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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm starting a whole new server in the coming future and am looking for developers and potential co-owners.

    We're looking for developers with experience, aptitude and dedication. We hope to bring in developers who wish to grow with our server, and stay active within our community, We are also looking to Hire developers for the short term to work on developing custom plugins. This would be paid although the pricing will depend upon complexity and timeframes.

    - If you wish to be involved with our community as a developer please PM me with the answers to these questions:

    1) How old are you? where are you based? How much and what experience do you have?

    2) Are you looking to join our community, be involved with ongoing projects and potentially be apart of our admin team? Or are you applying to develop custom plugins in the short term only?

    3) Do you currently have work out there on active servers? What is the plugin or project you're most proud of?

    4) What is the best way to contact you? what is your discord?

    - For those looking to build and work on masterful designs and projects, please answer the following:

    1) How old are you?

    2) What building style do you specialise in? What projects have you worked on?

    3) How active can you potentially be? Would you be looking to stay on within our community as a member of staff?

    - In terms of those looking to be involved as a Co-Owner:

    I'm looking for a Co-owner who has a good understanding and experience in running servers. They also need to have a good understanding of the technical side like configuring plugins.

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    Hi, ATechAdventurer

    I feel as though it's a stroke of luck to come across your post here. I used to absolutely love playing online Minecraft as a kid, and dabbled in owning my own servers when I was younger and was completely consumed with the creation and upkeep of the website and communities I was involved in. Recently, during this unfortunate pandemic, I realised that so many people would most likely flock back to old games they use to play, and regular players would be even more active online. It gave me the idea to finally host my own proper server. However, I do not have a brilliant understanding of the technical controls nor configuration. I prefer the management of something as it's what im naturally more inclined to do. Truthfully, I've been looking for a developer, but seeing your post, I had to reach out.

    - I have quite a bit of free time as i'm self-employed and would definitely be able to upkeep a community, manage staff/admin and the server as a whole. I'm also able to co-fund a project, and like to think I have a pretty good vision for a server. Your previous experience in the practicality of running a server is also brilliant so, hope your as cautious optimistic as me

    Feel free to PM me if your

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