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    Quote from Trace500

    I'm also curious as to what games you think are coming out for both 3DS and WiiU. MH3G is one, there's also Scribblenauts, and Smash Bros. is likely(but not confirmed to be) another. What else is there?

    Those 3, and Animal Crossing are the main ones that come to mind. I may be forgetting a couple though.

    And, I suppose I worded it poorly. It's not necessarily that they will be "cross-platform" but rather the counterparts on the other consoles don't see worth it. For example, if I get Harvest Moon for 3DS, I probably won't get it for Wii U. If I get New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS, I probably won't get New Super Mario Bros U. If I get Mario Kart 7 for 3DS, I probably won't get the Mario Kart for the Wii U. It's not necessarily that they'll be "cross platform," rather that the Wii U counterpart wouldn't seem worth it if I ended up getting the 3DS versions.

    Also, you mentioned MH4. Is there actually word of this coming in the future, or just speculation?
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    Quote from ThePilotGuy

    Get one. Just get one. You will not regret it. I've had one for a while (though mine is currently in California for repairs) but with the time I've had it I've loved it. It's a great system. Graphics are good in my opinion, but the game library is arguably the best out there right now. You have every DS game, DSi game, 3DS game, and retro titles from the 3DS' download shop (you can also buy many 3DS titles via download on the shop such as Luigi's Mansion 2).

    The games are amazing. Every game I've played so far (Kid Icarus, Super Mario 3D land, etc.) I've at the least liked.

    A lot of people are saying the 3DS is the best console out right now:

    Yeah, it is looking very very good compared to everything else. I think, even if there was no online multiplayer, I'd still probably end up getting it because of the amazing game lineup and great prices.

    Most games feature some sort of multiplayer in the form of StreetPass (exchange information which random people's 3ds when walking around in the city and stuff, (I believe you can also play multiplayer with these people with a few games but don't quote me on that)

    Hmmm... I am confused on this, haha. So you just sort of exchange info with someone else's 3DS if you walk past him/her on the street?

    Oh, and get the XL version of the console. It's by far superior and worth the extra money. (Feels better in your hand, better buttons and battery life, bigger screens, etc.)

    Yeah, I've heard this. I intend on getting an XL but I won't complain in case I get a regular one, haha.

    One last thing to note: I assume you already know this, but this is more of a casual gamer's machine. It has classics like mario/etc. You're not going to get hardcore gaming/FPS's on this console. That one reason makes the 3DS unique from other consoles out now in my opinion and it's why I always love nintendo products no matter how less powerful they are than Xbox or Playstation.

    Couldn't agree more. I've got a PC for my "regular games," so the Playstation or Xbox doesn't really seem like anything worth getting. However, Nintendo games tend to be exclusives... and they tend to have a different, more "casual," vibe to them which makes me want them. I've gotta get my fix of Nintendo somehow ;)


    Don't get the WiiU yet. There just isn't enough of a library.

    A successor to Super Mario Galaxy 2 was announced by Nintendo sometime I believe this year and will probably be shown during E3. It's supposed to be coming this fall.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the best game the Wii had by far, so if you liked that game I'd at least wait for the successor (which is made by the same devs as Mario Galaxy 2) to come out.

    I'm sure a new Smash Bros and Animal Crossing (etc.) will end up on the WiiU too. In all honestly I'd either wait to see the Mario game (I'm a Mario fan) or wait for 2014 when we should be seeing more WiiU first party stuff. (Nintendo's first party stuff is always great.)

    Yeah, if I ever end up getting a Wii U, I'd definitely wait until more good titles come out on it. The problem is, I still don't know if it's worth it if I've already got a 3DS. Since most (good) games are cross platform from Wii U to 3DS, I'd probably end up getting all of them for 3DS just on the basis of being cheaper. So I'm not sure if the purchase would be worth it.
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    Ness has always been my favorite. He's very underrated (albeit, he's not particularly OP either). He's got that giant jump range, so you can be launched off the screen and still be able to make it back. And you can use a charged baseball bat at any time... you get one good swing on someone who's taken a bit of damage and you'll have an instant K.O.
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    What are your opinions on it? If you have it, how do you like it? If you want it, why? Etc, etc.... the usual discussion questions.

    The reason I'm asking is because I'm looking into getting one, seeing as they're pretty cheap (relative to consoles) and more importantly, games seem to max out at about $40 dollars which is highly appealing to me. There are ~10 titles that are out/coming soon that I am really looking forward to, so the game collection looks promising on it as well.

    My biggest issue comes in with the multiplayer. Normally, if I got a 3DS, the Wii U wouldn't be worth it since a lot of the titles are cross platform among these two. I'd jump straight to the 3DS, because of the obvious reason that game prices are cheaper.

    Buuuut, I've heard that some games don't feature online multiplayer like they do on the Wii U. For example, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. This isn't a huge deal, as one of the few other people who I'd play the game with are my brothers, and it does feature LAN co-op. But my issue is whether or not this will happen with future games as well. Like Super Smash Bros... I'd love to play this game with many other friends and it'd be a shame if all I can do is local co-op. I have hope though, seeing as Mario Kart 7 has online play.

    Overall, I think it's got more benefits than negatives, so I'll probably pick one up. However, I still am unsure about getting a Wii U, seeing as the 3DS will have similar titles on it.

    Let's hear what you guys have to say about the 3DS.
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    Quote from Satharis

    Just add the variable to the struct for sickness or whatever. You shouldn't be worried about clean code at this point, hahah. That's the simplest solution.

    Yeah, this code is an absolute mess. On the plus side, I've learned quite a few new methods of coding/cleaning up code through this project, so not everything about this is bad, haha.

    I'm not sure why you're using 0 and 1 for bool either, kind of the entire point is to use true or false for clarity.

    I suppose you're right. I dunno though, in my head I generally identify 0 and 1 as true and false right off the bat, so I just go with 0 and 1 because of the slight amount of time it saves. If I were to be showing this code to others, I'd probably do that for the sake of readability. But like you said, I'm not worried about clean code at this point, haha.
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    Thank you guys. I will definitely use enums and (try to use) vectors in later programs. But I'm getting pretty close to the deadline and I've already got somewhere around 1000 lines of code so at this point I think it would take more time than it's worth to figure out what I'm doing and adjust my code accordingly. And that's not just me blowing everything off and pretending to give a damn, cause I am interested in coding and a friend and I actually want to try coding some simple games over the summer, so these tips will definitely come in handy.

    On another note, I have another problem I can't seem to figure out. (I may have some more in the future, I'm realizing that my code is riddled with problems because I kinda just dove straight into it and straightened things out accordingly, rather than planning..) How would I go about implementing "sickness"? Basically, most of the game takes place in a giant while loop. While all of the players are alive, and miles is less than 4000 (the "journey" is 4000 miles long), and gasoline is greater than or equal to 2, yadda yadda. Well, the way I set up the condition "starvation" was

    if(foodq < charcount){
    foodq = 0;
    c1.condition = 1;
    c2.condition = 1;
    c3.condition = 1;
    c4.condition = 1;
    if(c1.condition == 1)
    c1.health -= 20;
    if(c2.condition == 1)
    c2.health -= 20;
    if(c3.condition == 1)
    c3.health -= 20;
    if(c4.condition == 1)
    c4.health -= 20;

    foodq = amount of food remaining
    charcount = # of living characters
    if cx.condition = 1, that means they're "starving."
    (Let's say you have 2 food remaining but four people alive. Instead of just having two of them starve for one turn, I just made it so they're all starving, purely for simplicity. So yes, foodq = 0; might not entirely make sense, but the teacher isn't going to get too in depth and this works fine but at a simpler level.)

    then at the end of the while loop, I reset the condition back to 0. If cx.condition = 0, it means they're fine and no longer starving. The reason I did this is so that if you were to gain more food, it would check this and maintain 0 for the condition and they would no longer be starving. If you didn't gain more food, it would fit the conditions of these if statements and set you back to starving.

    How could I do sickness, whilst not messing up the starvation? Let's say there's an event and one of your travellers gets sick. Your person then loses health for, say, 5 turns. (I also have an int turn and turn++ at the top of the while loop so that way it keeps track of what turn you're on. I don't know if that helps for this situation, but I thought it could be useful.) The problem I'm having is that, unlike the starvation, there is no outside condition that decides whether or not you're sick. Unless of course, I created a new variable in the struct called "bool sick" or something and changed it to a 1 if they were sick and a 0 if they weren't.

    So yeah, that's my issue. Try to keep it to the basics this time though, haha. (by that, I mean, using simple mechanics like if statements, switch statements, functions, while loops, structs, for loops, etc. I suppose "simple" can be subjective depending on where and how you learned to code, but I think you guys get the point.) I mean, you could explain how to do it in a different manner as well for future reference, but I'm just looking for a way that I will understand and be able to easily implement into my code for now.
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    Quote from Satharis

    Here's a simple example, not very pretty code obviously.
    Obviously putting code in functions would help clean it up, or make some kind of factory method for spitting characters out, or whatever.

    The loop is kind of pointlessly random too since it will just continue to cycle till it picks someone that isn't dead, there are ways to make it so it only tries each person once but that's a bit more work.

    Hmm. So is enum basically a "data type struct," if you will, that identifies a new data type (Condition) and the "values" (CONDITION_NORMAL, etc.) a variable assigned to it (Condition condition;) is able to equal? Sorry if that was completely off base, but I've never worked with enum and I'm just trying to sort it out by reading your code, haha.

    If I understood that correctly, what exactly is the point of it (in this situation)?
    Let's say we went with your code, we'd still have to have something like
    if(protoCharacter.condition == CONDITION_DISEASED)
    	 protoCharacter.health -= 15;

    but if we kept condition defined as an int in the struct, it would be something like
    if(protoCharacter.condition == 2)
    	 protoCharacter.health -= 15;

    Albeit, it might be harder to follow at times, I feel like it gets the job done in the same manner. Unless, of course, I am misunderstanding how enum works.

    Also, just out of curiosity, why do you use
    std  :: 

    (For some reason putting double colon causes issues on this site and just makes a white box... > :: )
    Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought that if you put "using namespace std;" near the top of your program, it eliminated the need to do that.
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    Quote from Satharis

    Is there some kind of cap on how advanced the code should be?

    Not really, other than my own knowledge of C++... which doesn't extend too far past structs, 2D arrays, arrays of structs, functions, and other things in that "low-range" of C++ knowledge.

    There's quite a few ways to do this, one of the simpler ones would be to place all four of them in an array of characters and have your little event system randomly pick one until they aren't dead. Or if you want to go the super simplest but rather wasteful way, you could just do something like a while loop with rand and have it exit the loop when it selects a live character.

    Wouldn't I still need a loop for it to cycle through the array until it chooses a live one though? Unless I'm just not understanding it correctly.

    It really depends a lot on the specifics of your game. That said you kind of should be using a class over a struct for the characters in order to improve encapsulation, you also should.. change some of your data types, lol.

    For instance alive should be a bool, not an int. condition could be an enum or something. I'm not sure how far you are into your schooling so half of this might be making no sense.

    I've never really worked with classes. But one of the reasons I'm using a struct is because this is for a final project and there's 10 requirements (simple stuff like "include a for loop","include a while loop", etc.), one of them being a struct. To be honest, I might be in over my head for this project, but I'm already 800 lines in so I may as well finish it, haha.

    Oh and thanks for the data types, for some reason I completely forgot that bool even existed, I use it so infrequently, haha. I also looked up enum briefly, and I will try that out if I can figure out what I'm doing with it.
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    Before I start, this is logic issue rather than a technical problem. I just can't quite seem to figure out how to go about a certain portion of my code.

    Basically, I'm making a text-based game for my computer science class. It's sort of a knockoff of the Oregon Trail. I have a set of events (60, to be exact) that are randomized every time you play. So one time you might get event #20 as the first event, and the second time you might get event number #53 as the first event. Some of these events have a scenario where one person dies/takes damage. This is where I am having issues.

    How do I make it so that, if a person is dead, they are not randomly chosen?

    The way I have it set up right now is something along the lines of this

    	 struct character{
    		 string name;
    		 int health;
    		 int condition;
    		 int ability;
    		 int alive;
    	 character c1;
    	 character c2;
    	 character c3;
    	 character c4;

    There a four characters, c1 being the first and so on.

    "alive" was a variable I was playing around with to try and solve this problem, but I don't think it really did much good. Basically, I had it set up so that if a character was alive, cx.alive = 1, and if dead cx.alive = 0

    		 if(c1.health <= 0)
    			 c1.alive = 0;
    		 if(c2.health <= 0)
    			 c2.alive = 0;
    		 if(c3.health <= 0)
    			 c3.alive = 0;
    		 if(c4.health <= 0)
    			 c4.alive = 0;
    		 int charcount = c1.alive + c2.alive + c3.alive + c4.alive;

    Then I made charcount that way you could know the number of players alive. Like I said, this didn't seem to help but it was something I tried, so I figured I'd show it.

    As for the randomly choosing part, my code is along the lines of:

    									 if(mrand == 0)
    										 c1.health = 0;
    									 if(mrand == 1)
    										 c2.health = 0;
    									 if(mrand == 2)
    										 c3.health = 0;
    									 if(mrand == 3)
    										 c4.health = 0;

    where rand3 is a function that randomly chooses a number between 0 and 3 and assigns it to mrand. The obvious problem with this is, let's say c2 is dead. That character is not excluded from the random choosing process, so if you come across an event where one person is supposed to die, and c2 is already dead, there's a chance c2 will be picked and it will effectively do nothing. How can I go around this? I thought about doing a while loop so it keeps choosing a random number until it picks a character that is alive, but I can't quite figure it out. Maybe it's obvious and I'm just tired right now, but I'm stuck.


    while(mrand != 5){
    if(mrand == 0 && c1.health > 0){
    c1.health = 0;
    mrand = 5;
    if(mrand == 1 && c2.health > 0){
    c2.health = 0;
    mrand = 5;
    if(mrand == 2 && c3.health > 0){
    c3.health = 0;
    mrand = 5;
    if(mrand == 3 && c4.health > 0){
    c4.health = 0;
    mrand = 5;

    Will that work? I kinda just thought of it on the spot. Maybe I just made this whole post to end up answering my own question by accident, haha. Either way, let me know if this would work, or let me know if there's a more efficient way of doing it. (The reason I'm not checking that code right now is because I already have the program on a flashdrive and if I update the code now I'd have to put the flash drive in and update the .txt file I'm using to transfer the code from here and school. It's late and I don't really have the time to do that.)
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    Quote from Natalaray

    Another nice alternative is Tropico 4. I got it during a steam sale but even at its normal price right now its still worth more than Sim City 5 imo. Haven't played Cities XL before so I can't say anything about it.

    I'd just like to point out that Tropico 4 is a pretty different play style from the Simcity games. Just as a heads up to the OP if he's already played a couple Simcities. I was so used to the mechanics of Simcity, and when I tried to play Tropico like that I failed miserably. But it is a really great game once you get the hang of it.

    Also OP, another good alternative is Civilization V. It's not exactly a "city builder" but it's got that same vibe to it, and it's a really great game.
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    Quote from Aquaman1125

    i get 5 fps on slender (my crappy laptop)

    Don't even try to start a gaming channel if you're going to be using a terrible laptop to record laggy videos of uninteresting free games. I'm sorry, but this channel is not sounding very promising.
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    Quote from Super Nintenzo

    I'll probably be picking up a Wii U soon, and I already have a 3DS XL.

    How is the 3DS anyways? The last DS I got was the original (I don't even know why I never got another, it was a very good handheld system.) and I'm considering the 3DS now as well. I don't really know of any games for it, as I haven't followed it much, but I feel like it's been far too long since I've had a good handheld experience, haha.
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    Whoa whoa whoa, I totally agree with the xbox whatever number it is now(if i can go by the 360), but the ps4 is very likely to have a good number of exclusives. Hell, infamous 3 is enough to get me to watch the ps4 and see how its going unlike the ps3 where i didnt give a ­ until it was 200 and came with several free games.

    Also theres the obligatory Wii U once it gets it's act together and actually gets more than one game that i already own on the 3ds(monster hunter).

    Eh, I actually quite prefer the xbox exclusives over playstation exclusives. Gears of War and Halo are both amazingly fun. I never really cared for many Playstation ones (aside from Little Big Planet). But like I said, most of them share a huge pool of games. Of course there are exclusives, but at least to me personally, I don't think a whole console is worth it because of one franchise. As much as I like Halo and Gears of War, I don't think the console is worth it just for those.

    And yeah, when I say I'm going to get the Wii U, I don't really mean right now... just the fact that some time down the line, I plan on getting one. There's not many good games out for it yet, but when it gets going it'll be much more worth it.
    Quote from TheEvanCat

    So while I've got my intel on the PS4, I'm really just waiting for the 720's announcement. Also, the Steam Box has piqued my interest.

    Ah yes the Steam Box. I haven't heard much about that yet. That'll be pretty interesting to see.
    Quote from Dinh AaronMk

    The Wii U from what I gather doesn't really have any games, and isn't penned in to have some for a while.

    Yeah that's my biggest concern about it. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a Wii U, but probably once they get some more worthwhile releases on it. There are some games that I am genuinely excited for on the Wii U - not something I can say very often (I think the last game I was legitimately excited for was Borderlands 2, and before that, Skyrim...)
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    As for the Wii U, I think I'll pass. While I've enjoyed a few games on my Wii (such as Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros. Brawl, and Red Steel 2), I mostly got it for the classic games on the Nintendo store. Nintendo doesn't seem to be able to attract third party publishers and misses out on a lot of cross-platform games, so I can't see the Wii U being my primary system.

    The Wii was a giant flop in my opinion (god, that sounds oh so wrong) but the Wii U looks pretty promising to me. I think it really just gets a bad rap just because of it's name. For all we know, the Wii U could be the modern N64 or something, all depends on how good the titles are. (So far, I've seen some great ones) But not many people give it a chance because they think it's going to be like the Wii again. I'm still holding out hope.

    And the fact that Nintendo doesn't have the cross-platform games is exactly why I want it. PS3, Xbox 360, and PC all share a huge pool of cross-platform games. If I've already got a PC, I don't really need to get one of the consoles (unless I'm an absolute die-hard fan of the exclusives). But with the Wii U, it's got its own little niche of good games that are exclusive to that console that attracts me to it. My mindset for the other consoles is more of "I can just pick that game up on PC," but with Nintendo games I usually can't, so the console seems more worthwhile, in my opinion. But I will agree that Nintendo is very bad with attracting third party publishers, there's very few good third party games on most Nintendo consoles. However, the good Nintendo games are often really really well done. It's either one extreme or the other.

    And lastly, I wouldn't really say the Wii U will be my "primary" system, as I'd give my PC that position. But the Wii U, I feel, will fill the void of my game library. I've got all of these great games, CS:GO (yes, I like CS:GO), Portal 2, GW2, Binding of Isaac, etc. but I don't quite have anything to take the place of Nintendo games.... I just like to have some good clean wholesome fun playing some Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros sometimes, and that can't really be accomplished by anything else.

    Quote from Gheart

    I don't need them, I have a high end computer, and that will do me for a while. Eventually, I will either upgrade it or replace it. I do not believe I will go back to consoles.

    Yeah that's kind of my attitude, generally speaking. But I feel like the Wii U could provide a different enough experience from PC to make it worth my while. Like I've said above... most games for consoles I can just pick up for PC, but with Nintendo that's generally not possible. Maybe I'm just the only guy who still enjoys Nintendo anymore, heh.
    Quote from Abandon_Ships

    inb4 pc elitists filling the thread.

    I'll be picking up either an Xbox 720 or whatever it will be called or a PS4, because I like convenience.

    Kind of hard for me to take my desktop to my friends house to play co-op with him.

    Just to let you know, I've heard that the Xbox 720 might have some crazy always-online requirement or something, so be warned. I'm not a Playstation fanboy (in fact, I never even got a PS3) but if the 720 is going to turn out how it's looking, I'd probably go with the PS4.
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    posted a message on Are you getting any of the next gen consoles?
    This would include consoles such as Xbox 720, PS4, Wii U, etc.
    I guess you could also toss in the 3DS, PS Vita, and other consoles/handhelds that aren't as widespread. (Isn't Occulus Rift coming out soon?)

    Either way, I'm pretty strongly convinced that I'll pick up a Wii U sometime. Maybe a 3DS. The Xbox 720 and PS4 don't really hold any importance to me because I generally do most of my gaming on PC... and both of those experiences will be near the same as PC. And by that, I don't mean the graphics, quality, DLC, system power, etc.... rather that the games are stylistically similar. I can play a shooter on PC, I can play a shooter on Xbox 360. I can play Skyrim on PC, I can play Skyrim on PS3. Aside from a few titles, the PC doesn't really vary from the Sony and Microsoft platforms. A lot of the games are cross platform among these three (and I'm assuming so with the new generation), so I don't find any interest in picking up a whole new console to play almost the exact same games as I can play on my PC.

    But the Wii U, or Nintendo consoles in general... don't really have PC ports or good alternatives. There is nothing to match Super Smash Bros, there is nothing to match Animal Crossing, there is nothing to match a heck of a lot of Nintendo games. Generally, most of the successful Nintendo titles have a different "vibe" to them that can't quite be matched by other consoles/PC. Not saying it's superior, but Nintendo games generally offer drastically different gameplay styles from the other consoles. So I have my PC for my fix of shooters, "realistic" games, RPGs, etc. And I have my Nintendo games for my fix of fun cartoon-esque gameplay that is often times complimented greatly by co-op/versus local play. I hope I explained that the best I could... basically, I want the Wii U because it offers a different (yet fun) enough experience that makes it worth while over the other systems.

    Not to mention, I am excited for at least 5 or so titles on the Wii U that are out/will come out. I haven't really heard anything about the others that's all that exciting.

    Sorry bout that, I think I may have accidentally gone off on a Nintendo fanboy tangent. Anyways, discuss which consoles you will/won't be getting and why.
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