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    posted a message on [1.4.7] IMPACTED PRISON SERVER | ACCEPTING PRISON TRANSFERS | mcMMO | Nether,Potions,End & More | 24/7 |
    In-game Name: Raulaun1
    How old are you? 19
    What is your timezone(GMT)? GMT -8:00 Western Pacific time.
    What time can you guard? I Play at varying times, usually in the afternoon but I may be on all day and night. I am quite an active player though I may not be on at predictable times.
    How long have you been playing? I've been playing Minecraft for a couple years now, since the days of the flood in early inf-dev. I have not logged into this server yet, however, due to it being down at the moment.
    What is your current rank (Block)? E
    Have you ever been muted or banned?: Muted, no, banned, yes.
    If so, for what reason / How long: I have been banned from many servers for glitching, hacking, griefing and stealing. Did I deserve it? In a few cases involving glitching and stealing yes. The only mod I have ever used on my client is SprintKey, which simply lets you rebind sprint from double tap. At one point I have used X-Ray for a brief period but no longer use it. Most servers I have been banned on, it's permanent and I have not bothered to appeal. I've never been banned for any other reasons aside from random bans by faulty admins that would rather ban me than ignore the people complaining that I kill them though within the rules of the server. I have been an admin in a few servers, and due to my active Minecraft career I fail to remember names of individual servers, though when asked I can tell you if I have been there.

    Do you have experience with prison servers?: Yes, I know I have played on Killion and a couple others which aren't around today. I have also played on prison-like servers such as Spartacus and others. I've also played on a few DrugCraft servers, a couple of them as police.
    Have you read ALL of the server rules, both guard and prisoner?: Yes.
    What makes you stand out than other guards?: I am very good at spotting loopholes in laws and systems. I am knowledgeable of most glitches and hacks and I can provide details from a trained view. I am an excellent PvPer and I (Rambling Onwards) probably will not die very often as a guard, though if anyone has Fire Aspect on their sword, i'm easy to kill in a server where you cannot douse yourself with a bucket, I would hope and pray that prisoners do not have access to these advanced forms of weaponry.

    I'm mature, literate and have a keen eye for the rules and decent memory. I can be mean if needed, or I can be nice if asked. Though I have not been on this server long as I haven't even logged in yet, I would enjoy being a guard here and hope that you notice my maturity and wisdom regarding the subject.
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    Yup, Raulaun1, RAULAUN1 to point out the L isn't an I.

    Try raulaun1.
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    posted a message on ***[] Planet Cube []*** [Great Staff, Custom Plugins, Timelapses, and much more!]]
    Quote from angzilla2


    Says i'm not when I try to login. DC message says to apply at your site.
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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs! (Alternative of Intoxicated!)
    Toad is a great admin, I have talked to him and he agrees that certain members (Pedringano, Bob8is8cool) are using reach hacks, and have modded clients. He doesn't want to ban anyone because he wants to be a nice guy, but I do get tired of it and would like them to stop.

    Digital, you are quite immature and your forum posts contain flame and nuisances. Please stop flaming the topic because you were banned. Move on, there are dozens of other servers that are alike to this one. (Though this one is the best IMO :wink.gif:)
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    posted a message on Minecraft PVP was ruined by 1.0
    Well my opinion probably doesn't matter since the community is filled with trolls, flamers and 'downraters' so i'm just going to drop a wall of text for you all to read.

    Let's face it, PvP is one of the best features of Minecraft. Do I play to build things that may or may not get erased whenever a server gets wiped with no interaction aside from drooling? No. I play this game for the fun pvp and the fun times. PvP takes skill. Saying it doesn't take skill is also true AT THE MOMENT. Diamond Armor has made this game retardedly bland as far as PvP is concerned. With health regen (Not even counting healing potions!) you can survive literally 30 hits from a diamond sword over 3 minutes with more then half of those being crits. Enchanting doesn't increase this at all. Good enchants are much harder to get then diamond and are not in circulation, nor CAN they be circulated on a pvp server. I believe enchants are balanced, however Iron Armor AND Diamond Armor need a nerf. Diamond should only be 10-20% stronger then Iron. Both of these armors should have their protection halved aswell.

    Armor/Ore/Leather arguement.

    Leather armor also needs to be more available. Zombies could drop leather. Cows and Zombies could drop MORE leather. I come across more sets of iron armor then I do leather, twenty times as many. Also, to those of you who think iron is too easily available, think about it, what used does Diamond have? Tools, like two random blocks that you only need 1 of and armor. Iron, on the other hand is used for many, many things. Your iron supply will take a beating from armor. So what if you have 10 diamond and 3 stacks of iron? You will need that iron for tools, armor, pistons, rails and more.

    Mods/Plugins/API arguement.

    Plugins are nice. Yes, I agree. But do they fit every player's playstyle? Nope. Most of the plugins are honestly a bit wierd. MCMMO, herocraft AND darktide are all quite lame and often restrictive. So what if "Urist HasAMobGrinder" has 2000 swords skill because he decided to sit infront of his computer frothing at the mouth while his virginity continued to be stale. If he grinds for diamond armor, counter attack will **** you over. I take more damage from counter attack then I do swords! Plugins all have their flaws. Just because someone has no life doesn't mean a better, more skilled player should have to spend countless hours on a single server to hone his or her 'MMORPG' skills.

    Mojang Doesn't Care:
    First of all, what? Seriously, what? Dozens of thousands of people bought this game for the PvP, so what if you like single player, you like creative or you like click-fighting against laggy NPCs. PvPers are their own niche, why does it affect you if you are on a server with no PVP, you don't like PVP OR you only play single player? It doesn't. And if you don't like PVP, then you obviously should want to make it better and more balanced. SANDBOXES contain LIMITLESS options. PVP is an option. Sandboxes need to cover each and every option to make it balanced, fair and fun for everyone! Not just you people who like to talk to yourself all day, yes, you, Urist McTalksToHimselfWithHandInPantsPlayingSSP. Mojang either wants us to have fun or they want more money, probably the latter. Expanding the playerbase you appeal to lets you make more money.

    Yeah, it's been around awhile. It's not that much of a major subject, but on an internet connection that isn't more then 250KB/sec you will find Minecraft alot slower in PvP and find it harder to hit other players. Coupled with the ability to simply download a mod to rebind sprint to example... Shift Key, it becomes incredibly overpowered. Bows on the other hand have become, in my opinion, much better since they were changed. However they still need a damage increase, or perhaps an 'armor piercing' benefit that can be negated with protection enchantments. They absolutely tear apart naked people, but if you are naked then you probably shouldn't be pvping unless you are one of those zerglings who likes to punch people to death while you and your friends get slaughtered over and over and the only thing you did in the end was lower the durability and the poor guy's armor.

    Come on. Seriously? PvP is full of options and skill based scenarios. Right now it might be who has the better armor, but that should change, which is what this thread is about, to make skill matter again. So.. Terrain. Terrain changes, you can be in a cave, ontop of a mountain or on a vast plain. OR you can be in the middle of an ocean, chasing someone! Use terrain to your advantage, that's skill! Make a 4 tile high tower, jump on them for a crit and some momentum! Jump while you hit people to get crits! Aim! You have to place your cursor over the other guy and keep it there! Parry!? Has to be one of the most hardest things to use but TOTALLY worthwhile if you can master it. You have many other options aswell, potions, poisons, lava buckets, water buckets (yeah, the slowing effect is more useful then you know. Try it some time.) and sprinting! So much to think about, wait, what's that? It takes no skill? Why don't you try factoring in all of this before you talk. To experienced PvPers, all they hear are farts being spewed out of your mouth with bits and pieces of crap thrown in, on fire. Akin to a certain South Park episode.

    If you are bored, you can count the references, I threw a few in. =)
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