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    Paper doll is a small version of your character in the upper left corner that shows up when you're running or crouching... a welcome addition since my partner constantly crouches without realizing it only to be blasted by a creeper.

    As for the monetization of the game, how else do you expect them to continue to support and develop a game that some people purchased as many as 5 years ago? It's either this or sequel after sequel after sequel like many other game studios would do. The fact that Minecraft is still going strong after so long from a development perspective is mind-boggling, and I just don't understand everyone whining about a company wanting to make money.

    Also, if you don't like it, go play the Java Edition... it's not going anywhere yet and still has features that Bedrock doesn't, such as shields. The Java Edition has always been isolated... absolutely NOTHING has changed about the Java Edition. I'd honestly bet that the death of Java itself will be what kills the Java Edition... if you want to blame anyone, blame Notch for ever building the game on such a broken platform to begin with.

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    Let's be honest, if they didn't monetize the game in some way, we would just get "sequels" and be up to like Minecraft 4 by now. In my case, I bought PE on Android at release when it was on sale for 10¢ and then the Win 10 edition for $10. Spending ten bucks for a game and then receiving SIGNIFICANT updates over several years is unheard of! Without monetization, the game would die off and stop receiving updates. Monetization also helps the community's content creators by giving them a way to make money just like app developers and musicians on their respective platforms. I would rather see Minecraft live on forever with in-app-purchases than receive endless sequel after sequel in a different attempt to make money. Expecting everything for free is greedy and selfish, and we need to stop collectively whining that the people who work on this amazing piece of software want to be paid for their work and feed their families.

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