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    posted a message on NEW whitelisted crack pack server
    1.Age - 20

    2.Hours you can play - varies depending on the day and study requirements.

    3.Experience with mods - been playing around with most of the mods in the pack.

    4.Half full or Half empty - depends which way the contents are flowing.

    5.Reason for wanting to play - I've been playing single player for a while and it feels lonely not having anyone to share the game with, especially since i enjoy helping others if i'm able to.

    6.IGN - Pwicey
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    posted a message on [1.6.2!] VANILLA SURVIVAL SERVER [WHITE-LIST] 20 Members Needed
    In-game name: Pwicey

    Country: Australia

    Building Experience: Been playing since beta, I like to make large structures. But not to replicate real life structures (but may be based off them)

    How old you are: 19

    Skype Name: pricey814

    A little about yourself: I live in Melbourne and enjoy playing hockey, I would love to join a small vanilla minecraft server with active people to have a fun time together.
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    posted a message on ~MattCraft~ [VANILLA] [1.6.2] [WHITELIST] [13+]
    Quote from MatthewsGames

    Both replied to.

    Sorry, but what is that supposed to mean?

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    posted a message on ~MattCraft~ [VANILLA] [1.6.2] [WHITELIST] [13+]
    Minecraft username: Pwicey
    Age: 19
    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Photo: had to delete old folder to re-install minecraft, none available.

    Reason for starting to play minecraft: Watched a friend play and i enjoyed the ability to construct anything that you desire and i enjoy mining and hoarding items.

    Reason for wanting to join ~MattCraft~: I want to be able to play with a group of people who live in the same time zone and want to play as a community and help each other.

    Extra Info: I enjoy helping others and really want to play in a community. (single player feels lonely)
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    posted a message on Machinecraft | FeedTheBeast | Whitelist Server | Mindcrack V7 + Mystcraft v | TS 3|Friendly Community
    IGN: Pwicey
    Age: 18
    Have you ever installed mods before? no
    Have you ever played mods before: yes, been playing ftb since beta, both mindcrack and direwolf version
    How often do you play minecraft: I play at least 3 hours, usually more (dependent on work)
    Do you understand that gregtech is on hard: yes, as annoying as some recipes are
    Are you comfortable with installing your own mods: completely
    You realize you must install mistcraft: yes
    On a side note, my ping test gives me 350ms to the server, on a previous server with similar ping, I had constant block lag, is it likely to occur? (I have to ask sorry)
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    posted a message on Ten Weeks Later|FTB MindCrack|White List|Australian Server|18+
    In Game Name: Pwicey
    Age: 18
    Country: Australia :) (melb)
    Experience: (How long have you played Minecraft?) Been playing minecraft for years, and have been playing ftb for about 3 months now and have done quite a bit on most mods
    Why: (What's appealing about Ten Weeks Later to you?) Would be good to be part of an Australian community with no lag and to also have a mature group of people playing (really annoying having tiny kids complaining the whole day)
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