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    17 (18 in 2 months)
    In my opinion, I've helped a lot of servers out at starting off and gaining players, I'm passionate about working in teams and would love to be apart of your community to be able to expand my knowledge and work in teams to gain results and making the server grow, I've had multiple owners be satisfied of my work and I've thought of opening my own minecraft server but that's for future plans, either way i think you should choose me because I like what I do and I really think we could become big and successful together and I would say that I am pretty good at what I do.

    I've been admin on servers for over 4 years and haven't stopped, my experienced has expanded throughout the years and everything I know now is all self-taught, I've been moderator and helper on big servers and I've seen whats missing in administrator teams and throughout the years I've tried to fill in the blank spots for myself, I've helped servers gain multiple big youtubers and over 200 discord members in under 24 hours which not a lot of people can do. I've had to work with multiple owners that did not know how to run a minecraft server and you seem like you know what your doing and that is another reason why I'm applying, I look forward to working along side you and making big plans for the future, also to add to my experience i've been co-owner of a server that had a player base of around 300 players and I started off as helper and proved that I was worthy of getting promoted and slowly worked my way up to gaining trust and the positions. After further drama i sadly resigned and now i am looking to help out other servers and stumbled upon you!

    Thank you for your time.[/b]

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    Hey there! I'm interested in applying and joining your community if possible can I send my application to you over discord? It'd be much easier for me as I don't check minecraft forums often

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    For ages the power of the village has been under the power of the unseen, as of now we have been waiting for a new leader. A leader to lead us to the right path, to unleash the strength within us. We have been waiting for you. The village needs your help! Come join us & make the best economy to save us from the unseen. See you soon, the town thanks you for your help! The Cosmic Steve Network wishes you good luck.


    We have been under development for a while, building our skyblock server and now we are looking for dedicated builders that enjoy what they are doing. We've had a build team that hasn't gone far with their builds and now we are looking for the best builders out there!


    How to apply?

    If your interested in joining our community and being part of the great staff team that we've created just join our discord! We are currently recruiting:

    Builders (0/5)

    If you want to join and apply for the build team, the only thing you need to do is join our discord just by clicking HERE

    Once you've joined the discord server make sure to message the owner of the server of the staff manager. We're going to make sure to answer you as soon as we are available!

    See you soon adventurers!
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    Applied, hope to hear back soon :)

    Have a nice day!

    - LagGod

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    IGN: LagGod

    Age: 16

    Preferred Name: Lag

    Discord: LagGod#6100

    Gender: Male

    Time zone: EST

    Position Wanted: Writer

    Why?: I've always enjoyed writing about everything, it's my way of getting my mind off of everything. When I read the server description I was really interested in joining and meeting the community. I've already written for passed Minecraft servers, although I was never credited nor thanked. Writing is one of my talents and I honestly think I am pretty good at it. I'm very open-minded and I am able to do anything that is asked. Helping out Minecraft servers by doing something I like would literally be great. I've been writing for a long time and I've loved it with no doubt. Why I think you guys should choose me is because all my interest is writing and it would be a good way of me helping you guys out and you guys helping me out by letting me do something I've enjoyed doing for years.

    About Me: My name is Sam and I've been living in Montreal for all my life, I'm able to speak 2 languages including French and English. In both languages, I've enjoyed writing. My hobbies are pretty much, sports and writing. I have a job and I mostly work 3 days per week although I'm always going to be available, before, after and on my days off to help out. I am also pretty social and I love making new friends. I am also very good at listening to suggestions, I've always loved to create stuff that people like and enjoy being around. :)

    I hope to hear back soon from you guys :)

    Talk to you soon! Have a nice day,

    Thanks for you're time.

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