful than before, as everything below iron is comparatively nerfed as well. I'm not saying I think it's all the way it should be, just that iron armor is still quite good.

    Quote from undefined »

    I think it was actually a good move. I'd go so far as to say that the older high armor values were too good. For years I considered unenchanted iron armor to be all the damage reduction I'd ever need for normal gameplay. It wasn't the penetration that changed that, it was upping my game to bigger challenges.

    ^ above is proof yet again that the current forum editor is: What You See Is Not What You Get, and the old one was betetr in every way. I will die on that hill. Or they will reinstate the old forum editor and make me happy.

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    posted a message on Copper (and making Iron rarer)
    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    I don't think i miss understood and i did read all of it.

    You don't like that iron is as common as it is now and you think the armor is too strong.

    You suggestet adding copper as a tier below iron with most of the iron recipes like anvil ect.

    And that is what i don't like. That change would be huge and confusing for many players.

    It's really not a huge change. For one, you can still use iron for everything you could previously. I guarantee you nobody would be confused; the game already has had MANY changes made that were far more confusing. What exactly is confusing about making tools out of copper?

    Plus i don't think that new players need more tiers than we have now.
    Playing minecraft for the first hours is not easy.
    The game has no ingame tutorial, many dangers and suprises.

    I don't think we need more tiers either, I think we need more EFFECTIVE tiers. Because for a brand new player there's three tiers, and for the rest of us there's only two. The whole point of my suggestion is to stretch out the existing tiers so that they don't get covered in the blink of an eye. What new players experience isn't even relevant as my suggestion does nothing to make the game harder for them. I'm struggling to figure out how you think these words apply to my suggestion. Your statements are all over the place. We don't need more tiers? That's missing the point of my suggestion; frankly I don't even care if the copper can be used for another item tier (it just makes little sense to have it but not let players turn it into equipment {now THAT would be confusing to players}). THE POINT IS to spread out the EXISTING TIERS. The game is hard at first? Completely irrelevant. It has terrible ability to communicate things to new players? Also completely irrelevant. I have tons of ideas to fix those completely irrelevant problems, but I'm sure if I suggested them you'd probably say some random stuff about how it has negative effects that it objectively doesn't have, or something.

    = = = = = = = = = =

    Quote from Jancrash»

    Demanding we accept your belief that a mid-tier is overpowered simply due to it being common isn't a good argument, either.

    I did nothing of the sort. I merely suggested it to be true, there was no demand that you agree. It is a good argument, but here let me walk you through it. If all tiers were presented to the player sitting in a chest at the beginning of the game, that would be bad, yes? If the same chest were not available at the start of the game but hiding a short distance away from spawn, that would still be bad, but not as bad, yes? Because the problem is that there's no reason to have tiers when you just jump right past them in the beginning of the game. You can go ahead and try to convince me or anyone else that we shouldn't have tiers in the first place, and I'm willing to hear that suggestion, but as long as we accept that tiers are a good thing then we should also accept that those tiers should actually have some value as tiers, and not just be "technically there but not really" (I'm looking at you, wood tier). If you're with me so far, then yes, I've made a perfectly sound argument. You can disagree with the conclusion I had based on it (add copper) but the logic is solid.

    [edited for chart spacing]
    I didn't think I had to, but alright. Another tier will just complicate things further and solve a problem that wasn't actually a problem in the first place.

    This isn't about adding another tier. It's about spacing apart existing tiers. Read the suggestion.

    Copper has been suggested at least a dozen times as either a tier between stone and iron or as a flat-ut replacement for stone. Seriously, do a Forum search. There are five pages of copper suggestions. They all have the same problem: they only further divide the gap between stone and iron rather than solving something that doesn't need to be solved.

    Actually the problem they ALL have (and I have most definitely done the search, quite thoroughly in fact) is that not one of them offers a REASON to add copper. Every single one of them (except for my own previous suggestion to add it) simply suggests that it would be cool, or that we should have more tiers just because. My suggestion (and my old one, and every suggestion I've ever made on these forums) is very careful to give a clear justification for the suggestion, and you just skipped past that and claimed I didn't.

    Next up, consider the community. You said, and I quote,
    "Even a brand-new player might have full iron armor in a matter of days from starting the game."
    A new player likely would not understand mining well enough to have full iron armor within a few Minecraft days. And even then, new players aren't the majority of the community. The majority knows about searching the Internet for answers, so they won't have problems mining. For most players, your "abundant overpowered tier" would be tossed aside for a full diamond set of tool within about 10 hours. Maybe even 20 for a set of diamond armor, too. Then there are those people who enchant Fortune on their pickaxes as soon as possible to maximize Diamond profits, so they may be able to reach a full set of diamond tools, armor and an enchantment table within six or so hours. You also have to consider that players can obtain iron tools and armor from chests and mobs scattered around the world. And finally, if Mojang added an entire tier above diamond that comes that is even more powerful, it's unlikely they'd think there's anything wrong with iron tools.

    All irrelevant, and NONE of your logic holds up. There being a problem with diamond tier being too low doesn't invalidate my suggestion; if anything it reinforces it--but is ultimately to be discussed on another topic. Me failing to suggest how to fix diamond tier isn't my bad, I am supposed to keep these suggestions succinct and limited in scope. Mojang addressing a problem with existing tiers does not mean they think there's no problems with existing tiers; far to the contrary it suggests they do see the problem. On the flip side, them adding a tier as a solution suggests my method (which is not focused on adding a tier) is not going too far with adding more tiers. And the very high popularity of their solution lends credibility to my own suggestion.

    Next, let's mention Stone tools alone. Stone is plentiful, and it works well. Compare that to Iron Ore, which only generates up to 20 times per chunk. Whatever it can mine that causes it to drop itself, it mines in under two seconds. Stone tools have 131 durability compared to Iron's 250. The stone tool phase can last a long time, with or without a desire to upgrade. Adding another tier between just means a slight more amount of work to reach iron followed by diamond, and that's what makes it annoying. Instead of finding iron and immediately harvesting it, a player would have to search for copper instead.

    That's not an argument against separating iron further, if anything it's an argument in favor of doing it. But you're getting tripped up on how close they already are and suggesting that pushing them apart will create some unforeseen chaos as a player scrambles to get the now rarer iron and is somehow unfulfilled in their search completely disregarding 1.) copper tier if it's added, and more importantly 2.) a player can thrive on stone tier and does not NEED iron tier to get by.

    I think it would be good to improve iron tool durability and power a bit, but I left that out of the suggestion as it wasn't hugely important to the point and I wanted to keep it short. Those bits of tailoring can be done whenever, and can easily be the subject of a later suggestion. There is no need for such small details to be included in the post. If you're going to say there's not enough room between stone and iron tier, then you should also look at the distance from iron to diamond tier, and how much room there is to move iron tier.

    And might I add, in a gameplay and realism sense, it makes no sense to add recipes that allow any metal ingot to be used for anything. Due to the way the crafting system works, you'd either need to completely redo it or add a new recipe for every combination of ingot.

    If that were true, the game wouldn't have so many recipes that have dozens or hundreds of ways to put them together. That's completely false.

    Gold is a very soft and malleable ore. So is copper. Neither of them would be strong enough to make a piston work.

    Gold is soft, copper is not. Gold dosn't have to be included in the recipes; I merely offered it as a suggestion. Including copper for all structural metal (which DOES work in real life) is the important part. My suggestion actually improves realism: ignoring the fact that copper exists in real life (we don't want to add things just because they exist), many kinds of metal are virtually interchangeable for many jobs. Pistons are a great example. We tend to make the metal rod of a piston out of steel because it's a good option, but copper, bronze, brass, tin, zinc, aluminum, nickel, and many more metals and countless possible alloys are all workable options. Copper is one of the better ones--though in real life it was typically alloyed with other things due to its rarity. The Minoans are the only civilization to build large objects out of solid copper, because they were the only one to have an abundance of it.

    At this point, I've lost the rest of my train of thought. But my point stands: stone and iron are both solid tiers as they currently stand. There is no reason to add a new tier without it being immediately redundant and making the jump to the actually powerful diamond take slightly longer.

    They're not solid tiers; they're too close together progression-wise relative to the rather large difference (as you showed with numbers) in terms of performance. The suggestion I made will make it take longer to get to diamond (the intent, partially), and will not immediately become any more redundant than iron tier is already. On this point and this point alone we can agree to disagree, however if you truly feel that iron tier is in an okay spot right now I'd have to ask: do you support adding netherite, and if so, why?

    Not to mention it could be completely skipped if a creeper blew up some iron ore.

    I don't see any problem with this. It's one of those things that gives an edge to a player with more wisdom in the game.

    (And unrelated to copper, but pig iron is just a form of crude iron. It has nothing to do with pigs. And it'd be redundant since piglins can already give players iron nuggets, up to 36 at a time.)

    I'm aware of this. It's a crap metal that works fine as generic structural metal but starts to suck once you try to do anything important with it. The name of the suggested metal isn't important, but "pig iron" was too fitting NOT to use it.

    "And it'd be redundant since piglins can already give players iron nuggets, up to 36 at a time.)"
    A major part of my post was addressing that. You missed it.

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    Quote from webrosc»

    a matter of days? i get iron tools in the first 30 minutes of playing,

    You didn't read my post. I said a new player, not a new world played by a veteran player.

    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    Why make iron more rare when replacing most recipes?

    Do you know why people build iron farms?

    Clearly not to have endless amounts of iron armors.

    You didn't read my post, either. I addressed this issue and I made it as clear and obvious as possible. I don't know how you managed to miss it, when it was the majority of the suggestion.

    If you don't like playing with armor stronger then leather you can do so. There is nothing wrong about having challanges.

    Suggesting I just accept an abundance of OP tools and items and choose not to use them? That's not a reasonable suggestion and it doesn't counter my point in the slightest. But I'm confident that a person with your attitude toward the game could find employment at EA Games.

    Quote from Jancrash»

    So nerf iron armor and replace every recipe that uses iron with copper? That'd only make the game more annoying and completely kill whatever use iron has since it'd then only have tools and armor.

    How would it make the game more annoying? You haven't explained that part. If you're suggesting that it would be easier or harder to obtain the necessary ingredients, then I'd have to respond by saying not only did I very clearly address that (and the answer is no, that's not correct), but that you clearly read that part of my suggestion. What exactly is your gripe with my suggestion? What you've said doesn't make sense.

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    posted a message on Copper (and making Iron rarer)

    I have a problem with iron. It's very common and allows you to make the very powerful iron armor VERY early in the game if you know what you're doing. Even a brand-new player might have full iron armor in a matter of days from starting the game. I myself spent more time playing the game before making my first crafting table than I did going from stone to iron tools (many times more, in fact). Now this very powerful iron armor (60% damage reduction) was nerfed when toughness was added to the game, but how much it's nerfed depends on the damage of an attack. It protects against zombies and skeletons just fine, but not creepers or vindicators. But making iron less common simply breaks other aspects of the game, as there are many recipes that rely on huge amounts of iron to work. My suggestion will fix all of these things without breaking anything.

    Firstly, iron becomes much less common, and to replace it we have copper. You can make tools and armor with copper, and their power is between stone and iron. But more importantly, all of those non-equipment recipes that cost iron can now use copper instead. This includes buckets, minecarts, minecart rails, anvils, doors, bars, chains, lanterns, hoppers, pistons, and plenty more. You can make them with any metal, be it copper, iron, gold, or other.

    Iron armor now has +1 toughness per piece, so that it offers good protection like it used to. For those who don't know, basic armor protection is 4% damage reduction per point of armor. So full iron armor (15 armor) offers 60% damage reduction. But the reduction is diminished by 2% per point of damage from an incoming attack. So if you get hit for 10 damage (less than a Vindicator attack), your 60% damage reduction is diminished to only 40%, and you take 6 damage (3 hearts). But with my suggestion to give toughness to Iron Armor, that means that Iron Armor is less affected by this reduction effect. For comparison, Diamond Armor provides +2 toughness per piece.

    Iron ore would be more common in mountain biomes, and would occur at higher elevations (up to 96), making mountains a good place to scout for iron ore (which may appear on the surface), and providing the player a way to increase the amount of iron ore they encounter.

    I would also want to add Pig Iron as a metal to the game. Piglins should give out Pig Iron ingots commonly in trade, enabling nether-only survival to build things such as hoppers, minecart rails, and other things which may cost large amounts of metal. But Pig Iron would not be craftable into equipment, and Piglins would not give out regular Iron ingots very often. This change will enable making structural metal available to the player in The Nether without giving them huge upgrades to their equipment for too cheap.

    I did say that anvils can be made with both Copper and Pig Iron. This means that players can use these to extend the life of any enchanted tools they happen to find. I have other ideas for extending the capabilities of anvil repairing and enchanting, but I'll leave that for another suggestion.

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    posted a message on Dragon Ore/End Ore

    I never support [Just Another Equipment Tier]. Not only is it MANDATORY for it to have a basis for existing (beyond "IT'D BE COOL"), but it MUST AVOID stepping on the toes of existing content.

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    posted a message on Piglin hierarchy

    I think the specifics need a lot of work, but the basic idea of having a hierarchical (perhaps feudal) structure with different ranks of Piglin is something I can get behind. It'd be neat if their society was more complex than meets the eye at first, and getting to know it conferred benefits to the player.

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    posted a message on Berries-melon drink (use berries an melon slices for complex dishes)

    I always support more fruits and fruit variety!


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    posted a message on if dragons were added to the game, as you would like them to be.

    The devs have stated that there will be no more dimensions added, and I support that especially as long as the existing dungeons still could use a ton of work. The Nether is getting somewhere but has a long way to go, and The End is barely even started.

    Dragons? I support adding Ender Dragons as a powerful and rare type of mob you can find in The End, to make it more interesting.

    Here's my idea for adding more dragons to The End: You could rarely find a derelict set of obsidian pillars, other times you might rarely find an Ender Drake. Occasionally you might find an Ender Drake nesting within its pillars, and they will be active (healing it). There will be a rare End-only food item which can be presented to the Drake to halt its aggression with you, and also lead it. If you lead two Ender Drakes together, you can breed them and get an Ender Drake Egg -- looks like the Dragon Egg but it will eventually hatch as long as it's placed on a warm block (like magma). If you lead an Ender Drake to a derelict set of obsidian pillars, it will activate them and make that spot its permanent nest.

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    posted a message on Food fatigue (new statistic to solve "steak problem")


    The only problem is that the current attributes (hunger and saturation) aren't being balanced very well.

    Firstly, EVERY food item that restores more hunger also restores a higher ratio of saturation. We need varying ratios of hunger and saturation. I suggest that sweet plants (like apples) would be mostly hunger and low overall; lean meats (like fish) would restore a high amount of hunger with little saturation; starchy plants (like potatoes) would restore okay saturation and low hunger, and fatty foods (like porkchop) would restore the most saturation and also decent hunger.

    Secondly, the food is just poorly balanced overall. Porkchops and steaks are way too easy to get relative to how good they are. Mushroom stew needs to be stackable or else it's trash. Things like that need to be fixed. I suggest making it take a whole hay bale to breed cows, so that sheep are an easier early-game solution for food. Pigs could additionally have only a chance to enter breeding mode when fed (say, 25% chance) so that it takes more food to breed them but they're significantly cheaper than cows, giving them a purpose as a food animal.

    My primary point is that we have enough attributes already to balance food and keep it interesting; the system we have simply isn't getting used very well. I do actively dislike the idea of food fatigue, but even if I liked the idea I still think it's better to fix the problem rather than attach a band-aid to it and ignore the underlying issue.

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    posted a message on Magic Combat - Why So Little?
    Quote from astrapomania»

    That's a nice idea with staves, but I wanted to go for a sort of fluid, dynamic angle with this. Think of it as a reward for killing the evoker - spellcraft.

    Howabout a critical (and re-usable) ingredient to spellcraft is found from killing an Evoker. Sort of like punching a tree to get a crafting table, you have to kill an Evoker to get a magic spell table.

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    posted a message on New Shield Mechanics.
    Quote from headgames001»

    New mobs could be an alternative then. Such as a new pillager that acts more as a tank with it's shield.


    I want a variant of skeletons which is equipped with a wooden sword and a shield. It'd be especially cool if it was really good at using the shield to block incoming attacks (without giving it capabilities going beyond the player [I'm looking at you, 1.9 skeleton]). INB4 claims that the melee skeleton is EXACTLY the same as a zombie re-skin (been there SO many times now).

    I also like the idea of Pillager Vindicators (all Vindicators, really) carrying shields along with their axes. They aren't as powerful as a lot of people think, but axes are a pretty good weapon. Also, you can defeat shields with an axe. Maybe most of the Pillagers wouldn't use shields, but all of the Woodland Mansion Vindicators would use them. It could actually make them easier to beat because if you're attacking with your axe they'd just keep blocking rather than hitting you back.

    I like these shield ideas but I'd be even more interested in having more shield defensive options, like enchantments perhaps. I wish there was a high skill ceiling to using shields best.

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