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    Quote from Rhombusta»

    IGN: Rhombocombo
    Age: 23
    Timezone: Pacific Daylight Time
    Optional message: Hi, I'd like to join your server because I haven't played on a server in years and it would be alot of fun to explore the new update with other people. I'd be down to help with projects and stuff too.

    Quote from mrwafflebrainz»

    IGN: Mrwafflebrainz
    Age: 20
    Timezone: PDT

    Optional message: Looking for a smallish private server to play on. Havent played Minecraft in years, bored and looking to play again. Been playing as a kid since 1.2.1 and stopped multiple years ago. Pretty newb to new stuff but looking forward to playing again.

    Quote from fenixfenrir»

    Discord: Message me if you want it. Don't want to post it out there freely.

    IGN: FenixFenrir

    Age: 29

    Timezone: CST (Texas)

    Optional message: I'ts been awhile since I've played Minecraft, got an urge recently to play again (Thanks to YouTube mostly). I've been playing a lot of Terraria/Starbound and PixArk (Minecraft similar games) I like harvesting/gathering a lot. Things that can be done solo mostly and my bases will hardly ever get in the way because they are usually on sides or inside mountains/caves.

    Have all been accepted will pm server details

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