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    posted a message on ZeenixCraft 1.8 Beta Server
    glad the server recovered from the orb lag.

    Notch/jeb has got to nerf that asap
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    posted a message on ZeenixCraft 1.8 Beta Server
    Quote from Drakia
    the experience orbs were KILLING the processor

    yeah. someone dies then 10,000 orbs just litter the ground. I can imagine a computer not taking too kindly to keeping track of that.
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    posted a message on ZeenixCraft 1.8 Beta Server
    was great for a while,

    but now super lagz0rz.
    you're probably gonna have to restart it.
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    posted a message on Ace of Spades - Minecraft with guns and shizz
    game used to work for me.. from 0.22 through 0.33

    0.35 seems to have broken something -- for all of you that can't connect, its not just you. But judging by the timeline of the past 4 releases, this should be fixed in a day or two. Maybe tonight.
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    posted a message on Saint Isaac's Cathedral!
    Thought you might like this, then:

    still WIP
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    posted a message on Primordial Desert - V2 - Major Beta Update!
    Quote from detno »
    350 by 350 takes 24 hours on a quad core pc

    The quad-core part makes no difference. This isn't a multi-threaded program, it'll go as fast as if you had 1 core (Intel's hyper-threading aside). Your clock speed will make more of a difference here.

    Quote from mollemannen »
    the room connecting needs some serious tweaking. seriously over three days to connect the 6000~ rooms on a 512x512 map.

    lol thats huge. And a ridiculous amount of time.. CPU specs?
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    posted a message on Post your Seeds: [No longer editing][and locked]
    Quote from Mintychip »

    You spawn with 30 extra lives.

    lawl. i see wat u did thar
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    posted a message on How many of you are actually programmers?
    Most of the people posting here (and the forums in general) have the amount of programming experience to be perfectly dangerous.

    A fair amount of knowledge, they could probably write some simple programs in VB or C++, but that's probably their extend of understanding of programming.

    They know how to write a good few things, and call the deeper knowledge unnecessary.

    Just enough to be dangerous, not enough to control that. Also just enough to feel that their opinion matters more than everyone else's on here.

    (of course there are exceptions. Some people are impressively informed, and are usually far from jackasses.)
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    posted a message on Share your world seeds! [OP Being Organized!]

    Seed: "HTTP/1.1 418" without quotes, with space


    also: a few posts above me, seed "f"? Freaking epic.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Performance.
    Quote from CyCraft »
    I think the problem is likely the lack of a discreet graphics card.


    If I ran a Core i7 Extreme, even overclocked it, but used some shitty onboard graphics, I'd get some pretty low fps.

    Also If I had an ancient processor, but a mf'ing huge, like 12" HD awesome graphics card, I'd probably get the same result. cpu would struggle to keep up.

    Those are your two limiting factors (for the most part). If one is shitty quality, you're only going to be as good as your weakest of the two.

    Of course there are little software tweaks you can make.. but for the largest of scope, ^ that.

    As for notch and performance degradation between releases, meh. Not much you can do but tweet him. That's the only thing he reliably listens to.
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    posted a message on Staple Structures in your Worlds

    sometimes when you gotta go.. you gotta go...

    And it'll need a chest full of either paper or sheep wool.
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    posted a message on Framerate lag NEEDS to be dealt with. SRSLY O.o
    Quote from Ovus »
    Anyone know when Notch is getting back from his vacation?

    Couple months..

    Oh, he'll be back in the office in a week, maybe? But he's still pretty checked out.

    Productive Notch will be back from his vacation maybe mid-spring
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    posted a message on Understanding Vanilla Minecraft Servers: Chest Protection
    the term "Vanilla" without any qualifications should mean entirely vanilla, since in this sense it is an all-or-nothing black/white statement.

    In this usage, any plugin whatsoever removes vanillaship in the literal, strict interpretation. Whether people want to informally declare LWC "Vanilla enough" is up to them. But objectively not vanilla.

    With qualifications, however, the case becomes more easy to describe. The usual qualification here is percentage.

    100% Vanilla means no plugins at all, no LWC, just like the above strict interpretation.

    LWC is probably somewhere in the 90%-100% range.

    The number of plugins from this point forward probably shouldn't degrade the percentage per se, but should change based on the plugin's deviation from the normal "100% vanilla" gameplay.

    i.e. a single plugin that makes flying fire chickens attack you is probably less vanilla than another single plugin that makes flowers re-grow after a while. The two plugins shouldn't have equal weight away from Vanillaship.

    I probably answered nothing. But hey, at least its on-topic.
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    posted a message on Giant House Building Timelapse video!
    lol @ "laser beam"
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