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    Impatience is just your fans way of saying they like the mod, I have been following Divine since Minecraft 1.4 and never have I read so much hate towards the people who like the work the creators do. I train every day to protect the US, and still manage to go to the gym and work out twice a day, still go to classes and take test every week and still I'm able to NOT get frustrated at the people who ask me when I'm coming home all the time. I know its not the same thing because the things I do is harder but just remember before you show any hate to an eager fan of yours that you remember why your making the mod.
    Oh and don't worry It's my job to fight for the people who where perfectly physically able but were to lazy to fight for their country so Ill die for you whether you like me or not. Keep up the good work with your mod and drop the attitudes toward the fanbase :D
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    Quote from Acejhm

    How far is 50 meters in-game anyway? I've sniped some skeletons almost to the maximum distance, and still no achievable... :dry.gif:

    Same here, I'm sniping them from so far away that I'll have to take the Coriolis effect in to account if I go back any further lol. I guess I'll have to think of a mob trap that I can use to test this achievement.
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