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    Quote from Rgghgh»

    Awesome! This can be very useful. Please add a documentation so it could be used easily. Would love to use it here: http://mcping.rgghgh.com/

    What exactly do you mean by documentation? The Github Wiki has tutorials and the like, while javadoc-style per-method descriptions can be found in the XML docs (descriptions in your IDE.) If you need something else, feel free to ask.
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    Got server list pinging done (finally!) Now you can get all the stats without knowing any packets! Check out the wiki page here and download it here.

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    And yet, for me:

    I'll admit that I'm not even close to the 1080p resolution you're running at, but that's a graphics card thing and not a RAM thing. Anyway, I stared at the RAM meter for a bit and found that as soon as it hit 60-62% (around 300MB) some kind of garbage collection would kick in and it would jump back down to 35% before filling back up to 60% again, round and round and round...

    Oh, and here's that same(ish) thing in fullscreen (closer to your conditions)

    It's interesting to see just how different Minecraft runs for different people. In my opinion, what you give it, it'll take. Don't give it much, and it won't take much.

    (Oh, by the way, all these screenshots were generated at a render distance of 8 in a freshly-generated world.)

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    Quote from Jocopa3»

    Minecraft can easily use up that 2GB of RAM...

    In my experience, I've never had any RAM problems with vanilla Minecraft. I leave the default 512MB alone, keep the render distance below 8 (my GPU can't handle more than that anyway... 128MB VRAM is always fun) and I regularly push 40FPS on my Mac. The only time I've ever had RAM issues is when using Forge mods (especially the huge ones). Optifine, LiteLoader, 512MB and I'm fine.

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    I would try the old launcher and a full reinstall anyway - you never know.

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    Can anyone tell me what this is and how to disable it i never had it before now it's stuck.

    Do you mean that tiny green thing?

    That looks like a bad crosshair PNG - try deleting the "assets" folder in .minecraft.


    Open up the Minecraft launcher (but don't start Minecraft!). Once it opens, hit "edit profile" in the bottom-left. In the bottom-right of the window that opens, click "Open Game Dir". A folder should now open - AppData\Roaming\.minecraft on Windows, ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft on Macs. In there, delete the "assets" and "versions" folder. (If you have any mods or modded clients they will be deleted) Deleting "libraries" is also a good idea but not necessary.

    Now, when you open up Minecraft next, the launcher will download a fresh copy for you. Damn, don't you wish the "Force Update" box was still there?

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    Quote from xensor123»

    as i said how can i when i have no resource packs installed. its just a fresh install nothing modified n nothing added.

    just installed and clicked the app to load like i normally did.

    Hold the phones...

    Generally, Minecraft doesn't need "installing". Where did you get your "installer"? It needs to be MinecraftInstaller.msi (or .exe, or .jar) from here, anything else isn't going to work. If you have gotten it from that link and it still didn't work, uninstall it, delete .minecraft from %APPDATA%\.minecraft and download the old Minecraft launcher from the link above - click "show all platforms" and grab Windows (alternative) or Linux (works on all platforms).

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    Looks like an issue with your internet connection - If you try to download the file listed in the log through a browser or something, what happens?

    If it works, then a firewall, anti-virus or a confused virus is blocking Minecraft (or Java) from accessing the internet.

    If it doesn't work, then there's a proxy, parental web filter or blocking system stopping anything from accessing s3.amazonaws.com (and probably a whole bunch of other sites too)

    There isn't much that can be done about proxies, web filters and blockers, but you should be able to deal with firewalls and anti-viruses easily. If you know your way around said software, allow access for all entries marked "Java (SE) Platform Binary" (if it does it on a program-by-program basis) or "amazonaws.com" and "minecraft.net" aaand "mojang.com" (if it does it on a site-by-site basis). For the site-by-site blockers, you may have to include subdomains ("s3.amazonaws.com", "assets.minecraft.net") but most will do that for you automatically.

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    Quote from 0_MagicMan_0»

    so I tried doing that and it came up with the same crash..

    Weird... Are you behind on your System Updates? Just head into the Apple Menu - Software Update. If there's anything there (and I mean anything) install it.

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    Quote from JustNoahYT»

    1. Don't use VSync. ;3

    2. Such jumpiness is usually caused by Windows having a whole bunch of programs open in the background - while the FPS is technically set by the graphics card, CPU has a huge effect on it since if Minecraft falls behind on its chunk updates it'll start dropping frames until everything is fine and dandy again. As such, you should try and close as much stuff as possible, run a decent anti-virus (but disable it while MC is running :P) and check out the little arrow in the taskbar (I think it's called Notification Center, but that may be my iOS roots coming in...) and see if there's any hidden surprises there - just general speed-up-stuff.

    3. Make sure you have the right Windows drivers for your card. It's not like a Mac where everything deals with itself - you have to install them the old fashioned way.

    4. Don't use Windows. Seriously, my late 2006 Mac with its staggering ATI Radeon X1600 (woah! 128MB of graphics POWER!) 2Ghz Core 2 Duo and 4GB RAM (yes, that was me ;3) can run Minecraft on OSX 10.7.5 at around 30fps, sometimes getting more than 50 on a good day, while my Windows PC with its 2.8GHz Athlon Dual-Core, GeForce 8400 GS and (yet again) 4GB of RAM (but this ram is faster - DDR1 vs DDR2) can only get 20fps tops. It's weird.

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    Not too sure what's causing this, but I found someone else on MCF that says deleting your .minecraft folder and restarting the computer (not sleeping it) should fix it.

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    You should also get a DxDiag - the DLL listed as problematic (see under "Problematic Frame") is from the Intel HD Graphics Drivers, so a DxDiag would give us more info on your card and the driver version you have installed. From there we can give you a link to the correct drivers.

    P.S I know that guide tells you to submit it to the technical support resources, but that link will just lead you straight back here. So save yourself some time and just post it here.

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    posted a message on 🚩 LATEST [MCPE 1.2.7] 🐲🐲 DragonProxy 🐲🐲 - Join JAVA edition servers using BEDROCK clients! [BEDROCK 1.2.7 <-> JAVA 1.12.2]
    Quote from pierre5340»

    Well, I have some questions...

    Dragonet has a topic which was posted in a Chinese forum:http://www.mcbbs.net/forum.php Minecraft中文论坛

    Here is the link of this topic:http://www.mcbbs.net/thread-373763-1-1.html

    The following are the doubts we have found:

    -The sponsored link is different from the link which the offical site provides.

    -The name isn't in the answer of the question "Who is part of Dragonet Team?".

    -This topic has outdated, and the account still activities.

    I am a Chinese, and Maybe I would have some grammatical errors...Please understand.

    That thread looks pretty darn suspicious (unless @DefinitelyEvil is Chinese) and while Google Translate tried its best, I really can't make out what the thread actually says.

    Well, here's what Google Translate gave me (other than my annotations, Java-style):

    Dragonet dragons server
    Currently supported: Minecraft 1.8.3 and Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11.0 alpha
    MCPE 0.11.0 build 14 Download:
    http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=447433617&uk=2503646972 //This is some kind of cracked MCPE client download. Android only.
    Seeking to share, seek score ~! ^ - ^
    Thanks hsk001ufo withheld greatly to the Software and vigorously promote and support ~ //Get used to "hsk001ufo", he's here a lot
    JS Plugin Development Tutorial //Translated version of this link below
    Brief introduction
    Dragonet is a multi-client, Java server more plug-ins.
    While supporting the latest version of the PC version of MC and PE MC.
    Support plug-bucket, JS sponge plug-ins and future!
    0.0.2-preR6 will also support PHP plug-in! //Someone updated this recently enough to know about pre-R6, only started 2.5 weeks ago

    What are dragons server?
    Dragons server is based on the development of multi-platform universal
    Glowstone MC server only supports the PC version and the PE version
    while landing, also supports Bukkit have powerful plugin system.

    Dragons server is free?
    Yes, absolutely free of charge. But also open source!

    How dragons server?
    And CraftBukkit buckets serving as ~ but all profiles in the config folder.
    Needs to be installed on the server Java, version recommend Java 1.8. //AFAIK the Dragonet team never made this recommendation.
    A variety of plug-in support
    1. Bukkit plugin
    2. Sponge (Sponge) widget //Again, this (and PHP) was a recent development
    3. DAPIS Javascript script plugins (dragons JS script API)
    4. PHP plugin (DPHP)
    Annex: JS Plugin Development Tutorial

    Version Information
    Current version: 0.0.2-preR3 (MCPC 1.8.3, MCPE 0.11.0 b9-13) //Even though they clearly know about preR6, this is horribly outdated.

    Survival mode synthesis sometimes card is not goods. //No clue. Sorry.

    Official test server (not yet open) //Yes, they made up these URLs. Totally fake.
    PC version of the address: mc.dragonet.org
    PE version Address: mc.dragonet.org default port

    Downloads dragons server

    Source code

    TheMCPEGamer (now developers), I (DefinitlyEvil), Dragons team (The Dragonet Team) //They listed the team as a member of the team. Wow.

    MinecraftForum original post
    http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-pocket-edition/mcpe-mods-tools/2209222 //This link actually works, and takes you to this thread. Huh.

    //Everything beyond this point is absolute bull.
    Dragonet Chinese sponsor
    Principal Sponsor
    Green island MC server
    (A sponsor server)
    Server Official QQ group: 363 217 414

    [Apply to become a sponsor]
    Capacity: 3/4
    Sponsors can accept Type: Companies, MC server
    Sponsored type: a small amount of money, Java build server, the test server
    Application Format:

    This topic is highlighted by the hsk001ufo set at 2015-5-17 12:10 //I'm assuming hsk001ufo is a moderator who "supported" and stickied the thread (or something). I can't really tell from his profile page.

    Oh, and here's the page on DAPISes...

    DAPIS script Plugin Development Tutorial

    Section I: Preparation Work
    used the server software called Dragonet Server (Chinese dragons named
    server, MCBBS forum link). This is a pure Java server software magic. //The "MCBBS link" takes you back to the main thread.
    First, because of its multi-platform support of MC, which supports All
    the PC version of Minecraft items, but also allows PE version connects
    to the server (of course there will be some restrictions.) In addition,
    plug-in support of that, you can not only use ordinary bucket clothes
    plugin, you can also use JavaScript plugin ( Use Rhino engine). So here we come to explain how to use Dragonet.
    Section II: Installation and operation Dragonet //All links tout this as a JS tutorial, but here we are learning basic Java usage.
    You can go to the bottom http://dragonet.org Dragonet download
    pre-compiled version, you can also go to
    http://github.com/DragonetMC/Dragonet download the source code and
    compile it yourself. The default configuration file in the config
    folder, the plug / script plugins folder, you can specify the folder from the command line.
    2. You will need Windows or Linux command line knowledge you can write a startup script or directly from the command line, type:
    cd path / to / dragonet
    java -Xmx1024M -jar dragonet-xxx-xxx.jar (1024M is the maximum memory, finally the file name)
    3. If an error occurs, such as debugging Bukkit (buckets), as can debug the server.
    N. run successfully ~
    Section: Your first script plugin
    1. Next we will create a script containing the basic format, first create a JS file as HelloWorld.js, enter:
    //At first I thought this was copied off the wiki, but they seem to have messed with getLogger. Hmm.
    var current;
    function getUID () {
    return "You plug uniquely English identity";
    function onLoad (script_instance) {
    // And onLoad Bukkit plugin () will be passed as a parameter
    except for the current Bukkit plugin object scripts can be used to
    operate Bukkit interface.
    current = script_instance; // save the script
    function onEnable () {
    . current.getLogger () info ("Hello World!"); // the same as calling Bukkit plugin interface
    function onDisable () {

    Copy the code

    2. The script threw plugins folder (by default plugins).
    3. Start Dragonet server and observe the effect. How kind, JS plug-in is not very simple? //Indeed, your tutorial wasn't very simple. Okay, sorry, I know that was probably Google Translate, but I still can't figure out how this is a JavaScript tutorial? It's just an example code.

    After that, I started translating the replies and, honestly, I'm pretty shocked. The guy with the redstone torch started proclaiming bugs when someone asked for the original MCF post (they seem to know this is a duplicate... weird.) and was told: "I developed the" (Wow, Google's having a bad day...) Then everyone started talking about MEGA and how the project is foreign and I honestly lost track.

    So I did what I always do when I can't stand a forum post and skipped to the last page. Here's the roundup:

    • Java 7 is not supported.
    • English file names are annoying.
    • Pocketmine needs support.
    • Something about English slang, tutorials and frustration? (Uh-oh, I hope my casual tutorials aren't bad...)
    • Someone asked for a Chinese command table and was given a comment about their IQ
    • Someone had real issues getting it to work.

    Funnily enough, most of the negative comments were made by @DefinitelyEvil (or at least the account claiming to be) and all in all, it didn't look like a great advertisement for us. Oh well ;3

    Of course, there are things that can be done to remove the thread... Should it come to that ;3

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    posted a message on [.NET API] AMCSAPI: A simple API for interacting with Minecraft servers; No packet knowledge required!

    Okay, I think I've finally got this thread set up properly. You can now look at the GH Wiki, download directly, and get a basic understanding of all this without even leaving this page!

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    posted a message on 🚩 LATEST [MCPE 1.2.7] 🐲🐲 DragonProxy 🐲🐲 - Join JAVA edition servers using BEDROCK clients! [BEDROCK 1.2.7 <-> JAVA 1.12.2]
    Quote from kakabaka6»

    says cannot access jarfile

    Edit: Sorry, my browser messed up and showed me an old version of the page. Duplicate answer here.

    Have you read the tutorials? This error means that the file you put into the command doesn't exist. Check your terminal is in the correct directory and that the name of the actual file is the same as the name in the command (don't forget the .jar!)

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