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    posted a message on who's the dumbest player you have met on minecraft?

    Very old and late reply, but still.

    My dumbest player is on bedrock edition, he is called Epic George 10, he was really toxic and very stupid.

    He was such a clown and extremely toxic to me on my xbox chat, then i challenged him to 1v1.

    I lost the 1v1, but after that i wanted him to 1v1 me on my pvp world, then i loaded it with creative mode outside of the pvp arena, i was in the lobby, he joined and saw me flying, i said "look down", what i really meant by looking down is to go down and click the button to get on to the arena. He said [ur cheating im leaving], he didnt even know that it wasnt even the arena zone, i was so mad about how very dumb he is.

    i messed him on the xbox chat to rejoin, and said "bro how dumb are you that was outside of the arena"

    then he said "Make me", i thought he was an toxic discord mod so i said "ill give you an e-girl's ip address for free", just to bait him to 1v1 me, it didnt work,

    and he siad "we already know who's won" im so done with this guy already, mojang already wants to ban this person

    i was so frustrated that i ended up syaing "its my pvp world so its different", he said "ok so" at this point i almost turned off my pc why raging about how STUPID he is

    and he says "i won fair and square you dont know that you cheated" im so in freaking pain by just reading and writing this, i cant survive watching this guy being so stupid.

    He made it even worser by saying "im blocking you i dont talk to c*nts".

    At this point i started playing Roblox when he killed his reputation as a mod.

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