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    MC Username: rajko_rajek

    Age: 31

    Location: Poland

    How active can u be: I got full time job but still I can play from 2 to 6 hours every day. On weekends even more :)

    Why I want to join: As u can see Im a 'old' gamer who is looking for some group of people to play with :) Im bored playing my survival world solo. All my friends who I used to play dont have time anymore or they just stopped playing games. I miss all the things that come with playing with people from all around the world( I was hardcore diablo1 and starcraft player). I hope u Guys give me a chance and maybe someday we become friends :) I wish i could tell u more but my writing skills in English are not so good, Im way better in speaking! Hope to see u on Novemia plains! :)

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