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    posted a message on Mindcrack inspired server
    Age: 19

    In-Game Name: Raulaun1

    Real Name: John Doe

    Skype: Raul Aun

    Donations: None

    Building skills 1-10 (screenshots are preffered): 7, Mindcrack 4. I'm still a bit new to Mindcrack, and while I can build megastructures in creative, I often don't build artistically until I have excess materials to do so in survival.

    Redstone skills 1-10: 7, I'm good with regular redstone, but Mindcrack is still a bit foreign to me.

    Hobbies and Interest: Mindcraft all day every day.

    Time able to play a week: 6 Hours/day until March on average.

    Why do you want to play: Looking for a good Mindcrack survival server.

    Do you watch Mindcrack?: Nope.
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    posted a message on ★ CardinalCraft | Vanilla VIP Server | Vanilla 100% | 18+ | Whitelisted | 24/7 | Great Community | Games Server with Weekly Eve
    IGN: Raulaun1
    Age: 19
    Location: U.S., California
    Previous bans & reason: A Difficult question for me, I have been banned numerous times for X-Ray, Speedhacking and Exploiting. Most of the bans against me were unjust, and I believe hacks to be an unfair advantage over other players. This is partly due to my long experience of Minecraft, and most servers I play on do not end this way.

    A little about you: I'm an avid PvPer, but do not have to PvP. I enjoy making large utility-based buildings, such as automated farms such as Melon, Cactus, Reed, Iron Golems, etc. I can build nice things if I have the materials, but I often end up making my large builds out of cobblestone/stonebrick in survival if there is no economy to buy materials with. My smaller builds often look a lot nicer as a result of this.
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    posted a message on ApertureCraft! [NEW] (1/22/12) [Factions][PvP][Drugs][No-Whitelist]
    Great server, friendly admins, a little donation crazy (if you want to be their best friend, donate and you are instantly the star attraction) but otherwise the usual. It's a very light drugs server atm, if you are used to survival but don't like PvP there aren't too many obnoxious PvPers on this server yet. Nobody has full diamond yet aside from donators/admins so it's ripe to join as of this post!
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] IMPACTED PRISON SERVER | ACCEPTING PRISON TRANSFERS | mcMMO | Nether,Potions,End & More | 24/7 |
    In-game Name: Raulaun1
    How old are you? 19
    What is your timezone(GMT)? GMT -8:00 Western Pacific time.
    What time can you guard? I Play at varying times, usually in the afternoon but I may be on all day and night. I am quite an active player though I may not be on at predictable times.
    How long have you been playing? I've been playing Minecraft for a couple years now, since the days of the flood in early inf-dev. I have not logged into this server yet, however, due to it being down at the moment.
    What is your current rank (Block)? E
    Have you ever been muted or banned?: Muted, no, banned, yes.
    If so, for what reason / How long: I have been banned from many servers for glitching, hacking, griefing and stealing. Did I deserve it? In a few cases involving glitching and stealing yes. The only mod I have ever used on my client is SprintKey, which simply lets you rebind sprint from double tap. At one point I have used X-Ray for a brief period but no longer use it. Most servers I have been banned on, it's permanent and I have not bothered to appeal. I've never been banned for any other reasons aside from random bans by faulty admins that would rather ban me than ignore the people complaining that I kill them though within the rules of the server. I have been an admin in a few servers, and due to my active Minecraft career I fail to remember names of individual servers, though when asked I can tell you if I have been there.

    Do you have experience with prison servers?: Yes, I know I have played on Killion and a couple others which aren't around today. I have also played on prison-like servers such as Spartacus and others. I've also played on a few DrugCraft servers, a couple of them as police.
    Have you read ALL of the server rules, both guard and prisoner?: Yes.
    What makes you stand out than other guards?: I am very good at spotting loopholes in laws and systems. I am knowledgeable of most glitches and hacks and I can provide details from a trained view. I am an excellent PvPer and I (Rambling Onwards) probably will not die very often as a guard, though if anyone has Fire Aspect on their sword, i'm easy to kill in a server where you cannot douse yourself with a bucket, I would hope and pray that prisoners do not have access to these advanced forms of weaponry.

    I'm mature, literate and have a keen eye for the rules and decent memory. I can be mean if needed, or I can be nice if asked. Though I have not been on this server long as I haven't even logged in yet, I would enjoy being a guard here and hope that you notice my maturity and wisdom regarding the subject.
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    posted a message on Looking For Medievel Style Builders!
    1.Age- 17
    2.How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft- Since early inf-dev (alpha)
    3.Skype Name? I have skype, i'll send you it later.
    4.What Are You Good At- I'm good at large builds such as castles. I can be good at interior though I get bored. I prefer to build with a varied stone brick pallete that comes together rather well.
    5.Did You Ever Grief? Never griefed intentionally. I was once banned for griefing as it was a PvP server and I would break into people's houses to kill them and steal. 2 Blocks to them is griefing, even if replaced once you leave..
    6.How Much Time Are You On Minecraft A Week? Depends. I can be on all day, every day, or I may be on only an hour. However much fun i'm having determines how much time I spend on MC.
    7.A Screen Shot Of One Of Your Medieval Builds

    8.How Many Times Did You Get Banned From A Server? Since I have been around since MC's alpha, i've been banned numerous times. These are mostly related to other members complaining to an admin while I am completely passive about a situation. Admin doesn't like being harassed, so bans me to stop the screaming. This only happens on PvP servers, i've only been banned from one creative server, and that was due to an arguement about reserved space. (I marked off a huge area to build in and someone built within the boundaries, and got pissed and called me a griefer when I built over his house since he wasn't on (I waited for 2 weeks!) and was friends with the head admin >.>) Just random rants~
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    posted a message on Pix Isles 1.8!!! ✾ Since March 2012 ✾ 24/7 ▪ Dedicated ⛏ Survival ⭄ New map ▪ Pvp Contest for Donor Perks! ▫ Now Seeking Staff
    Your ign (in-game name)?✾ Raulaun1
    How often do you play multiplayer MC?✾ I used to play almost every day, but i've been in decline to about once a week lately, but i'm hoping to find a server to change that~
    Do you want to join Redstonia or Lapistan?✾ Neither, if possible. Otherwise I will join Lapistan.
    Comments/suggestions regarding the server plugins/setup? Nope.
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    posted a message on PROJECT CRYSTAL | 24/7 | No-Whitelist | Builders and VoxelSnipers Needed! | NO STUPID RANKS OR KITS, GOD THOSE ARE RETARDED
    @Bren, there probably is, but the server is always down when i'm around! Crazy days lately! xP
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    posted a message on Savage Games Project[HungerGames][PvP][Hardcore][RPG][Looking For Builders]

    IGN: cadeamole
    Screenshot of Previous Work:

    About You: Just look at my name, i do this alot. i have experiance in building, redstone, plugins, servers, and hungergames. i have skype and would love to participate i this project. thanks for your consideration.
    Age: 16

    Accepted. The rest had a number of flaws with them and I have to reject them. However, the server will be public on launch. Thanks! ^^ We still need more builders so keep the good applications flowing.
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    posted a message on Savage Games Project[HungerGames][PvP][Hardcore][RPG][Looking For Builders]
    Welcome! To the Savage Games! And may the odds be forever in your favor.
    -Banner Coming Soon-

    The Savage Games is a hardcore arena prison server. It aims to bring together various elements which are popular and fun to the Minecraft community.

    The server will use the Hardcore Plugin, which is featured on the MindCrack Youtube series. No longer will your food bar regenerate your health!

    Hunger Games will take place almost daily or many times a day, and is testable currently.

    This server does not stay true to the Hunger Games series, and is off in it's lore, though it may share some similarities.

    Currently, we are only accepting experienced builders, and are limited in slots, though this will change upon full release.

    Builder App.
    Screenshot of Previous Work:
    About You:

    -----This server is in CLOSED testing, and is not available to the public. Sufficient and well done applications done in the format of your choice may possibly be accepted, but it is unlikely.

    Districts & Information:
    D12: Coal Mining/Woodcutting (Nearly Done)
    D11: Melon/Wheat Farming (Not Started)
    D10: Livestock (Not Started)
    D9: Cactus Fields (Not Started)
    D8: Wool Farming/Woodcutting/Bed Making (Not Started)
    D7: Redwood Wood Cutting (Not Started)
    D6: Iron/Redstone Mining/Rail Production (Not Started)
    D5: Iron/Redstone/Glowstone Mining (Not Started)
    D4: Fishing (Not Started)
    D3: Diamond/Gold Mining/Wheat Farming/PvP Enabled (Not Started)
    D2: Diamond/Gold Mining/Mob Farming/Sword/bow Production/PvP Enabled (Not Started)
    D1: Diamond/Gold Mining/PvP Training/PvP enabled in specific areas (Not Started)
    Capitol: Free Travel between Districts/Housing (Not Started)
    Arena: 1% Complete
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    posted a message on ISO: Hunger Games Plugin Dev.
    Hello, i'm Raulaun1.

    I'm looking for a mature, skilled plugin developer who can work on a number of plugins I may request for my server, Savage Games. Savage Games is a Hunger Games server that just started and has a wealth of plugins, but I have a few ideas that would make the game even more fun and involved.

    I need a plugin that:

    -Can add items to an individual player's 'bank' by buying them using a sign shop.

    -Bank must have an 'original' copy, which can be altered via an admin's command. /cachesee <name> etc.

    -Bank must be resettable to the 'original copy' for all player via an admin command and items can only be removed from the bank, not added during a regular member's use.

    -Bank must be either accessed via a chest or sign.

    This plugin will be used to make the arena more enjoyable, adding a 'sponsor' system, where players can buy and add items via a sign shop to their 'bank' which has many locations within the vast arena, which can support up to 24 players. Gamemakers can /cachereset before a game to make sure every player has the original items within their cache available to them. It's quite a complex plugin, and i'm looking for someone who can help me pull it off.

    I'm also looking for any pre-existing up-to-date plugins that may be able to recreate what i'm looking for.

    Please reply below with your experience and ideas. I would prefer if you had Skype or your own TS/Vent server to talk about the plugin and what is needed. Thanks~ Raul.
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    posted a message on BILLY GETS MINECRAFT - PART 9: Billy and the Cheater - (Comedy) Machinima
    This is really a great series. You seem to have a new episode weekly, which is awesome. I hope you get popular like some of the other decent series out there. =P
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    posted a message on OneMoreBlock.eu
    Terrible server, I was starting out, I planned to join but they banned me for asking if anyone else was starting up their own server, and needed a design plan. These people are racist, because they asked if I was american and told me they don't allow people from the U.S. to be on their server, despite Minecraft being multinational, and having no mention of it in their rules or on the forum topic. Obviously you could just join and try your luck, but be prepared to be trolled. That's all ^_^.

    Demeaning comment full of hate below from immature korean.
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    posted a message on ***[] Planet Cube []*** [Great Staff, Custom Plugins, Timelapses, and much more!]]
    Yup, Raulaun1, RAULAUN1 to point out the L isn't an I.

    Try raulaun1.
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    posted a message on ***[] Planet Cube []*** [Great Staff, Custom Plugins, Timelapses, and much more!]]
    Quote from angzilla2


    Says i'm not when I try to login. DC message says to apply at your site.
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