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    so I recently installed Minecraft again and was wondering why it kept putting my monitor in 60hz mode. When I'm on my desktop, the monitors OSD reports 1920x1080@144 but as soon as I start Minecraft in fullscreen mode, it switches to 1920x1080@60 (no matter whether I select 'Current' or '1920x1080@144' in the Minecraft settings).

    I googled for a bit but none of the answers solved my problem, here is some relevant information

    • All other games run at 144hz without a problem (e.g. CS:GO).
    • I don't have V-Sync enabled and the debug overlay reads well above 200fps.
    • I tried enabling 'Disable fullscreen optimizations' on the javaw.exe that is used to run the game (didn't fix the problem).
    • I'm running Windows10-22H2, Vanilla Minecraft 1.19.2, Java SDK 19 and up to date drivers for my RX480

    So I am running two monitors, one at 4k@60 and one at 1920x1080@144. When I'm working, I only have the 4k monitor turned on and when I want to play games, I turn off the 4k monitor and turn on the 144hz monitor. This practice worked for every game I've played until now.

    I then tried turning off the 4k monitor, turning on the 144hz monitor, restarting my pc and only then starting Minecraft. And to my despair, this worked...

    Does someone know a way I could debug this to find out why Minecraft keeps putting my monitor in 60hz mode, despite me being on my desktop in 144hz mode and only the 144hz monitor being turned on?

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