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    Age: 15

    In-game name: razuldestroyer

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Late 2010/Early 2011ish

    Short bio: Well obviously I play Minecraft. I like to play in survival servers and want to try a new PvP one. I like to fight and I don't rage if I lose too often. I play fair and have been moderator on other servers. People say I'm a nice guy too :D

    Time Zone: CST

    Interesting fact about yourself: My skin is a Pigman?
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    posted a message on This was unfair.
    EDIT: Go to page 3 for an update from cosmosguy, my irl friend.

    This is probably gonna look like a book, lol. Some background information about the server:
    -You can buy moderator/adminship/co-ownership.
    -The actual owner is pretty nice.
    -Anyone can buy adminship.

    I want your guys's opinions on this, an event which took place today. I have been playing on this Minecraft server for about 2 weeks now with one of my friends. It was a pretty quiet server, only 8 players on at a time. At first, I really liked it, I built a pretty nice pyramid, and started a town with some of my real life friends. I became pretty good friends with one of the admins over time, but today, everything changed.

    So I invited the admin that I talked to a lot to my town, he built his house. Well, then he started griefing I guess you could say, he build a railroad that went right over my roof, the rails were, literally on my roof. I asked him to please remove, and he did. So then, I built a wall around my town, to keep mobs out of it. I came back on the next day, to see that the admin had been slowly griefing a little more. Replacing blocks and claiming he was "fixing" it. Well, he started lighting fires, I asked him what he was doing. He said: "Fire doesn't spread on here anyway." So I started questioning why that mattered. I told him not to do it again. He asked why, and I told him I didn't want any fires in my town. Even if they don't burn. He asked me if I built it all, which I told him I didn't. Then he said, "Well then it's not your town."

    After that, one of the members on my town, explained that the citizens had given me ownership over the town. He said that I was being a jerk. I may have sounded a bit like a jerk, Nobody else agreed though. So next, he left my faction, then he claimed the land in my house, so I couldn't open my chest's, and he broke a few of my windows. I worked it out with him, and he unclaimed it, but didn't fix my windows. So we started arguing ad my faction and his got into a fight. The admin killed us and said this: "2v1? No, that's totally cheap!" Which, in this case it wasn't, because we both had iron armor, and this guy had full enchanted diamond armor. The admin called us cheap, when he was fighting us... in creative mode... After more arguing, he ended up kicking me. He kicked me 3 times, then when I logged in, the message was: "The Ban Hammer has spoken!" I was talking to a friend on skype at the time, who was on the server.

    I got unbanned, because my friend questioned my ban. The admin said he didn't ban me, and that it was apparently a plugin that autobans after 3 kicks in a row. Well, I believed him, then after more arguing, I started to get smited by the "Co-owner." Well, right before that happened, me and my friend killed one of their faction members. I was smited again, and they said: "You stole his items!" Well, the guy I killed stole my items and it was fine. After a little bit, we came to a conclusion, we agreed that he would unclaim the land that he claimed on some of my citizens houses, and move somewhere else. So he unclaimed, then I started jumping around on the wall after I thought it was over. then I realized, a whole chunk of the wall was removed and placed around a guys house.

    Before I brought this up, I questioned the admin about what he griefed, and why. He claimed he didn't grief my windows. It was only 2 blocks, and he fixed it, so I forgave him for that. Then he said there was no more grief, and I pointed out the wall. He was speechless as I said: "How do you explain this?" Right after that, I was banned.

    So I want your opinions, is asking someone to explain some grief a reason to be banned? The rules on the server said nothing about stating opinions, or questioning grief. There was no reason for my ban, if you actually read this, thank you.


    Here's an update: He unbanned me, it was fine for a bit. Then, he decided it was "fair" to make his faction base on creative mode while ours had to be in complete survival. We got mad at that, considering we were all starving at that point, due to a lack of farms (totally our fault on that one :P ). Then for no reason, the payed for "co-owner" disbanded my faction. There was no reason for this, I had to remake it and re-claim all my land...

    After I asked why he did that, that admin started arguing with me. I was clearly more mature than him all the way through. A few minutes later, I put him into an argument he couldn't win, and there was no way for him to get out of it but the truth (I'm really good at that :P ). Well, I think you can assume what he did from his personality as I described before... Ban.
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