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    posted a message on detailed vanilla/modded options.txt editor and helpful commands for modpack and mod makers

    make it easier to set a keybind to 0 (when editing this file, if setting a key to 0. that key will be unassigned)
    as well as make it easier to set any other value in the file.

    i mainly want the keys, gamma, normal options stuff, lang bla bla bla. you get the gist.

    also a way to make these setting the default for every world that you startup

    and carry over to other peoples pcs if they wish to use them.

    /(modname)keys 0 //resets all unimportant keys to 0 (not esc and menu)

    /(modname)keys default
    /(modname)reload keys

    /(modname)reload textures //reloads texturepacks and sound files.

    /(modname)reload lang //reloads lang files

    /(modname)reload all // reload everything without logging out of the world

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    posted a message on dynamic tooltip help????

    thank you for all the help, i had to change a bit of the code because i use a custom material that is made within the registration class but other than that, its awesome. picture 1 shows what ive been playing with.

    this is a prefab class for my pickaxe.

    package com.reapersremorse.uto.prefabs.tools;

    import com.reapersremorse.uto.UTOMod;
    import com.reapersremorse.uto.init.items.InitiateItems.BasicItemRegistry;
    import com.reapersremorse.uto.init.tabs.UTOTabs;
    import com.reapersremorse.uto.util.handlers.IHasModel;
    import net.minecraft.block.material.Material;
    import net.minecraft.client.util.ITooltipFlag;
    import net.minecraft.item.Item;
    import net.minecraft.item.ItemPickaxe;
    import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack;
    import net.minecraft.util.text.TextFormatting;
    import net.minecraft.world.World;

    import java.util.List;

    public class BasicToolPrefabPickaxe extends ItemPickaxe implements IHasModel
    int HarvestLevel;
    int MaxUses;
    int Enchantability;
    float Efficiency;
    public BasicToolPrefabPickaxe
    String name,
    ToolMaterial material,
    String tool,
    int level,
    int MaxUses,
    int SetMaxStackSize,
    int Efficiency
    efficiency = Efficiency;

    //Assigning value to these variables
    this.HarvestLevel = BasicItemRegistry.MATERIAL_BASE.getHarvestLevel();
    this.MaxUses = BasicItemRegistry.MATERIAL_BASE.getMaxUses();
    //this.AttackDamage = BasicItemRegistry.MATERIAL_BASE.getAttackDamage();
    this.Efficiency = BasicItemRegistry.MATERIAL_BASE.getEfficiency();
    this.Enchantability = BasicItemRegistry.MATERIAL_BASE.getEnchantability();
    //this.RepairItem = BasicItemRegistry.MATERIAL_BASE.getRepairItemStack();

    public void addInformation(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, List<String> tooltip, ITooltipFlag flagIn) {
    //Making the tooltips
    //For colors use for example: tooltip.add("Max Uses: " + TextFormatting.BLUE + maxUses);
    tooltip.add(TextFormatting.BOLD +"Max Uses: " + TextFormatting.DARK_BLUE +MaxUses);
    tooltip.add(TextFormatting.ITALIC+"Harvest Level: " + HarvestLevel);
    tooltip.add(TextFormatting.GREEN+"Efficiency: " + Efficiency);
    tooltip.add(TextFormatting.DARK_PURPLE+"Enchantability: "+TextFormatting.LIGHT_PURPLE+Enchantability);
    @Override public void registerModels(){UTOMod.proxy.registerItemRenderer(this, 0, "inventory");}

    modding helps me learn java much faster than those boring tutorials, ive still been working on "sololearn"
    im currently on conditionals and loops,lesson 3, else if statements.

    thanks for showing me this, im going to add you to the credits in my mod if you like, i just need to know what your minecraft name is if its different than the name you use on here.

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    posted a message on dynamic tooltip help????

    Thank you so much, ill try when i get off work. I see what i was doing wrong, when i set the variable for each of the things i wanted to add, i wasnt putting the information in the right place.

    Also, i plan to turn many of my items into a breed of throwable items, and sling shot items, so you saw a prefab class that is not finished. I have to make entity's for nuggets-ingots-sticks-rods-rebar and a few others. Then add my own sounds for shooting and equiping. I will soon add a sling shot that uses the bow and arrow code.

    The tool and tool level info is because im giving all my items the ability to mine everything at mining level 0 also they use my multitool prefab class so they can mine wood, sand, dirt and even stone faster than you can with a normal item.

    Im basically testing things out. Thanks for the help, your awesome

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    posted a message on dynamic tooltip help????

    no, i can not find any info on the subject,i tried to to change this

    public class BasicItemPrefab extends Item implements IHasModel
    public BasicItemPrefab
    String name,
    int maxdamage,
    String tool,
    int toollevel,
    int stacksize
    setCreativeTab(UTOTabs.UTOItems);//sets creative tab, change later

    public void addInformation(ItemStack itemstack, World world, List<String> list, ITooltipFlag flag) {
    @Override public void registerModels(){UTOMod.proxy.registerItemRenderer(this, 0, "inventory");}


    i created a function for each thing that i wish to be in the tooltips, but it does not work, i can not figure this out, there is no information on the internet that is up to date for 1.12.2

    but i want it to show the stats that are set through the super. the super holds the functions that are needed in my registration class when adding items. i do not see why i can not get it to work.

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    posted a message on dynamic tooltip help????

    i understand that, im trying to learn while making the mod. i just work so much that i barely have time. also i cant keep interested in coding videos and such.

    ill look around and try to learn, i just feel it would be easier to learn if im doing something i do not consider boring (like making a minecraft mod)

    i wish more documentation on 1.12.2 modding were out there. ive found lots of stuff but only the very basic things that are involved with modding.

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    posted a message on dynamic tooltip help????

    im making a mod and im trying to make dynamic tooltips with special args. i want to do this in a seperate class from the class shown in this post and use it almost like a prefab that applies to all the items and even blocks in this class and the class i use for blocks.

    this is how i would normally add tooltips but it only works if i make a class for each item or block and im trying to avoid that

    public void addInformation(ItemStack itemstack, World world, List<String> list, ITooltipFlag flag) {
    list.add("target practice?");
    list.add("MD=2147483647 ");
    list.add("insta kill arrows");

    this is one of my pickaxes

    ToolMaterial, Material name, add material to game, materials referenced name, type of tool, mining level, max hit damage, stack size

    public static final ItemPickaxe BASE_PICKAXE = new BasicToolPrefabPickaxe("base_pickaxe",MATERIAL_BASE,"pickaxe",0,64,1);

    this is the material for said pickaxe

    ToolMaterial, Material name, add material to game, materials referenced name, harvest level, max uses, efficiency, hit damage, enchantability

    public static final Item.ToolMaterial MATERIAL_BASE = EnumHelper.addToolMaterial("material_base", 2147483647, -1, 2147483647.0f, 2147483647.0f, 2147483647);
    //(yes i know i use different info on certain things, thats just me testing stuff)

    im trying to make a class that looks at info in these 2 lines of code and add them to a tooltip to each item or block that uses these types of lines of code. it would be nice if i could set a tooltip color based on what information is being shown aswell.
    this code is all in the same class.

    i have not messed with blockstates (metadata)
    i do not know java either. but ive been learning along the way.

    this is the class itself

    package com.reapersremorse.uto.init.items.InitiateItems;

    import com.reapersremorse.uto.prefabs.armor.BasicItemPrefabArmor;
    import com.reapersremorse.uto.prefabs.armor.BasicItemPrefabElytra;
    import com.reapersremorse.uto.prefabs.items.BasicItemPrefab;
    import com.reapersremorse.uto.prefabs.tools.*;
    import com.reapersremorse.uto.prefabs.tools.rootprefabs.ItemMultiToolPrefab;
    import com.reapersremorse.uto.prefabs.weapons.BasicWeaponPrefabBow;
    import com.reapersremorse.uto.prefabs.weapons.BasicWeaponPrefabSword;
    import com.reapersremorse.uto.util.handlers.Reference;
    import net.minecraft.init.SoundEvents;
    import net.minecraft.inventory.EntityEquipmentSlot;
    import net.minecraft.item.*;
    import net.minecraftforge.common.util.EnumHelper;

    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.List;

    public class BasicItemRegistry
    public static final List<Item> ITEMS = new ArrayList<Item>();
    //tool materials
    public static final Item.ToolMaterial MATERIAL_BASE = EnumHelper.addToolMaterial("material_base", 2147483647, -1, 2147483647.0f, 2147483647.0f, 2147483647);
    public static final Item.ToolMaterial MATERIAL_CHARKITE = EnumHelper.addToolMaterial("material_charkite", 4, -1, 2147483647.0f, 13.0f, 2147483647);

    //armor materials
    public static final ItemArmor.ArmorMaterial ARMOR_BASE = EnumHelper.addArmorMaterial("base_armour", Reference.MOD_ID + ":base", -1, new int [] {2147483647,2147483647,2147483647,2147483647}, 2147483647, SoundEvents.ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_IRON, 2147483647.0f);
    public static final ItemArmor.ArmorMaterial ARMOR_CHARKITE = EnumHelper.addArmorMaterial("base_charkite", Reference.MOD_ID + ":charkite", -1, new int [] {8192,8192,8192,8192}, 2147483647, SoundEvents.ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_IRON, 10);

    //special items
    public static final Item CRAFTING_ITEM = new BasicItemPrefab("crafting_item",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,1);
    public static final Item ITEM_FLOUR = new BasicItemPrefab("item_flour",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,1);
    public static final Item ITEM_BOTTLE_EMPTY = new BasicItemPrefab("item_bottle_empty",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,1);
    public static final Item ITEM_BOTTLE_GLUE_WHITE = new BasicItemPrefab("item_bottle_glue_white",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,1);

    public static final Item BASE_INGOT = new BasicItemPrefab("base_ingot",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item BASE_REBAR = new BasicItemPrefab("base_rebar",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item BASE_STICK = new BasicItemPrefab("base_stick",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item BASE_DUST = new BasicItemPrefab("base_dust",100,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item BASE_NUGGET = new BasicItemPrefab("base_nugget",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item BASE_HAMMER = new BasicItemPrefab("base_hammer",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,1);

    //public static final ItemSword BASE_APPLE = new BasicWeaponPrefabSword("base_apple", MATERIAL_BASE,"pickaxe",0);
    //tools and weapons-------------------------------------------- pickaxe - axe - shovel - base_multi_tool
    public static final ItemSword BASE_SWORD = new BasicWeaponPrefabSword("base_sword", MATERIAL_BASE,"pickaxe",0);
    public static final ItemSpade BASE_SHOVEL = new BasicToolPrefabSpade("base_shovel",MATERIAL_BASE,"pickaxe",0);
    public static final ItemPickaxe BASE_PICKAXE = new BasicToolPrefabPickaxe("base_pickaxe",MATERIAL_BASE,"pickaxe",0,64,1);
    public static final ItemShears BASE_SHEAR = new BasicToolPrefabShear("base_shear",MATERIAL_BASE,"shear",0);
    public static final ItemBow BASE_BOW = new BasicWeaponPrefabBow("base_bow",150,"bow",0,64);
    public static final ItemMultiToolPrefab BASE_MULTI_TOOL = new BasicToolPrefabMulti("base_multi_tool",MATERIAL_BASE,"item_multi_tool",0,100,64);
    public static final ItemAxe BASE_AXE = new BasicToolPrefabAxe("base_axe",MATERIAL_BASE,"axe",0,100f,0.0f,1);
    public static final ItemHoe BASE_HOE = new BasicToolPrefabHoe("base_hoe",MATERIAL_BASE,"hoe",0,100,64);
    //armor items -------------------------------------------------renderindexin 1,1,2,1 ---EntityEquipmentSlot.HEAD,CHEST,LEGS,FEET
    public static final Item BASE_HELMET = new BasicItemPrefabArmor("base_helmet",ARMOR_BASE, 1, EntityEquipmentSlot.HEAD,150,"pickaxe",0,1);
    public static final Item BASE_CHESTPLATE = new BasicItemPrefabArmor("base_chestplate",ARMOR_BASE, 1, EntityEquipmentSlot.CHEST,150,"pickaxe",0,1);
    public static final Item BASE_LEGGINGS = new BasicItemPrefabArmor("base_leggings",ARMOR_BASE, 2, EntityEquipmentSlot.LEGS,150,"pickaxe",0,1);
    public static final Item BASE_BOOTS = new BasicItemPrefabArmor("base_boots",ARMOR_BASE, 1, EntityEquipmentSlot.FEET,150,"pickaxe",0,1);
    public static final BasicItemPrefabElytra BASE_ELYTRA = new BasicItemPrefabElytra("base_elytra",ARMOR_BASE,1,EntityEquipmentSlot.CHEST);

    //netherstar stuff++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    public static final Item DUST_NETHERSTAR = new BasicItemPrefab("dust_netherstar",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item INGOT_NETHERSTAR = new BasicItemPrefab("ingot_netherstar",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,64);

    //charkite stuff++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    //charkite tools and weapons
    public static final ItemSword ITEM_CHARKITE_SWORD = new BasicWeaponPrefabSword("item_sword_charkite", MATERIAL_CHARKITE,"pickaxe",0);
    public static final ItemSpade ITEM_CHARKITE_SHOVEL = new BasicToolPrefabSpade("item_shovel_charkite",MATERIAL_CHARKITE,"pickaxe",0);
    public static final ItemPickaxe ITEM_CHARKITE_PICKAXE = new BasicToolPrefabPickaxe("item_pickaxe_charkite",MATERIAL_CHARKITE,"pickaxe",0,64,1);
    public static final ItemShears ITEM_CHARKITE_SHEAR = new BasicToolPrefabShear("item_shear_charkite",MATERIAL_CHARKITE,"shear",0);
    public static final ItemBow ITEM_CHARKITE_BOW = new BasicWeaponPrefabBow("item_bow_charkite",150,"bow",0,64);
    public static final ItemMultiToolPrefab ITEM_CHARKITE_MULTI_TOOL = new BasicToolPrefabMulti("item_multi_tool_charkite",MATERIAL_CHARKITE,"item_multi_tool",0,100,64);
    public static final ItemAxe ITEM_CHARKITE_AXE = new BasicToolPrefabAxe("item_axe_charkite",MATERIAL_CHARKITE,"axe",0,100f,0.0f,1);
    public static final ItemHoe ITEM_CHARKITE_HOE = new BasicToolPrefabHoe("item_hoe_charkite",MATERIAL_CHARKITE,"hoe",0,100,64);
    //charkite armor stuff
    public static final Item ITEM_HELMET_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefabArmor("item_helmet_charkite",ARMOR_CHARKITE, 1, EntityEquipmentSlot.HEAD,150,"pickaxe",0,1);
    public static final Item ITEM_CHESTPLATE_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefabArmor("item_chestplate_charkite",ARMOR_CHARKITE, 1, EntityEquipmentSlot.CHEST,150,"pickaxe",0,1);
    public static final Item ITEM_LEGGINGS_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefabArmor("item_leggings_charkite",ARMOR_CHARKITE, 2, EntityEquipmentSlot.LEGS,150,"pickaxe",0,1);
    public static final Item ITEM_BOOTS_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefabArmor("item_boots_charkite",ARMOR_CHARKITE, 1, EntityEquipmentSlot.FEET,150,"pickaxe",0,1);
    public static final BasicItemPrefabElytra ITEM_ELYTRA_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefabElytra("item_elytra_charkite",ARMOR_CHARKITE,1,EntityEquipmentSlot.CHEST);
    //charkite items
    public static final Item ITEM_INGOT_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefab("item_ingot_charkite",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item ITEM_REBAR_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefab("item_rebar_charkite",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item ITEM_STICK_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefab("item_stick_charkite",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item ITEM_DUST_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefab("item_dust_charkite",100,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item ITEM_NUGGET_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefab("item_nugget_charkite",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,64);
    public static final Item ITEM_HAMMER_CHARKITE = new BasicItemPrefab("item_hammer_charkite",-1,"base_multi_tool",0,1);

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    posted a message on Mod Request/ Idea: Simple Jail Mod (server-only Forge mod)

    i believe the bedrock+ mod is a mod just for this, if i remember correctly the items are unbreakable and many blocks are in the mod for decoration.

    if you have thaumcraft installed then you can make your own jail with a warding wand. many mods have blocks that could be used for a jail.

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    posted a message on dynamic gui on second screen, a mod to intercept guis and display them on a second window more helpful than you think

    i have always wanted a mod that could make minecraft use 2 screens or 2 windows.

    while you play, you can always see your inventory on the second window (most likely on a second screen) .

    if you do it this way you could have a gui scale and a hud scale, so you could change the scale of the gui while viewing it and your player hud would be set where the gui scale use to be. this would make it where the guis can be changed to easily be viewed on the screen (helpful for modded{steves carts...})

    what i mean: if you click on a crafting table or any block with a gui, the gui that would normally show on your main screen would be shown on the seperate window. the main screen with the player in it would have the chat box up as if you hit the t button.

    it would also be nice if you could open 2 guis at one time. a machine and a modded bag.
    drag from the bag to the machine.
    you could use ctrl right click to open a gui in the seperate window and open a gui in your normal window to transfer straight between 2 guis

    the usefulness is limitless.

    i realize this may be a hard thing to do...

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    posted a message on ProjectE - Equivalent Exchange 2 (EE2) for modern Minecraft versions

    im very happy to hear this, im building a 1.9 pack and only missing a few mods. i must say your doing a great job with this mod.
    i was wondering if you may add some new stuff that did not exist in ee1 or 2or 3? (other ideas not from ee) just curious. i love everything in this mod, thanks again for your hard work.

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    posted a message on Do you prefer classic wool colors or current wool colors?

    i never build with wool, i like lava and fire to much. but with some mods, wool can be resistant to filre. as for the colors, i like a mix of both classic and new, someone should add a mod that allows you to use both types.

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    posted a message on Progressive Automation - Upgradeable Machines

    with iguana tinker tweaks, its possible to get an unbreakable tool from tinkers construct.
    make a tool with an obsidian part and add 6 or 7 obsidian plates to make it reinforced 9 or 10. i cant remember which is the unbreakable one atm.
    if your playing with tinkers construct and jsonables, you could add your own material to the game with a leudacris ammount of modifiers per tool part to achieve this without iguana tinker tweaks.

    in jadedcat's agrarian skies 2, i made a Terra Steel pick. the pick has 9 modifiers when made, level up your pick till you have 1 modifier and add 10 obsidian plates to it so it will never break. the effective durability will say infinite when it has a reinforced value of 10

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    posted a message on more configureable keys (activator and modifier keys)
    i have come across an issue for some time now, this issue deals with key binding. whether with or without mods, this issue comes up for me frequently. i can not keep my fingers to close together so i use a specific set of keys to play ( w=g, a=d, s=a, d=b, e=i, L-SHIFT=n), but i use so many keys when playing modded clients that i run out of the optimal keys and sometimes depending on how many mods i have... i can run out of all functional keys.

    when i say functional keys i mean keys besides the windows key or some other key which should not be pressed while playing Minecraft.

    if the players of minecraft had the ability to change control keys by adding a modifier key or something then it would save quite a bit of keyboard space.

    multiple key inputs would be awesome in many ways
    for instance if my activator and/ or modifier keys were L-ALT and R-ALT (Picked at random just because there are 2)
    then i could setup uses for the i key 4 times
    L-ALT + I
    L-ALT + R-ALT + I
    R-ALT + I
    i doubt normal minecraft players would use 2 modifier keys for one action unless they have a gameboard or macro keyboards.
    if someone could use this feature for minecraft controls then that could setup the macros as 1 button on their gameboard while not actually useing their keyboard. i use a logitech g13 gamepad and it makes you set keys or macros but that means those keys are not useable on the keyboard for other controls.

    this would be a nice feature to implement considering in my last personal mods list there were over 60 keys needing to be bound

    this may not seem like much of a suggestion, but it would help many players if they use it right.
    image shows an edited version of what i think it could look like for a control.
    my literacy skills are not great... i know and im sorry.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands
    it sounds like your in adventure mode for some reason.
    are you using /gamemode s
    to switch back to survival?

    /gamemode s=survival

    /gamemode c =creative

    /gamemode a =adventure

    /gamemode sp =spectator
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    posted a message on Progressive Automation - Upgradeable Machines
    i like your unfinish message style :)
    i was simply useing cards as an example.
    i would have honestly utilized the enderchest system by sor.... well i have ideas lol
    i have a dream to make certain mods and items that do not exist yet but unfortunately i have a memory disorder and it is very hard for me to learn or remember things :/. ive been trying to learn java but unless i have someone teaching me or helping i will not grasp it, but i have so many great ideas.

    do u care if i pm u to run a few off of you? u can use some of em if u like but i will one day finally learn java and build a few mods of my own useing these ideas
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    posted a message on Progressive Automation - Upgradeable Machines
    id like to see
    auto fishing
    auto farming
    special ender cards (item telaportation from machine to chest within a certain distance)
    special chests

    all useing tools and such that the player crafts such as fishing poles hoes ender perls and other such things as you may see fit, i will be useing this mod for now on in ever build available because its a very nicely built and useful mod.
    ive been wanting a mod that would impliment a quarry that runs on tools for some time now, the fact that the machines need cobble is amazing because that also offsets the op of silk touch a bit.
    i just wish i could grasp java so i could make some mods of my own.
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