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    posted a message on Baubles 1.4.6 / 1.5.2 (Updated 2018/1/10)

    Source/issues link on Curseforge 404s.

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    posted a message on I'm thinking about making a mod, but I need some help here

    In 1.7.10:

    - You can model inside the code

    - Language is register through LanguageRegistry (code)

    - You can still use ids and names

    In 1.8+

    - You are forced to use JSON files for modeling, you are probably gonna have to buy a program (I'm not sure)

    - You are forced to use a file for language.

    - No more ids you have to use names only now

    Uhmm... you out of your mind? Everything you mentioned about 1.8+ is a positive.

    Model JSON files can be overrode by resource pack authors to do absolutely crazy things with resource packs that weren't even thinkable in 1.7. You can't even change the shape of a block in 1.7 with a resource pack. And if you would spend five seconds to google instead of being immediately dismissive, you would have found MrCrayfish's model editor and JannisX11's Blockbench, which are both free model editors... the entire model format is online as well, so you can just do them in Notepad if you really want to.

    I'd also like to point out that the single biggest reason 1.8+ is much more performant than 1.7 is because of block models, which can only be easily baked to chunk geometry because they're not done in code. And I'd also also like to point out that if you *really want* to write models in code, TESRs are a thing...

    Language files are also extensible by resource pack authors and translators. Separation of concerns is a GOOD thing: if you decide to rename a whole bunch of items, you just have to find-replace in one file; adding support for a new language is as easy as adding one additional file; volunteer translators don't have to know how to navigate your code. I don't get the lang file hate. All you have to do is add one file to your assets directory (which you already have anyways, because I bet you your mod adds at least one image), use translatable text components, and everything already "just works". "Languages can be registered through code in 1.7" - well, I don't have to register my languages at all in 1.8+.

    And I literally can't think of any reason under the sun you'd *want* to be using numeric IDs and metadata values? Like,
    on purpose? Do you like ID conflicts? "Oh yeah guys juggling 0-15 meta values is soooo much more fun than iblockstate herp derp"

    Basically, in short, mod for 1.12. It's what all the cool people are doing anyways sooooooo

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    posted a message on CTM Maps and other Projects by ElRichMC [Mechanical Mayhem just released!]

    Please excuse the random english comment xD

    Just so you know - logAdminCommands is set to true in El Cañón Tenebroso. My game LAGGED like crazy until I turned it off ^^

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    posted a message on The 3 Hour Miracles CTM Series - CTM Survival Maps Made in Just 3 Hours - Fallen Path Released!!!!

    Ech, the last area in #9 is a bit dumb. Teleporting, charged, creepers. Awesome.

    Like if you want to make me fight that's fine, but let me fight...

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    posted a message on !!!! Free Nachos Adventure 2 Taxi Repair Adventure!

    This was a, uhh.

    This was a surreal experience. Thank you

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    posted a message on The Present Factory -- Factory-based Puzzle Map (1.12)

    Also had the same problem but on level 6. If my conveyor speed was set to Low, the game would return "Invalid Input" whenever a 0 tile appeared anywhere.

    Kinda wish the numbers were easier to read, too, like above the block instead of submerged inside.

    I'm really liking it so far though! Great work.

    Edit: I think I also had an issue with puzzle 10 - My machine sent a present straight across from the entrance to the exit and it counted as a success. Only one input came in

    Edit 2: Also had the "invalid output on 0 input" bug on 17 so I guess it's a problem with zeroes themselves

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