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    The map was 10/10. Except for Rolling in the Deep, which I hated. Also, you might want to nerf Dreams of Limitless Snow now that Poison is twice as strong as Regeneration. At least give out custom 2:00 Regeneration II potions or something.
    I had three deaths, one in The Battle of Fire and Ice because I didn't bother building safety rails the first time and didn't bother to investigate the skeleton sound coming from right next to me, and two by killing myself with ender pearls and fall damage looking for the last emerald in Sacred Groves at the end of the map.

    Suggestions: Add a sign or book somewhere telling the player the intended order of the areas, because it's not entirely clear you're not just supposed to do A1S1 and then A1S2, which I did. Also probably add a rule about no villager trading to get emeralds. And possibly make it so you can buy an emerald from the villager traders for a stack of enchanting potions or so, so it's possible to complete even if you lose one emerald, but you lose a lot of supplies.

    Oh, and also, I disapprove of the use of wide area spawners in the dungeons, but at least they're tolerable in this map unlike in Inferno Mines. By the way, the final area pretty much does everything right that Eternal Battle did wrong (almost everything).

    Overall, I really enjoyed the map. Thanks and good job. :D
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