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Hello there peep. I am Pugz aka PugzPlayz but don't refer to me as that. I have a YouTube channel called PugzforDayz. It was PugzPlayz but (name) Playz it too common. I have been playing MC Wii U since late 2016. You can join my Discord server if you want to collab. My YT channel only a little over 60 subs. If you know someone or you are that someone let's further communicate


Minecraft Wii U. My first version of Minecraft to ever play. I say I'm an average builder. I can build good things but not over the top. Non-MC interests are reading, drawing/sketching, listening to rock and metal, and air-drumming. I don't have a drum set and I want to have one .-.

Location 'Murica

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Nintendo PugzforDayz Discord Pugeroo#6636

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