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    posted a message on ⚡ CodeHaven 1.12 ⚡ 18+ ⚡ Hard ⚡ Whitelist ⚡ Vanilla ⚡ Community-based ⚡

    Your in-game name: ratelslangen
    Your age: 21
    Location/Gender (optional): Male, China (temporarily), Netherlands (resident)
    Cake or pie? Pie is objectively better/
    Anything else you'd like to share: Looking for a vanilla server similar to hermitcraft or scicraft/zipkrowd where I can play on the time off I have. I have been out of it for half a year or more and want to pick up again. I've been playing since alpha 1.1 and like the technical aspects and (super) hardcore gamemodes. Hoping to find a smallish closeknit server with likeminded adults.

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    posted a message on [Vanilla][1.11.2] Spawn inside village, horses and cows nearby

    Normal vanilla world settings.

    Biomes: Tiaga, Extreme Hills, Plains, Forest, Flower Forest, River

    Seed: 8291264461035516935


    SpawnBirds eye viewHorsesCowsRavineAnother birds eye view
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    posted a message on Question about Branch Mining... How far do the "branches" go?
    A few quick tips:

    1. mine at level 11, you have the least lava lake problems while having the most diamonds.
    2. Space your branches 3 blocks from each other, diamond ore viens are as good as always more than 1 wide, you can see them that way too. Adding to that that you cover a larger area and thus find waay more diamonds.

    As for your question. People prefer their own things, some have certain lengths.

    Personally, im too lazy to count, so i just keep mining until i feel like ive gone far enough, then i run back, deposit my cobble, start a new brench.
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    posted a message on What Was The Name Of Your First World? And Why?
    World 1

    Damn i feel a veteran, aaaaah, 1.1 alpha, the good old days.
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    posted a message on Zipkrowd like server
    Yo, check the reddit post ;)
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    posted a message on The Socialist Commune of Minecraft [The Oldest Socialist Clan in Minecraft]
    Minecraft Forums Name: Ratelslangen

    In-Game Name: ratelslangen

    Were you redirected here by someone? If so, who? No

    Have you read the SCoM Constitution and agree to abide by it? Yes i did

    What is your political orientation?(If unsure, see http://www.politicalcompass.org) Left anarchic.

    Explain, in short, the reason you are willing to join SCoM: I was looking at the clanlist of the forums. Having played since 1.1 alpha, i have had some experiences with clans and such. I am becoming bored of my hardcore singleplayer world. When i read Socialist Commune, it really grabbed my attention.

    Give a brief summary of yourself: I am an 18 year old Male. I grew up in a middle-class family who raised me very open-minded. I have always been very much the kid with the politically-right ideas. I would say that punk-rock bands such as Anti Flag and Rise Against have had a major influence on me. I could never wrap my head around the fact that everyone seemed to associate communism with dictatorships and genocide. The idea of communism is not in any way necessarily linked to these.
    When i was in middleschool, i chose economics as a subject, because we had o choose a subject extra and that subject always got me easy good marks. What i expected to learn was how and why money worked the way it did. What i actually learned was the wicked nature of money and bankers and such. People who sit in rooms all day, saying buy and sell. In the end of the day they made big time money off other people who worked hard for their money and are told that investing it is a better option than just storing it. They did nothing for society. I found myself getting my ideas re-enforced by everything in my life. When i was 17 i decided to read 1984, which also really strengthened my anarchic ideas.

    I still belief that one day we can get the whole idea of nations and borders and owning land out of our heads and set the first steps toward a united humanity and true equality and prosperity of our entire race on a healthy and beautiful planet (or planets, if Mars One succeeds).

    I hope you have a view of who I am.

    Name three values of the constitution that the applicant before you did not: Previous poster did not name any, unable to answer question.
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    posted a message on Do you think Minecraft needs faster modes of transport?
    No, but biats need to be fixed.
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    posted a message on Maps In Books (Explained Using Images)
    Cool idea. Makes books more usefull.
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    posted a message on Closed
    Hey Euth, could you whitelist my friend Arkaflor? He doesnt have a minecraftforum account.

    I filled his app

    In-game name: Arkaflor
    Age: 17 (3 days older than me)
    What got you interested in the server: Ratelslangen plays on it.
    Questions or comments about server:
    Solo/Group: Half-Half
    PvP/Non-PvP: Non-pvp
    Leader/Follower: Leader
    Giving/Reciving: Receiver

    About me:played minecraft since 1.1 alpha, but not so much over the last 2 years. Is a casual player.
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    posted a message on Closed
    Hey Euth.
    First of all, thanks for accepting stormchump!
    Second of all, you forgot to add the "No involuntairy pvp" rule.
    Lastly, welcome and good luck to everyone!
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    posted a message on Flying Potions
    A mod that makes speed effects apply to creative flying would be nice
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w41a Ready For Testing
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    posted a message on Minecraft Giveaway, by Gamepedia!
    When do they host a single contest for EUROPE or THE REST OF THE WORLD.
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    posted a message on Mod, please close this.
    What is your IGN: ratelslangen
    How old are you: 17
    Main reasons for joining: I have had alot of fun on vanilla minecraft servers since it doesnt give unfair advantages over other player or annoying things like protection in towns (for example, you cant connect roads because some douche protected his house+100 meters).
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