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    posted a message on RedCraft [Whitelist] [Paper 1.16.1] [SMP] [Casual]


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    posted a message on RedCraft [Whitelist] [Paper 1.16.1] [SMP] [Casual]

    We're a new survival server and community looking for active players. There are currently 4 active players on the server and we're looking for 6 more players. Server is very new but some players do have endgame gear. Very few rules and adults only. Mostly just casual play.

    Server Details

    • PaperMC 1.16.1
    • Overworld and End were generated in 1.15.2, Nether has been reset to 1.16.1
    • Plugins
      • DynMap
      • DiscordSrv
      • Coordinates HUD
      • Graves

    • Datapacks
      • Multiplayer Sleep
      • Double Shulker Shells
      • Armor Stands
      • Ender Dragon Drops
      • Nether Portal Coordinates
      • More Mob Heads
      • Silence Mobs
      • AFK display
      • Villager Workstation Highlights


    1. No griefing
    2. No PVP unless arranged
    3. Don't setup base in spawn - Plans for a shopping area in the works
    4. No duping except for TNT
    5. No cheating or mod clients. Anti-xray is enabled.
    6. Big farms are allowed just watch your entities and have some kind of overflow protection
    7. Space your bases a little.

    The server is whitelist so just answer the following questions and a tour can be arranged.

    1. What is your discord name and tag?
    2. What is your IGN or username?
    3. How often do you expect to play?
    4. Builder, Redstone Engineer, etc?
    5. Anything else you'd lke to mention?
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