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    posted a message on PMC [Private Military Company] [Recruiting!] {Military}
    MineCraft In Game Name: pwnage23456
    Forum Name: pwnage456
    Country (Optional): USA/Florida
    Age (Optional): 15
    What Skin You Would Like: Balaclava
    How Active In The Clan Will You Be?: Quite active.
    Special Skills: Hunting, Archery, Making supplies/munitions for the faction.
    Additional Info: Sup!
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    posted a message on [redacted]


    Age: 15

    Desired job: Hunter

    Timezone(GMT): Eastern

    exp. do you have: I've been in numerous clans in the past and I am a skilled archer.

    Are you good at PvP:

    How long have you had MC: A year and a half

    How Often can you be on: Quite often

    Read the rules: Sure have captain

    Tell a bit about yourself: Born and raised in Florida. Bought minecraft a long time ago and still play it today.
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    Your Minecraft username: pwnage23456
    Your location or time zone: EST
    Will you be active in the clan: Sure, if it's good to me.
    Are you looking at joining our server: Yep.
    Why you want to join the clan: Well, I applied a LONG time ago but I was never able to join the server. I hope to join now.
    What position you're aiming for: Some sort of hunter.
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    posted a message on Empire Freedom [recruting] [freedom] [Ranks] [Jobs] [organized] [American style].
    (minecraft name?) pwnage23456
    (What are your skills?) Archery, Survival, Hunting, Exploration.
    (can you handle civilians in battle?) I'd be better at a distance, but I'm decent with a sword.
    (Can you handle death in battle?) Sure.
    (Are you an elite PvPer? (be honest!)) Better at a distance, but I wouldn't call myself elite at all. :3
    (How well can you defend a base?) Pretty sell with a bow, I've cut down a few attackers when they had full diamond armor with a non enchanted bow.
    (What is you best field of intelligence in minecraft?) Hunting/Archery
    (What job did you pick?) Peacetime: Hunter Wartime: Assault Archer/Sniper. Whatever is needed more.
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    posted a message on NightHawks
    Minecraft IGN:pwnage23456
    Reasons you want to join: I've been part of many Minecraft clans and I am looking for a new experience.
    Tell us about yourself:Call me James. I live in US and I'm an avid gamer and I have good grammar)
    NightHawk name: NightQuake
    Roleplay bio: Quake was a renowned leader of a Mercenary group known as "Omni". after leaving the Mercenary business to pursue new interests he ended up applying to join the NightHawks.
    NightHawk class: Ranger

    Bit of a Sidenote: I am involved in other communities (Not in Minecraft, currently) and will not be available at (8-10 PM EST) On Tuesday and Friday) as I play a game called Mount and Musket and those are the times of my regiments line battles.)
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    posted a message on ۞ The Order Of The Valkyries ۞ [ Recruiting | PvP | RP | Mature | Forums | Fun ]
    The Order of The Valkyries Application

    Age (Optional):

    How long have you been playing: Since beginning of alpha

    Why do you want to join: I have searched long and far for a team to play with and I hope my search can end here.

    What skills do you have in combat: I'm decent with a sword but a crack-shot with a bow.

    What else do you have to offer: I am a good leader and love contributing to the smaller clans I am a very dedicated player if I feel like i could stick with the server/clan, and I could make some plans.

    Anything Else (Optional): The clan looks good :iapprove:
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    Is this server online usually?
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    posted a message on The Northern Kingdom Clan [NEW I.P: kmotion.tk]
    My Minecraft Username: pwnage23456

    What position I'm aiming for: Royal Guard (I acknowledge I must work up to that rank.)

    Why I'll like to join the clan: I've been joining servers like these for a couple years and they have all died. I'm looking for a fresh start and all the other clans look sub-par compared to this.

    What I can do for the clan: I'm exceptional with a bow and pretty good at sword fighting. I'm a dedicated player due to the fact that the last two servers offered me Mod/VIP within the first two weeks of me being there.

    If I'll join the server or not: Yes, if I am accepted.

    My loction/time zone: U.S.A/ Eastern Standard Time
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    posted a message on My Final Skin Shop
    Hey, you guys look like a great Pair! may i have this skin with red eyes the back being the trenchcoat similar design to the front please dont include the wings

    please PM this to me this is for an RP and i would like it to be private! Thanks!
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    posted a message on Minecraft skin shop (REOPENED)
    i need this man right here with out the wings, the eyes red and the back like trenchcoat similar to the front with an ironsword strapped to back please. thank you!

    please pm this too me i would like this to be private Thanks!
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    posted a message on I Make Skins On Request!
    i need this guys with out the wings and make the back a trenchcoat similar to the front with a iron sword strapped to the back. and the eyes red

    please pm this to me i would like this too be a private skin
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    posted a message on [TEMP CLOSED]Taking Skin Requests!
    I understand you dont do dragons so just take off the wings I need some help and ive seen other shops and you and your partners seem like the only person with the caliber of skill to do it! I need a Role playing skin, may i have this man right here:

    and if the back could be like a black trenchcoat (similar to the front) with an Iron Sword strapped to his back and make the eyes red please.

    Thank you Very Much you would be a lifesaver to make this for me! ill be sure to reccomend my friends to you and your partners! and if its possible could you PM me the skin so its private! and if you cant i understand! Thanks!
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    posted a message on Starting Minecraft RPG
    I'm interested, but i kinda want more info like Chiyuri. and whats the IP for your server
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    posted a message on The Kingdom of Cardia
    IN GAME NAME: pwnage23456

    POSITION THAT YOU WOULD LIKE: Army (Close Combat Guardsmen)

    WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: Why you want to join the Kingdom of Cardia: I've been thinking about joining this server for a while and Kingdoms of Alesgan Didn't seem as appealing as Kingdom of Cardia. So, after a few weeks of contemplation i decided to join this server.

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS(OPTIONAL): Is it possible to be mercenary? if so thats me for sure.. :ohmy.gif:
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    posted a message on Zyntax's Server is a Scam.
    ITS UP!!
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