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    posted a message on [16x][1.7] - DangerZone - Monster Spawning Lighting Aide

    Very usefull, still works.

    Used it to light up a woodland mansion to serve a base.


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    posted a message on What Was The Name Of Your First World? And Why?
    World 1

    Damn i feel a veteran, aaaaah, 1.1 alpha, the good old days.
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    posted a message on Maps In Books (Explained Using Images)
    Cool idea. Makes books more usefull.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Giveaway, by Gamepedia!
    When do they host a single contest for EUROPE or THE REST OF THE WORLD.
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    posted a message on Emerging Frontiers ~ Shape The Server ~ ef.d-host.net ~ FINALLY OPEN!
    Quote from UnderFundedTV

    How about for ever person, there is a max of about 500? That will have some interesting results, with the money being that rare, i'm sure businesses will start springing up everywhere, also it's possible some people who join will form nations because of the currency and travel system. This is starting to sound like some hot ­stuff, no?

    Just had an idea, what if there was a system that for certain ore, would exchanged fresh currency, say five Credits per gold nugget? People in places of power collect gold and send it to the admins for re-circulation as credit.

    It will cause infation. You should make a product that is limited in quantity and not farmeble. (gold is farmeble)
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    posted a message on (1.7.9) MineQuiz V3.0 Get a Question Wrong, Parkour time.
    The part about ht emods is ­. You dont need any of them. You dont need forge for mods. Most mods were incompatible with it.
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    posted a message on Have you ever wondered...
    How about the villagers, the endermen (they still move blocks), the people the zombie and skeleton once were.

    I have determened there are 4 races in the minecraft world.
    1. The villager race. Long heads, bald, trade and practice religeon
    2. Endermen, long and black, seem to have lost thier old skill.
    3. Pigmen, the forsaken race, once dwellers in the overworld, the nether and maybe even the eather, they are now rotting in the nether.
    4. Steves race. Perfectly square heads. Very crafty and smart, once populated lots of the world, but now most of them have been forsaken to swarm the lands of the overworld in shades of who they once used to be.

    Unknown races:
    1. The ones who make the creepers.
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    posted a message on Enchantment System Change (W/ Pictures)
    No support. Enchanting is already incredibly overpowered. Making an xp grinder is part of the endgame. If you have enough time and materials to enchant at level 30, you can spend some time building an xp farm too.

    Making people able to choose thier enchantments is going to make rare enchantments less rare, like fortune, and devalue the whole concept of good enchantments all together.
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    posted a message on Lock Difficulty for Singleplayer
    I would like to have this because of the following: I sometimes forget im on peacefullmode when i go back into my world and all my hostile mobs with items are removed.
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    posted a message on Everything seed
    Quote from hexteryodelism

    nice can u post pics?

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