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    posted a message on [1.4.6 UPDATED]*Rising Paradise* - Survival bukkit TOWNY server + *FeedTheBeast* !WHITELIST! server! Mindcrack v7! [Dedicated se
    This looks ideal for us! Sad that we will likely get some lag. We will see how it goes. We've been looking for a server just like this.
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    posted a message on Okay then, all you "there will be mods for that" people...
    Just wait a bit--if you'll notice, there aren't many mods updating right now because the full release is so close and we've been dealing with all the pre-releases. Most modders want to wait til they have time to code the mod.

    Wait til the full release--maybe TEMPORARILY downgrade until the mod you want is made! It's not perfect, but it's a quick fix until the real mod is here. Suggest the mods in the mod section, see if anyone is interested. I don't think it would be too hard to just add the mods you want. Most of them just don't want to do it YET..because they don't want to recode the whole thing next month--for most of the mods, not just these specifically.

    Enough time hasn't passed yet. Not enough people have asked for the mod--people complained, but no one really stepped up and made a well written suggestion or offered to help modders.

    Heck, maybe someone can make a 1.7.3 mod with simply the features you like. I remember there was a sprinting mod before, and I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to make certain items stackable. It may be easier to add new things than to subtract already made parts of coding. Talk to modders about this, they will know more than me.

    For those saying it will unbalance the game--balance doesn't matter for a modded game. If someone is willing to mod, it's their game, and clearly they don't like a part of gameplay. Not everyone wants to play a difficult game, not everyone wants to play an easy game, and some people maybe just want the sun square or to have the Aether. That's why mods are awesome, because the majority who like the feature don't have to use the mod, but those who want to are free to..and if the game gets boring..oh well, they can delete the mod and find a new one! So don't worry about it, you don't have to download the mod :smile.gif:

    You still need to give it time. If no one makes it--ask a nice modder for help so you can make it yourself. Maybe find a few friends who all dislike certain features and together you can put a mod to make 1.8 the way you like it. Like a collaboration where each of you makes one thing and everyone can have an optional download--this download gets rid of hunger but keeps food stacking, or maybe this download removes stacking and keeps hunger, or this one deletes endermen, while this one simply changes their behavior, etc. until you have a perfectly customizable minecaft. Together it won't be too hard, and there are a few people who would be willing to download these 'little' mods to change gameplay to exactly what they want(in the same way people wanted toggles)

    Minecraft is one of the easier games to mod, spend some time watching youtube videos and reading up on it, and you'll be modding in under a week! That's if you don't want to wait for someone else!
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    posted a message on Not complaining, White Knighting, or Polling. Just my personal thoughts.
    :smile.gif: My boyfriend is a game designer. Making games is a passion. Part of why he wants to make games is so he can make the games HE wants to make because he knows what he wants to see in a game and he thinks that it could be good for a big community. He wants things that are different than the norm--and if he did an open beta like this, some people would probably get the wrong impression.

    It's like thinking you're about to drink water when it's actually orange juice. It's gonna freak you out, you might almost spit out the drink--Even if orange juice is your favorite drink! But you were EXPECTING water and so the change was a shock and created a reaction. The point is, the drink was always going to be orange juice, but in our heads from previous experiences drinking from this cup it had been water. Maybe you just want water, or maybe you want apple juice. That's where mods come in. :biggrin.gif: I think so at least.

    But from a game design standpoint I do think the demands made by the players here are silly. The majority of customers are extremely pleased with minecraft--especially the people who stay away from the forums. The people who maybe don't play much, but when they do get on they are ecstatic to see an update! They join their local friend server and play around and make inside jokes and have a blast making snow golem armies. It's fun and silly and just a new feature to mess around with! But there are some people really unhappy with the changes, and that just comes with change in general.

    Notch is making his dream game, a passion and a hobby that is fun and he wants to share with others. He wants to share HIS joy--HIS game. He created with the help of his community giving him ideas and expanding his world in ways he couldn't have imagined(I'm sure all the redstone things are amazing to look at for him!). But it is his game. We aren't making it--so it might not be exactly everything we imagined. A lot of it is still excellent--there is a reason we bought the game after all, and none of that has been removed(I'm still building castles on every flat place I can find), but it's adding the features he has wanted to make as well. :biggrin.gif: He wants a cheesy, cliche, fun fantasy game that's based around building!

    I think listening to the community is one thing, but it's different when it comes to the amount of demands and what people want. Wanting to add a new item that had never been thought of is one thing, but some of the expectations people had were probably just never really planned or abandoned quickly. It's like a Halo beta saying they are going to have alien invasions and everyone makes mods about it with green big headed monsters. Maybe someone makes something incredible with in-depth interesting aliens with unique abilities. Everyone gets one idea in their heads.. Suddenly the real aliens are released and everyone is mad. From those thinking they were copied from the mods to others thinking they were uglier than the mods to those thinking they shouldn't even be in the game--even though they were the original plan.

    But yeah, things change in game making. I think Notch really might have had a different idea for skylands, but as the adventure update came out he had a better idea. You know the game psychonauts? In the original plot for the story you were an insane ostrich. Not even kidding. It changed to a completely new story about a psychic summer camp where you are a human boy. Even in mid game whole parts of the story were changed and the original character design was just completely scrapped.

    I don't know. I've never had a game that I was 100% pleased with. 99% yes. Maybe I loved the game but it loaded too slow and was inefficient, or I didn't like one character's voice acting, or one level was just too hard. But maybe someone else loved that level and voice actor but hated the rest of the game. It's hard to please everyone. We all have our own tastes. That's where the people who want to make videogames get their passion from. They don't think "What will please 99.9% of the community?", they think "I want to make a game like THIS, because I want to PLAY that kind of game!!"

    Considering how much most games cost that I spend less than a week playing(no/little replay value), Minecraft is AMAZINGLY cheap. I got it in Beta 1.2 :smile.gif: Actually the day 1.2 came out! I had to pay more than alpha players, but that's okay. Because I recently spent like 60 dollars on a game and I finished it in two days and don't expect to play it again. Minecraft..I can see myself playing it for a lot longer. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Anyone else notice the past few updates are stolen mods?
    We retain the right to use your mod idea and implement it ourselves
    in Minecraft. This is to prevent the situation where we have to avoid
    adding a feature just because there’s a mod out there that does
    something similar. It’s also great for dealing with bug fixes provided
    by the community.

    From Notch's blog!

    Doesn't mean they will just grab the popular mods--otherwise why wouldn't they just copy the aether? I've never seen a mod that people drooled over so much! Notch was adding sky worlds and talking about them a long time ago. Only now it seems his ideas are being implemented!

    Most of their ideas came from forever ago. Notch wanted a fantasy rpg with silly/cheesy potions and magic since the beginning! He mentioned this, and honestly that is where some of the mods got their ideas. He mentioned villages like WAY early on, and later millienere came about.

    But imagine planning something for months, but then a new mod comes out that's similar to your own idea. What can he do, trash it? Why should he give credit if it was originally his idea and he WASN'T copying someone?
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    posted a message on Dragon Riding: Upcoming?
    Quote from KoreRekon

    The guy asked if it was an idea, Jeb said it was an idea, not that they were considering it.

    Right. Because dragon riding IS an idea. Maybe not one they are even considering, but yep, it's an idea alright. Sort of a joke, cause I'm sure he gets asked about that a LOT!
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    posted a message on Release Questions!
    Quote from rbailey5

    While I like this way of doing things, I can see it making other people aggravated.

    Also, looks like no real mod updates until after full release.

    Hey, that's better than making mods update and break every week or less with all the updates it sounds like they will be making! We've had to wait this long for updates before! We just never got to test the prerelease like this!
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    posted a message on Whats the point of negative effect potions?
    The idea is for players who don't use the wiki so much(aka read the list and ingredients for known potions in the future etc), and for trying to create powerful potions--and giving a chance for failure!

    First--the negative potions are meant to be side effects to 'lesser' positive ones. Easier ones to make will have more bad stuff to them. But you could end up messing up while trying to make an awesome potion, and end up with JUST bad!

    You gather hard earned items, you brew them. Your potion may give you strength, or may become a deadly poison! The point is, you have to mix them together to find out! So you take a risk--something that may make the ULTIMATE potion...but you could lose everything you gathered for hours in the nether! So you have to be careful when dealing with magic!
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    posted a message on Has anyone found Vilages anywhere other than the desert?
    Saw a few in flatlands and one in a lake! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Not sure if this has been covered already
    We've waited a long time for updates before, I think we've been spoiled with how quickly they've been coming now!

    it's one month away and we get FULL MINECRAFT! :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Can i have your opinion?
    I keep doing both. :biggrin.gif: I have a back up of my 1.8 worlds and saves and one of my 1.9 pre release worlds and saves! I just switch them out! When I want to play in a server, I do! When I want to breed animals, I go back to 1.9 :biggrin.gif:

    I haven't had any serious bugs(except the chicken explosion! That was awesome)
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    posted a message on Jeb - Pre-releases all the way up to minecon
    Possibly means the full adventure update=the finished game. Meaning all new content worked on as well as bug fixes will be part of the big finished game?
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    posted a message on Jeb - Pre-releases all the way up to minecon
    That is odd!

    But come on guys, we're on the home stretch here! Minecon is not that far away! After that--minecraft is a full game! Probably fewer updates(saving up for big, themed updates) and so servers will have more time to adjust to the chaos of a new version!

    It's like the last mile of a marathon! We're almost there!

    I personally have been switching between 1.8 and 1.9 pre releases this whole time. Jumping to 1.8 when I want to play on a server, and plugging in 1.9 when I want to try out new features!
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    posted a message on Will there even be a 1.10?
    I wouldn't get too much hopes up on a super huge huge update for the full game. The whole point of beta testing publicly is so we can all test everything. Issues can be found through testing(problems with only certain computers, etc.) that are trickier to find without it. I can't see them suddenly blowing up with a gigantic update of things that HAVEN'T been tested for the official release!

    I expect a small update for the official release. "Finalizing" everything. Putting the pieces together! The only new content I really expect is to see 'more' of things we already have and more connecting pieces to the world. I expect a few new achievements(to reflect potions at least!) , smoothing out dialogue with NPCs(if it's finished before official release), and just fixing general buggy things that we've always just dealt with, but don't look good for a 'real' game.

    So don't be disappointed when we aren't as "wow'd!" by official minecraft as the rest of the world who didn't get the beta will be. We've been playing it all along and already know 90% of the content! :smile.gif: Most beta testers know the entire game before it's released. They don't just stop beta testing the game in the middle so they can surprise the testers with the full release! So I expect us to know most of what's to come! We may get a few surprises, but I think it won't be the biggest update ever--Maybe the biggest BUGFIX update ever!
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    posted a message on Enderdragons AND dragons?
    I expect to only see one. I figured he was just testing the mob in the normal world at first.

    But if it IS just one dragon it wouldn't be too hard to make a mod to add new dragons that can be found in the real world! :smile.gif: Plus that way people who want them to be tamed can have a mod for that!
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    posted a message on Potions Make Minecraft Too Easy
    That's a good point, minecraft is never really hard by the time you are 'done' with the game(have plenty of diamond for tools, armor, extensive base with plenty of storage, furnaces, farms, maybe even a mob grinder or two, etc. Have a fence around your house and snipe down anything that looks like it's heading your way. By that time most of the mines will be lit with torches too, so mining is even safe! At that point the game is easy. And that's the point when you can get potions!

    But I don't think potions make it easier to get to that 'win game' point, since you can't get them too early on in the game. At least that's my impression. Maybe if we started out with a brewing stand in the beginning and didn't need netherwart to brew potions it would make it much easier.

    I can see potions making games where you already had everything easier! But starting a new game from scratch, I don't see them helping much, until you are to the point where you can get to the nether/ender etc.
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