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    How can I fix this problem? Before the new launcher update (1.14.3), I had troubles logging in to my minecraft account from the launcher. It always says that the credentials that I have inserted are invalid. And also, when I changed my password, I couldnt login too. When I checked minecraft.net, It would always say something like: “Invalid token” then “Not logged in, sending you to login page”. To login by the launcher, I had to keep trying to login until it will let me ( this even happens if I didn’t change the password on the same day). Then, when i closed minecraft, it would not remember my login credentials even though i set it to remember. When I have successfully entered minecraft, I always go on to a server and it would always say “Invalid token”. It takes approximately 10 minutes of constantly spamming the “JOIN SERVER” button to let me in the server.

    After the update for the new launcher, minecraft remembers my login details but when I try joining a server it will still say “Invalid token” and I have to keep trying until it lets me in.

    Soon, I figured out a way to fix this problem. It was to use another WiFi to join the server. But, the WiFi that I couldn’t use to join was my house WiFi. So it meant that I had to use my own personal hotspot and I keep getting around 300 ping.

    Please can I know why my house WiFi shows “Invalid token” but other WiFi does not and how can I let my house WiFi be able to join a server without me spamming the “join server” button all the time hoping that it would let me in. Thanks

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