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    Can I ask if you can add NPC to the new update because I want to have a prison guard, policemen, and etc? I made a new prison map for me and my friends to play on but we always need more than 2 players to play just so its more fun. If you agree with this, make an item called "NPC Wand" to control NPC that can allow you to set up a job or a role to play as like a prison guard. If you want the NPC to talk by acting how the role works then can u, Mojang, setup the lines? For Example: <PrisonGuard> Its time for Breakfast, GET UP!

    How to tame

    Find gold and give the NPC the gold ingots to tame them. (at least 2 ingots)

    To control

    right-click with the NPC wand to choose the job and role for them.

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