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    I have an extensive amount of experience with MythicMobs, I haven't used it in two years, but I can re-learn I doubt much has changed since then though. I was the host of a large project which involved using MythicMobs and was incomplete but I almost finished it. I can send you my entire portfolio through discord. I have experience with working on RPG servers, and I would like to expand my experience by being a part of a new project, I can be extensively active as needed. I'll leave my contact information, feel free to contact me as soon as you like if you are interested in having me join the staff team.

    P.S: If you need medieval-fantasy-styled builds I am skilled at building in this style.


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    What is OG+?
    OG+ is a spiritual recreation of the previously popular 2014-2016 OP Prison server Original Gamers, we opt to keep the same style and the server's higher up staff team is being run by veteran players to create the best possible accuracy. We had a similar recreation project last year, where we were starting to pull in numbers, but due to creative differences the team split. I'm back with a few others to recreate this into something that can be successful and can be accurate to the original. We are mostly looking to rebuild community rather than make a profit, so for a while during the servers lifespan ranks will be FREE, and obtainable other ways than donating, although this may change in the future, this is the model we are currently striving for. We have done intense research watching videos of the server to refresh our memories, and are using stuff that we also remember to create the most accurate, and improved experience. The server back in 2014-2015 used to average around 300-400 players, and we hope we can reach a goal of at least 100 average by Q2 2021. It may be difficult, but with a massive budget and a dedicated team, we think we can reach this goal. For players, the server will have periods where it will be open for testing sometime during Q1 of 2021 and as early as Q4 2020.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/47dD6Ms

    Beta Program:
    Please comment your username on this thread to be added to a whitelist during the server's beta-tests. Out of everyone who participates, a few will have a chance to receive Original rank, the highest rank on the server for free upon the server's release. Everyone who participates in the beta program will get 15% off of everything in the store upon release as well, so everyone gets something in the end, as I've stated in the thread ranks are going to have a "Free model" until release, meaning players will have opportunities to receive ranks based on, bug reporting and overall activity. Players will be able to vote for what they want added to the server, we want the community's feedback to form and shape the server, the better your engagement, the higher the chance of you getting a higher rank is.

    Whitelist Application:

    Username (Minecraft):

    Discord Tag:

    Comment Down Below and join the Discord for Eligibility!

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    posted a message on Remove phantoms

    I don't think they should be removed, they should just have more of a use, or a reason to exist.

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    posted a message on 🏆 OG+ 🏆 ✂️ 2020 REFORMATION ✂️ (URGENT HIRING AS OF 12/7/2020!) 1.16.3 ALL REGIONS.

    What is your discord tag? I'd like to speak to you when you are able to.

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