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    Quote from Gerbityblah64»

    Try asking on the Optifine Discord server, somebody may be willing to help or just outright make the model.

    Good idea. I have actually updated the chest textures for 1.15, so if you don't care about the CEM, you can just use them as they are.

    Here is the message about the CEM: https://discordapp.com/channels/423430686880301056/425702172219408385/717470033714085899

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    After lots of trial and error I figured out that this will disable radar and cavemapping using CommandBook MOTD:

    `C `Y `C `Y `C `Y `y `C `Y `C `Y `C `Y `p `x

    The last `x resets formatting, the equillavant of §r

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    Quote from RMG»

    So... The time is come? We have alpha version and beta version, but after snapshot 18w43a we need pre-1.14 version...
    I really respect work of Jappa, but for now i can't even play in MineCraft with these brand new textures.
    I just want bring back my good old days before that snapshot and this resource pack is my only hope...

    Mojang will release a pre-1.14 pack, but this pack needs to contain a lot more textures after 1.14. Basically every texture that is in 1.14 that also was in alpha/beta. For example. NostalgiaCraft needs to include the glass and obsidian texture (which hasn't been changed since alpha/beta, but not textures like end stone or stone bricks because these were introduced after alpha/beta (beta 1.8 doesn't count).

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    Quote from Digita1Lucas»

    I'm using OptiFine 1.13.1 HD U E3 pre7 since pre2 is no longer available on optifine.net, and the pack isn't working for me. The cap layers are working perfectly for both Villagers and Illagers, but there's no random gender and skin tone appearing for the former.

    The stuff in the mcpatcher folder needs to be moved into the optifine folder.

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    With the 1.13 version of optifine I have some CTM issues. I tried updating the properties file with the new block ID but it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a bug?

    I am using overlay for grass block top. The file used to be called grass_top.properties. Now I've tried to rename it grass_block, grass_block_top and even adding matchBlocks for minecraft:grass_block and minecraft:grass_block_top. minecraft:grass_block is the ID for the actual block and minecraft:grass_block_top is the texture filename for the top side of the grass block.

    tiles=0-5 <skip>
    weights=1 1 1 1 1 1 200

    I also have issues with torches. I have biome specific torches, and they don't work. All I thought I had to do was to change torch to minecraft:torch, but nope.


    These all worked in 1.12, so for the torch example, I assumed I just had to add minecraft:, but still doesn't work. Glass and stuff works, I just had to update the IDs.

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    Quote from JellySoda»

    Wants to play 1.13 - Goes to Optifine.net

    "Update to Minecraft 1.13: 20%"

    God help me.

    1.13 is "the biggest upheaval in the history of minecraft releases" [1] and optifine is already at 30%.

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    Quote from saskiac»

    so why is this pack actually called "faithful"?

    Quote from Barytyrannus»

    I actually don't know, but from my understanding, it is because it uses some faithful 32x textures.

    "Faithful" means the pack is faithful to something. "Faithful 32x" and so on is called faithful because it's faithful to the vanilla textures. They look very much alike, just a higher resolution.

    So for GeruDoku Faithful, I thought faithful meant that the pack is faithful to the original GeruDoku pack. Since the original was simply called GeruDoku, the continuation was called GeruDoku Faithful because the author was continuing the pack as faithful to the original as possible.
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    Quote from UnicornsOnLSD»

    What do you mean by "with Map Features"?

    Map features are stuff like villages, dungeons, ravines, strongholds etc.
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    Quote from pakos2835»


    gammabright "work", but not change factical screen bright

    version 1.12.2 ( changed gammabright json)

    modpack: allthemods 5.8

    forge: latest

    liteloader: latest

    You are probably using either a resourcepack or a mod that messes with the lightmap. Gammabright doesn't work that well with custom lightmaps because it just changes the brightness setting.
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    Quote from Sweet_Brew»

    So the new 1.13 snapshop changes the way fullscreen works.
    The idea is to make the game a lot smoother, and it does just that... But it makes AFK fishing unable to be done.
    Is there any way you could make the classic fullscreen thing still an option for us AFK fishers once 1.13 is out?

    I just want to rest easy about 1.13.
    And before you guys say it, no putting a wight or auto-cookie clicker thing doesn't work, the point is to be able to fish on Minecraft while you do other stuff on your computer, a weight or auto-cookie clicker won't do that.

    You could try use the macro mod for that?

    Also, personally, I've always used alt+tab (to switch window) to make actions like that "stuck", same way toggleing fullscreen does. So like auto walking, holding down a mouse button...

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