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    posted a message on Working on a game. Need ideas.
    Quote from Metalmeerkat

    What language will you be developing in? Platform? How much experience do you have?

    Java. Windows. Barely enough to pull something like this off.
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    Game name/logo:

    String theory will be a top-down partially open world action-adventure RPG. It will include mod support, and a development kit.

    Story and concepts (Words in brackets are not yet decided or are subject to change):
    You are a scientist at [lab] by the name of [name]. The year is [near future]. The lab has been researching other universes called 'strings'. Strings are formed at every point in time where there are several possible chains of events. The universe splits into new strings every time this happens. The lab has been able to tap into electrical signals and radio waves from nearby strings and listen to broadcasts. They are now almost done with a way to jump objects to nearby strings and back. Then [generic disaster] happens. Your lab is called upon by [group] to gather technology from other strings that may help in ending the disaster. The lab rushes to complete the project and select you as the head of a splinter group to go into other strings and acquire these technologies.

    Current stage of project
    Concepts (That's very early)

    Current help needed
    Story writing

    Future help needed
    Level design
    Various areas of code

    Project leader, coder, designer:
    Me (Randy Layne)

    Alpha build
    None yet
    The alpha of String Theory will be free to play, but I will eventually start charging however much I think the game is worth. The price will not exceed 30 USD, however. If you purchase the game early in it's development, you will get it for much cheaper than full price (Probably less than 10 USD).
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    posted a message on Show off your map!
    I'm working on a map. I've got a test build that only includes the intro and a crude draft of the beginning dungeon. Would you be interested in a test run? It only works to it's full extent in snapshot 13w24.
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    posted a message on Chunk refuses to load. Can anyone fix it?
    I've tried everything to get this chunk to load properly. Can anyone fix it without reloading any other chunks? Linked at the bottom is the world file.

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    posted a message on Mercury Redstone - tips and tricks and redstone devices.
    This is a new series I'm starting. It basically covers everything that is not a let's play.
    Finding caves
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    posted a message on Pacifist Games - Playing Minecraft without killing
    I'm just going to post the 3rd and 4th videos, because the first two were somewhat of a failure. I've figured out what I'm doing now, and have been able to keep a proper train of thought. The bars around the videos are impossible to avoid. My screen is not a normal aspect ratio.

    #3 Stone armor?

    #4 Kill without Killing
    " target="" data-ensure-absolute>" frameborder="0" autoplay="false" allowfullscreen sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups">
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    posted a message on New Study about Fox news
    is why I don't like FOX.
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    posted a message on Flats Seeds, My Homies
    I'm sorry but I don't think Minecraft's terrain generator really allows for a completely flat map.
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    posted a message on [Surv][Coll] Dangerous Paradises *4 maps*
    Quote from Blackthunder365

    I'm downloading four now, cause that one looks sicker than the rest! i will try all of them later. and i hope this puts you up cause i noticed there hasn't been a post in over a month

    I'm going to revive this thread one last time. After a long hiatus I'm back to map making. Though these aren't my priority right now. I have a project that has been on hold for months. Thanks for the compliments and I hope you enjoy them though they're still in alpha state.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Hippoplatimus's Mods - now open source
    Quote from Hippoplatimus

    I'm going to update Paint Mod to 1.8.1 very soon. My goal is to release before Monday, but that might not happen.

    The update will include:
    • A detail brush
    • A way to clean brushes (probably by crafting with a bucket of water)
    • Some SSP code organizing and a cleaned-up SMP protocol (basically, it will run faster)

    I'm going to try to release the piston patch for 1.8.1 around the same time. The World Generator Mod and Levitating Block Mod will come next. I'm not sure if I want to release the Levitating Block Mod before updating the World Generator Mod; we'll see.

    I'd love to see the World Generator Mod updated before you release the Levitating Blocks Mod. I really miss my sky worlds.
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    posted a message on [adv] Deep Space Turtle Chase! Updated for 1.1
    Quote from WOWNOOB

    YAY FOR REVENGE By: Captainsparklez

    Song by tryhardninja
    Video by captainsparklez
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    posted a message on [1.8.1]Brainader's Appliances Mod [v1.0] [12/10-11]
    Funny. I found this through some guy trying to steal it and make money through adfly off of it. I like it though.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][SMP] Infected Block that spread everywhere !
    Neat but:

    1: Rename the mod
    2: Add uses for it and limit spread
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    posted a message on [1.8.1/1.0.0/1.1.0]Coupon's Mod Updates
    I'd get permission from the creators if I were you.
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