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    Monumental victory.

    Death count (I am my own worst enemy):
    - raxod502 burned to death from some lava in Volcanic Core
    - raxod502 backed into a creeper in Volcanic Core
    - raxod502 found out the hard way that cobwebs don't always stop fall damage in Intersection 1
    - raxod502 missed the cobwebs in Intersection 2
    - raxod502 committed suicide in Intersection 2 to transfer loot faster
    - raxod502 died 5 times to the Wither that seemed like a good idea to summon for some reason


    More unique items would be good, and I could tell there were a few stock enchanted items you used quite a bit. The potions were not useful to me, although I don't use many map-maker-made potions in general. I did use a few of the hunger-to-health potions in my ill-fated Wither fight (see later…). The loot near the end of the map was not particularly useful, it could be retargeted a bit to be more immediately usable. Also, I noticed that I could complete the IS4 areas without bothering to go for your loot chests. I would advise the same thing as I see in many other maps: scale down the difficulty curve. What this means is reduce the power of loot, enchanting, and anviling, then reduce the difficulty of the areas accordingly. What this does is flatten the loot curve, which reduces the inevitability of players (like me) who infrequently die and hoard items ending up just smashing through the later areas without much thought. In the 1.9 update to Legendary, you don't even get potions until intersection 4 and enchanting until intersection 5, and it really helps to avoid this phenomenon. There will of course be many, many people who disagree with this philosophy, which goes to show I should just go ahead and finish one of the many CTM plans I started.
    Area interest: The first two intersections had the really fun areas, and after those I noticed a trend in areas getting bigger, easier, and less engaging as a whole. This is probably mostly because this style of area rather clashes with my play style, but it's something to think about.

    Other notes:
    Intersections - yes, IS2-4 could be made a little more obvious. Not a huge problem, but consider it.
    Humid Woods - this was very out of the way and I didn't like that. There probably should have been some indicator that there was more to the Necropolis, because people aren't going to stay when they are in danger of dying every other minute to a flaming skeleton unless there is something to be looking for.

    Teleporters - thank you very much, I don't understand why some people cannot comprehend how much nicer it is to have a teleporter than to have to run back and forth between intersections for thirty minutes…

    Hm. Probably there are other things I meant to say somewhere here, but I can't remember all of them.

    -- Areas --

    Red Rock Canyon:
    Very good starting area. It was not particularly difficult, and I had no trouble progressing through it. I picked up all the loot along the way, proceeded to the white wool, then descended to the intersection. Very nice aesthetics as well, I like that you actually used clay in an area (canyon) that seems like it SHOULD have clay.
    Intersection 1:
    Okay, about those potion splashers… they were incredibly annoying because of the noise, until I devised a hi-tech sound suppression system, also called a deep hole for the potions to fall into, with ladders. I always set up my chests at the intersection, so it was a no go on your pre-made bases, unfortunately. I am very, very attuned to noticing traps, so I immediately saw the trapped chest. First off to the white wool area, because unlike Team Canada I know how not to sequence break :P. Furthermore, those cobwebs. *rage*
    Volcanic Core:
    This area is responsible for the 2 out of my 10 deaths that were actually caused by the map. The first one was falling into a random lava hole you put by the stairs, although I burned to death in a safe place; the second was in the upper part of the area, when I only heard one of two creepers simultaneously and backed the wrong way. This area had amazing aesthetics. It was quite large and difficult for this early in the map, and reminded me pleasantly of Legendary. Good job on giving out blaze powder, by the way, without using blazes (yet). Consider: this was probably the hardest area in the map, according to me.
    Sacred Fish Temple:
    One of my favorite areas in the map. It gave me a "The Fire Beneath" vibe, except more balanced. Difficulty was great, and I enjoyed exploring the whole area. Lava "trap" should stay, along with everything else.
    Withered Aqueduct:
    Perhaps the best-looking area. I did not explore the forest, but it basically seemed like Lush Ruins, except actually including aesthetics and gameplay. The wool was a bit hidden, and I had to go back to find it. It wasn't too difficult, although I almost missed continuing up the path from the right side of the aqueduct (from the perspective at which you enter). This was the first time I noticed your extensive use of honey pots, and they are very much appreciated. No one likes a ton of random natural spawned mobs attacking you without any cohesive purpose in an area. It actually took me a while to figure out that the big empty space down below was _not_ a dungeon.
    Intersection 2:
    It works. I made another hol- I mean, sound suppression system for the potions. Also, two of my deaths resulted from _missing_ the cobwebs when backtracking, and then suiciding again to transfer loot.
    Short Circuit:
    I found the iron pretty quickly. Also, I played the entire map with mobGriefing off, because I believe in playing whatever is in the world file unless absolutely necessary to change it. This led to my more often using creepers to blow up other mobs than killing them. I assume this area would be slightly more annoying with gravel blowing up everywhere. Anyways, I disapprove of wide area spawners, but their use was justified in this case. The second half of the area was great; I surprisingly found and figured out the paper note, and cleared the rest of the area. The wool room was trivial to bridge through. Also, the trap(s?) was/were great. You should totally have more traps.
    Hellfire Citadel:
    Not too difficult, especially with fire resistance potions. I was able to complete the area in only two runs. The last room was quite entertaining; I did not end up checking underneath the wool box. I did, however, find out that stairs and fences allow you to clip into adjacent lava tiles without actually being in them. I saw the passage to B&C, although it could have been made more obvious, considering that this is an area that many people will rush.
    Burn and Crawl:
    The minecart trap was hilarious, although I of course did not actually ride the minecart. The aesthetics in this area, _especially_ the spectacular view down through the minecart hole, were great. However, this area does begin to fall prey to a trend in your later areas of just being large areas with random spawners scattered throughout. It wasn't a big concern in this area because it was the first, though. Thank you for including iron blocks, all map-makers should have iron blocks an area or two after the iron ore.
    Rushing Water:
    Consider rethinking the fact that you can get the wool from rushing water trivially if you go to Burn and Crawl first. Not that this is a problem if players don't try to break the map, but still… In any case, this area wasn't particularly interesting, and exhibits a similar phenomenon as seen in B&C. However, for when it is introduced, Rushing Water is still unique and fun to play. Although I explored both branches, I did not find the emeralds until much later. Good job on hinting at their presence with the dispensers, though. I did not find the trader useful, as I said earlier, but most other people do so he's a good idea.
    Intersection 3:
    :3 Void is fun. Also you got ⅔ of Team Canada with that void, so good job. From this point I used a base set up at the long-range teleportation system in the monument area instead of at the intersection (good because digging a hole would have been a bit problematic this time…). Speaking of the monument, I don't particularly like large monument areas, but the teleporters alleviated this concern mostly.
    Flaming Necropolis:
    Did I mention I don't like wide area spawners? But as there was only one, I was able to take it out on my way back from the wool, after four minutes and ten seconds of punching obsidian. I nearly died several times in this area. The fortress was okay; it was fairly new, but after this point in the map everything falls under the shadow of the power curve problem I mentioned in the "Loot" section. I got both of the loot towers, but did not find the purple wool teleport. Also, the nova trap did not catch me, although I was very nearly tempted to open the chest and run to see what happened. *GREAT TRAP*. I broke the chest, looked under it, saw a minecart with TNT, and immediately realized that it was a very, very good thing I didn't open the chest. Good area overall; I like the LotR volcano which I did not get until reading about it later, and the landscape looked beautiful. I noticed a few sheer faces near the back edge of the area.
    Jellyfishes Are Mad:
    Brilliant, that's all I can say. And they almost killed me trying to break the glass, too.
    Arctic Overlap:
    Ehhh. Big area without too much of interest. It was still fun to play though. I actually water-bucketed down to Chilling Chasm before finding the "right" way down. Also, that Ghast scare was so annoying (:D), because I specifically looked behind the button on the way _up_, but then forgot to check the one at the top as well.
    Chilling Chasm:
    Not too difficult, but the spiders and wither skeletons were a big threat. Wither skeletons do so much damage… also the giant/ghast things were interesting if not too much of a threat. Okay area overall. The aesthetics of course still looking stunning. I actually did not notice the intersection path at first, so I then went back to Flaming Necropolis, because I didn't finish exploring it. It was much more manageable after I had taken out the flaming skeletons. I found the teleporter, and was very surprised that it didn't lead to IS4.
    Humid Woods:
    This area probably would have been more fun if (a) I didn't have so much equipment I could just run through the area, and (B) there was a shortcut to it so one could resupply and go for a gradual assault, à la Legendary areas. It definitely would have been really good other than those two things. After combing this area, I decided to just quickly check MCEdit for the next intersection, and then promptly felt like an idiot when it was exactly where I thought it would have been - in the Chasm. Generally I would advise that people often assume that the next intersection will not be right _through_ the wool, but rather in a nearby but separated area.
    Intersection 4:
    I like the Sky biome here, and although I continued to use the WM base, the one here was nice as well. It was fairly easy to proceed through the last three areas quickly with the loot I had accumulated thus far.
    Somber Depths:
    Fairly good aesthetics still; although this area was not particularly innovative, it still stood out from the rest of the map. The first part of the area was pretty easy; the wool part was quite difficult but I did not have to resort to tunneling. By this point I could one-shot all monsters with a Sharpness III sword and a critical hit. I actually did not notice the diamonds, and came back here at the end of the map
    Fatal Graveyard:
    This area probably could have been made more engaging - shorter but harder. I was able to just walk around most of the challenges in the bulk of the area by following the wall. The wool area reminded me of a three_two-type lair of evil. It was definitely a good challenge, although once again it would have been more fun if the area as a whole were shorter.
    Monochrome Termination:
    Really, just too long, honestly. It was still fun but could have been made better (in my opinion) by shortening the area and making it more difficult. I was able to complete the area in one run IIRC, although I was out of torches, and arrows, and equipment, and lava, and everything else by the end. Quite enjoyable. The aesthetics were cool although it lasted just a tad too long again.
    I now went back to grab emeralds and diamonds from Rushing Water and Somber Depths, which was quite easy. Honestly the diamond-area skeletons were really easy; I just brought a Strength II Sharpness IV sword and killed them in two or three hits. After coming back to the monument and placing all the wool and mineral blocks, I noticed that I had managed to collect three wither skeleton heads… So I got killed and lost all of my inventory. Luckily I was resourceful enough to kill the Wither with various other things lying around in chests and four more deaths. (It was very lucky for the monument that mobGriefing was turned off.)
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    GG. 10/10 would not play again because I now hate spiders ;)

    I suggest increasing the drop rate for the Crystalline Lepismas, because it's ridiculously low at the moment.
    Additionally, this map has a wonderful difficulty curve. Unfortunately, it's backwards, so the blue wool is the hardest, followed by green and then red which is easiest. (I had to tunnel in the blue wool even with a few pieces of enchanted iron armor, but I did the green wool easily with leather armor, and then red wool with almost no equipment). You might want to consider making the blue wool a bit easier, seeing as running into a few of the rooms was suicide without full enchanted iron armor. Also, the Thorns really annoyed me. Maybe that was just to make the armor not OP, but I once again suggest increasing the Crystal drop rates so it would at least be sustainable.

    Protip: do NOT eat spider eyes while walking in the red wool area.

    Anyways, it was a great map overall, thanks! :D
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    The map was 10/10. Except for Rolling in the Deep, which I hated. Also, you might want to nerf Dreams of Limitless Snow now that Poison is twice as strong as Regeneration. At least give out custom 2:00 Regeneration II potions or something.
    I had three deaths, one in The Battle of Fire and Ice because I didn't bother building safety rails the first time and didn't bother to investigate the skeleton sound coming from right next to me, and two by killing myself with ender pearls and fall damage looking for the last emerald in Sacred Groves at the end of the map.

    Suggestions: Add a sign or book somewhere telling the player the intended order of the areas, because it's not entirely clear you're not just supposed to do A1S1 and then A1S2, which I did. Also probably add a rule about no villager trading to get emeralds. And possibly make it so you can buy an emerald from the villager traders for a stack of enchanting potions or so, so it's possible to complete even if you lose one emerald, but you lose a lot of supplies.

    Oh, and also, I disapprove of the use of wide area spawners in the dungeons, but at least they're tolerable in this map unlike in Inferno Mines. By the way, the final area pretty much does everything right that Eternal Battle did wrong (almost everything).

    Overall, I really enjoyed the map. Thanks and good job. :D
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    I beat Industrial Park, and it was amazing! However, the SHFS Final checkpoint doesn't work. I had to move a piece of bedrock for the redstone to conduct. You might want to fix that, otherwise it's perfect :D
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